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File: 9b9c622b02451cc⋯.png (739.75 KB, 744x494, 372:247, Credit - Youtube Screengra….png)



The boy was likely brainwashed by ISIS, undergoing lessons in radical Islam whilst receiving firearms and martial arts training. He can be seen in the video killing a man without the slightest hesitation.

His mother, Sally Jones, was a famous recruiter for ISIS who lured European females to Syria in order to become sex-slaves for the death cult. She was designated as a High-Value Target on the kill list of the coalition forces and is now confirmed dead.

A US Predator drone killed 50-year-old Sally Jones in June whilst she and her boy tried to escape from Raqqa (and were heading towards the Syrian border town of Mayadin), the ISIS capital which is now under siege from all sides.


Rest in Hell, bitch.



Dubs of truth




>All armed with Glocks

Suicide bomber training I see?


>In the end, all of the ISIS poster boys and girls will be reported dead. Another one reaches us today with the death of the famous ISIS White Widow, Ms. Sally Jones and her son Jojo, which the CIA confirmed were both killed in a drone strike over the summer.



Did this really even happen? Does it really even matter? The US created and maintains ISIS and this woman, if she existed, was surely inconsequential and superfluous to ISIS' grand scheme; they probably have five other guys and many candidates to replace them lined up for doing the precise same thing she did.


I can't believe people actually think this shit isn't just actors

A bunch of fucking perfectly synchronized kids acting out a dramatic stage execution like it's a fucking play they have recited 100 times because it is

it's literally impossible if this was a real impromptu execution that these kids would be so collected and perfectly in form and synch, it's a fucking impossible and yet people will look at this shit and actually believe it




What's the name of his stand?

Rock the casba



You don't believe highly manipulative and abusive people in the middle of a desert can brainwash young children over a long period of time? What's your frame of reference anyways?



Actually yes it is rehearsed. It's been reported multiple times by rescued or escaped prisoners that this may be a dozen times where the prisoners are set to kneel and told they will be executed, but then they are not. It's why they look so calm instead of trying to escape or something. They may have done this fake out routine dozens of times over the course of weeks and now it's real


Rest in Pork






Although it could be us "not wanting to believe that something so horrific could exist in our world bla bla bla", it is more likely that it is more staged bullshit from the biggest liars on the planet.

The ones who have been shown to have paid an absolute fortune to have fake propaganda videos filmed with special effects for the iraq war.

Yet people don't think they will just do the same again.

It is odd that people tend to accept that isis were a construction of the CIA, just as were the taliban, yet despite knowing that, they are still swept into this emotional propaganda 'shorts'.

Oh look, the named bad guy henchman has been killed, the plot thickens!

Tune in for the next episode of our thrilling drama.

All boo and hiss at the screen.

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