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File: f641658ffde89f9⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 320x305, 64:61, eminem kim mathers.jpg)


Eminem has unleashed a profane lyrical tirade against President Donald Trump — saying he "came to stomp" and taking aim at Trump's Twitter habits, policy, appearance and supporters.

The rapper on Tuesday unveiled "The Storm," a 4½-minute freestyle rap video recorded Friday in a Detroit parking garage that aired as part of BET's Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night.

Eminem slammed the Republican president as "a kamikaze who will probably cause a nuclear holocaust" before criticizing Trump's ongoing campaign against NFL national anthem protests.

more here:




I love how all the posts about Feminem on here and on cuckchan all have an old as fuck pic of him when he was younger. He's in his fucking 40's ffs he looks wrinkly and withered, and wholly irrelevant.



This faggot hasn't been relevant since 2001/2002. Looks like another hasbeen trying to get their 15 minutes of Trump-Hate fame, just like that bitch who did the beheading thing.


I'm just embarrassed for the guy, it's gotta suck to resort to gargling liberal balls for attention due to aging and becoming irrelevant.





>Eminem status:










Trumplards are a response to leftist counterculture you fuckboi.


uhhhhh…… who care?



>the current mainstream insists they are still counterculture

Top jej. Slim Wrinkly is carrying water for the current masters



drupper puppers wil disabree wib dis



>will probably cause a nuclear holocaust

And yet this fag is staying in a country he thinks will get hit with nukes. Did he blow all his money paying thai ladyboys to poz him?


>>They think its counterculture to go with the mainstream propaganda

this is how low some celebs have fallen


File: 22ca2fe61972e76⋯.jpg (30.3 KB, 405x322, 405:322, 1503626810446.jpg)


>M-muh liberals overlords may may.




Tell me liberal thought isn't the mainstream. I'll wait



>And yet this fag is staying in a country he thinks will get hit with nukes

Right? All these upper middle class and above who have the capability to move and who threaten to move, who don't do a damn thing.



majority vote, "leader of the free world" and /pol/tards still think they aren't mainstream and are "alternative" by supporting trump

bitching about trump is pretty subversive

ironic that the alt-right ie alternative right, don't like to be seen as mainstream. being alternative and abstaining from the mainstream is what hipsters do, one of the main sub cultures of leftism



Bitching about Trump is more widely accepted and you know it. It's not mainstream to say you like conservative and traditional values. The next generation is more conservative than the last, mostly because it is counter culture. You're afraid that your way of thought is the norm, so you are just as afraid if the "alt- right" you just mentioned.



>msnbc, abc, bbc, cnn, cbs, jew york times, huffington post, wapo, late night talk shows, reddit

>fox-drudge-and a few other controlled opposition

>and that's right vs left false dichotomy, not even bringing in lolberg/natsoc

Yeah the left is totally the rebels here



They still think it's 1990 where even the democrats hated fags


Eminem is a bojangling white minstrel with AIDS


File: 0d36dd6aab2e237⋯.png (150.29 KB, 309x400, 309:400, Eminem-Gun-psd8575.png)

Why am I not surprised?

As much as I like Em's music, he has the most retarded political opinions.

Just to give you all a history lesson in Em's political stances, he supported Bill Clinton, he hated Bush, even went so far to make a death threat (which got him in legal trouble) against him.

Back in his Encore and Eminem Show albums, he made two songs, White America and MOSH. Both are shit, he constantly shits on Bush on both songs and claims to be the voice for young white Americans. The reason they are so bad, is that he comes off as the preachy cunts he says he doesn't like so much in other songs.

He doesn't actually hate gays, if he does, he keeps it a good secret. He surrounds himself with people who tell him what to believe in regards to politics and culture because he has no real political opinions of his own. All he does is parrot the beliefs of those around him.

As to why I say he doesn't actually hate gays, despite making a shitton of songs disparaging them, he preformed with Elton John and is a good friend of his. Em even gave a diamond cock ring to Elton for his wedding.

Em is just a performer. Just toss his political opinions in the trash, they aren't well thought out and not particularly deep.



Dude he's a massive closet fag.


At this point I honestly can't tell if the anons that constantly squeal about /pol/ are legitimate lefty retards that stumbled onto the wrong site and are extremely desperate to correct all the evil wrongthink, or if it's just /pol/tards pretending because they're bored.



Probably both.



As long as he doesn't admit it, I have no reason to think that.



>I have no reason to think that

Other then he acts like a fag, looks like a fag and sounds like a fag.




C'mon, there has got to something a bit more substantial than that. If anything, he looks like a nigger and acts like a nigger.



The late 90s and the 00s was just the era of fuccboi faggotry. My god look at what a pair of fucking wankers they look like.

And that was considered cool back then, it's no wonder that the legacy media and the left generally despise the internet. Without the internet to mock would-be faggots like this into obscurity, they'd still be forcing this garbage culture.



>Em is just a performer. Just toss his political opinions in the trash, they aren't well thought out and not particularly deep

That should go for any of these shit eating entertainers, including ones that happen to "agree" with you. They're all retarded meat puppets paid to dance and humiliate themselves for others' entertainment, not give out anything even resembling an intelligent political opinion.



Fucking poe's law.


The kikes must be getting pretty desperate to throw a has-been wigger edgelord at Best President.

>and the usual mindless leftytrash comes to defend yet another entertainment figure commiting social suicide kek



eminem says nigger

sings racist things

sings about killing gays, lesbians and trans

sins about ramming his cock in Hillary mouth and cumming down her throat

about killing his ex

misogynist lyrics about tripping and abusing women

says something anti trump

new hero of the left

meanwhile please ignore that Awan logged into congress from Pakistan and transferd data


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>eminem says nigger

Actually, no he doesn't. The only time he ever did, he apoligized for it.


