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File: 1189f952782ede0⋯.png (661.5 KB, 742x417, 742:417, Credit - Twitter @Presenci….png)



The Mayor of Broward Country, Ms. Barbara Sharief declared that so far five people have been found dead in the nursing home (located at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills at 1200 N. 35th Avenue, Hollywood). Three were found dead upon arrival, two died whilst being transported to the nearest hospital.

It is our understanding that many more of the 120 residents that were evacuated are in critical condition and we, therefore, have to sadly assume that the death toll might rise in the next few hours and days.

The victims' identities were unknown.

Police officers are checking all of the other 42 assisted living facilities in the Hollywood area as a precautionary follow-up to the news.

Furthermore, A phone number has been set up for family members to check on their loved ones: 954-265-1074


>Broward county

Oh Christ I remember that place. It was especially full of fraud during the election, I was surprised they counted the county.

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