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File: 8db69521b82e795⋯.png (969.81 KB, 1196x742, 598:371, Credit - Twitter @Russian ….png)



For this year’s military exercise program, known to Russian authorities as “Zapad 2017”, the Soviets have (officially) amassed 15,000 troops on the borders of Poland, Lithuania, and Belarus. From 14 to 20 September these soldiers will simulate what an attack on a NATO country would look like during an exercise Russia calls ‘War games’.

The government of Lithuania and Belarus find these numbers of troop rather worrying and have therefore asked NATO to send aircraft in order to get a good overview of exactly what the Russians are doing.

Given that the last of these exercises which are held only once every four years was followed by the annexation of the Crimea region in Ukraine, their reserve is understandable.


NATO might do something, but USA will not. At best, Trump will stop for a moment to get his mouth off Putin's dick and tell him "don't worry, I'm on your side"


>russia holds troop exercises near NATO countries like they've been doing since the 50s

<worry worry worry

>meanwhile around the world america is actively and illegally attacking assad forces without a declaration of war, holding monthly exercises on the best Korean border and is actively developing space shuttles that can deliver payloads


They're just setting up their defenses against the collapse of EUrabia


America has hundreds of military bases all over the world, including near russia's borders. Russia has every right to hold military drills with it's allied countries. Stop spreading bullshit. Go Russia!




Remember when being conservative meant hating Russians?



Where does this "trump sucks vlads dick" rhetoric come from?



From "le russian haxors" conspiracy theorists.



From the script David Brock sends to his poorly paid shills



About as much as I remember when being liberal meant fighting for free speech.



salty eurocuck detected, I hupe putin shits fire and brimstone all over you cunts






Europe is cancer, if you cant see that your a libtard and a cuck



remember when liberals made fun of Romney for considering Russia a threat



because he once agreed with Putin on NATO

but NATO changed their policy and trump changed is opinion with that change, to one Putin would not like

that is why after that is then HRC camp started the mah Russia narrative 6 months before the election and before it was pushed though their media contacts and media agents



do continue, suck it down, suck that warmongering cock, Clintons little bitch


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>American troop build up all throughout the world, no problem though :')


The US and Russia should work together and carve up the cucked European states known as the EU.




fuck Russia. Putin murders journalists and opposition and launders govt. money. RIP Litvenenko.









Nice conspiracy theory famalam.



People are actually sad about possible missing journalists? Not sure lawyers are even more loathed than journalists.


Oh hi there stephen colbert!

Oh wait you're just parroting him

Do all of your witty quips come from some team of LA hack comedy writers' jokes from shitty cable tv shows that aired several months ago?



File: eca6c74a0db7234⋯.jpg (35.32 KB, 480x339, 160:113, 1428966650503.jpg)

those fucking russkies need to be nuked asap

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