That's what you get for listening to rap. You won't see any death/black metal bands shitting on Trump, lol, because they aren't pussies.


File: 74bf780d2492669⋯.jpg (9.2 KB, 278x181, 278:181, images (11).jpg)

Where's Ben stiller at??

What does he think about trump??






You know that fuckboy originated from a canadian thief who got raped by niggers? Better add a trigger warning before saying that.


What a fucking faggot.



Isn't Eminem a negro though?


File: e031bd6897310e7⋯.jpg (72.57 KB, 600x800, 3:4, wigga.jpg)

I don't think there is a lower lifeform than the wigger.




You know that fuckboy originated from a canadian thief who got raped by niggers? Better add a trigger warning before saying that.


What a fucking faggot.



>says something anti trump

>new hero of the left

That's really the part that gets my goat about the whole thing, that and the unnecessary jab at his fans.It's disingenuous is what it is, last year he took a jab at Trump but it was haram because in the same freestyle he made a joke about Bruce Jenner so everyone was giving him shit. Now everyone and their dog is singing him praises and shit, they even played clips of the track and jerked him off on the radio all day which I find funny because these same entities haven't played a single note of anything he's created in at least 7 years.



>he hated Bush

And? Dubya was an awful president. He only looks good in hindsight compared to our current one.



blackest man in showbiz, yeah



The niggers they emulate. Wiggers just want to be the lowest scum on the planet, niggers actually are.



But that's the thing see. If niggers are the lowest scum on earth, someone who emulates them has to be on a lower scale of existence.



Wiggers want to pretend to be niggers, but generally don't have the mile long list of priors and aren't living off welfare like actual niggers . They're only lower then niggers in the sense that aspiring to be shit is more pathetic then being shit, but aren't as big a determent to society.


Why are any of you surprised? Eminem is literally a wigger from Detroit. He is also a (((pop culture))) icon. Of course he is a shit-prick Liberal Democrat.


Fred Durst is a better wigger and this proves it.


Look at Cher's twatter and see the difference between what Trump tweets.

That kike whore lost last pieces of sanity, but still there's no Eminem's song about that.



I don't think anyone is surprised. More like they're just using the chance to call him a faggot.



>I don't think anyone is surprised.

Then it isn't "news"


Trumpcucks upset that they can't find a decent artist.



Cept his bars, rhymes, and flow are shit.





Trump isn't counterculture, just part of it. It's only going to get worse if you think trump is bad, counterculture now includes traditionalism and conservatism. Trump is neither.


eminem has talent, there's no denying that. not even black rappers will dispute it. seems there's just a whole lot of butthurt that he brought his talent down on someone you like (and totally deserves it)

>idiots telling lies about how bad eminem is with words

>worship a liar who tweets the most ridiculous shit ever put into words


> fight the power

> power to the people

> o wait



Look at this faggot triggered over Trump.



>is just a performer. Just toss his political opinions in the trash, they aren't well thought out and not particularly deep

You have no idea how much I wish this was the status quo response for every single person on earth.

Too bad its the exact opposite.


File: 6c9bc97111a1523⋯.png (3.94 KB, 640x400, 8:5, 1468239583191.png)


>Steal your gimmick from an actually talented rapper from the same area (Cage) except somehow manage to be noticed while doing it and get a record deal

>This counts as talent



>thinking a poledditor desperately searching for any reason to shit on Trump no matter how inane could possibly know what actual talent is

Communists aren't known for talent. Otherwise they wouldn't be communists.


File: 0590a79d3406e28⋯.jpg (6.37 KB, 189x189, 1:1, 0590a79d3406e28881c999ef78….jpg)

>"the Storm"

Cringe for sure



t. salty ass nigger who is still upset over Bernie selling out for Hillary Cunton



all politics aside…

That freestyle was total shit no?

Like really lil windex tier shit


I think that Eminem just joined the pop culture ANTI-TRUMP TREND because as paul joseph watson points out, he has an album coming out next month and he knew it was his way to pull some money in from all the libtards who are sheeple that will easily follow him. He drew his dumb ass preppy line back in the sand from his fans with his TRASH ASS COMEBACK 5TH GRADE RAP and as much as i want to listen to his shit music right now I refuse to. Political views are not suppposed to be discussed with friends because its an easy way to divide yet ALL the dumb trendy libtard celebrities are coming out of the wood works because their DEMOCRAT HANDLERS have blackmail on them if they try to come out and support trump. Thats how it works in the deep state.



>hat freestyle was total shit no?

Yes, it was fucking GARBAGE rap! Not good AT ALL! Did his gangsta rap celeb friends WANT HIM TO FAIL? Why would anybody let him go out at BET show and rap that utter nonsense!


File: 392583f7f6d3b91⋯.jpg (37.63 KB, 620x445, 124:89, Feminem.jpg)

File: 14436e000759d3d⋯.jpg (26.23 KB, 740x493, 740:493, Feminem2.jpg)




File: 741cf8518bc68ae⋯.jpg (16.67 KB, 236x310, 118:155, 1426204416136.jpg)


Your status:




i'm happy for the song , Trump just picked up 100k+ more votes in 2020 for it :)



dubs of truth

>and kek



If he didn't succeed at selling his shitty music, this guy would be a total fuccboi.





Pick only one.


what a faggot.


File: 6541535f444fa69⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 401x496, 401:496, 1506567799.jpg)

Feminem did it for the nookie tbh



He did it for the cock in his ass.



are u retarded? he keeps getting billions of views on youtube. I don't really like him. but he's been relevant since he started

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