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File: fa53a422c819b5d⋯.jpg (352.98 KB, 940x540, 47:27, jogger thumbnail.jpg)



A woman in South Philadelphia was attacked by a group of teenagers while jogging on the Schuylkill River Trail Tuesday, and she says not a single person who passed by helped her. The woman is 43-years-old but did not wish for her identity to be released. She says the incident took place around 5:45 p.m. while she was jogging on the Boardwalk section of her usual route where the Schuylkil River Park trail meets the South Street Bridge in South Philadelphia.

The woman says it was five to six teens riding mountain bikes who surrounded her in an interview with Philly Mag on Wednesday morning. One of the teens even groped her, "He grabbed my ass and looked me dead in the eye and started laughing. The others started yelling at me and laughing. Then one came from behind and swerved around me and said, ‘I guess you didn’t see me, bitch'."


>get sexually assaulted by niggers

>no one helps because they'd be racist for stopping dindus

This is the future you chose feminists.


If she concealed carry, she wouldn't have got raped. Anti-gun laws unfairly impact less physically able.



What a surprise, all of these animals did what they were conditioned to do by the electric Jew. The black men had their way with their sacrificial lamb like savage animals and the white bystanders stood there like dumb animals.


"Around blacks, NEVER RELAX!"

- ancient wiseman proverb.






What's the point in going to a news board if you're just gonna make up what happened in the story anyway?



What are you talking about you fucking retard. One poster literally said she wouldn't have been attacked if she had concealed carry.

How the fuck is that making up anything?

Fuck off faggot shill.



Liberals have been playing the reality is subject game to advance their political ideals for decades now, and now that we are using the internet to do it much more effectively against you and neutralize your strategy, you cry like a baby, pathetic as always.



t. the perp


The fact remains:



>>123399 (checked)

<why aren't all these fellow white scum that should be guilty of their race and hate everything that they are coming to throw themselves into a 1v6 fight against niggers to save my fat (that's why I'm jogging btw) man-hating ass?



>implying you can only jog when you're fat

So what do you do once you're skinny, sit around and eat potato chips all day?


>all these assumptions



>this is not news

That niggers are all scum ?

I agree entirely.




lmao the delusion on you trigger happy faggots, you'd piss your fucking pants and cry if you ever in that situation and had a concealed carry.



Your troll-fu is weak young masturbator

More study is required of you.


Really doesnt matter if the perpetrators were black, pink, purple, or whatever color you want to call them. We're all part of the human race and should show solidarity when another goes astray.



Who's trolling, it's a legitimate fact.


Good, good. As long as she is a cum skin it is fine. Getting brutally raped is the only purpose white women have left, may as well enjoy it until robowaifus take their place.



>woman in South Philadelphia

>niggers wanting a piece of that action

I assumed nothing, you disgusting leftist subhuman.


>a group of black males

Man how did I see this coming

Goddamn racist whiteys always be lyin and sayin it's black folk…



Welcome to reality.


File: 2e17a053e28e017⋯.jpg (17.09 KB, 228x229, 228:229, 1316300367793.jpg)



She wasn't raped.

She was lightly groped. Once.


She wasn't raped.

Niggers gonna nig.

I'm sure there's more to the story than just what this bitch says.



>And women want to be treated equally to men






>Niggers enter this thread bragging about their "culture"

>They will never appreciate the benefits of being civilized

Thank God I'm not a nigger like you

Deep inside you know you're God's biggest mistake and that's why you resort to raping white women



>doesn't matter

Of course it does, nigger.

You will hang and nothing of value will be lost.



She wasn't raped, you spastic. Way you advocate as to why you should hang with the rest of the filth.


I don't think >>123457 is a nigger, he's right about that one.



>attacked by a group of teenagers

Actual teenagers or Abdul 'I swear I'm 16 despite my beard reaching my bellybutton' Hassan teenagers?


File: 67df633feb34514⋯.jpg (35.39 KB, 240x320, 3:4, 2l3nfbyz4.jpg)


Interesting, if blacks are a mistake why is God removing whites from the planet? Why do Jews control them, why do their women hate them, Muslims kill and outbreed them? Who is the failure? This is the last refuge of non-self-hating whites, a mere few thousand. But even here you are outnumbered and defeated. Pathetic.



>niggers are too stupid to realize whatever the outcome of Current Year they will soon be wiped out, wether it's our comeback, a dominion of yids or of chinks

We have survived worse.

Are you gonna beg the jews/chinks for gibs, food and societal order if and when we're gone? You've already dug your own graves, dumbfucks, and nobody will be sorry to see you go.



>implying this is the first time kikes have flooded White countries to cause demographic shift




Think we're bad? The Asians are waaaaaay worse. Hell, they're even shipping fucking human flesh to Africa. Better get used to 'mystery pork' Jamal, Chiang is going to be setting up slaughterhouses all over Africa.



Of course it was niggers.



Don't forget that Chinese company that was sending AIDS infected blood as clean blood to Africa. Actually… Would that even matter? Maybe it was the smart economic decision. Those fucking chinks.


I wouldn't have helped her either.

My friend Ruger OTOH…


File: 8fa7eaf00e65ab4⋯.png (1.1 MB, 960x540, 16:9, stupid people.png)

You are all retarded. These people didn't help not because they didn't want to seem racist or because of "jews" (give me a fucking break) this is a well-documented phenomenon called the "Bystander effect."



Was it at night time? Because if it were night I think I could have shot one of the niggers and ran away. I'm confidant that I could get away with it.



LOL I bet you would internet tough guy faggot


File: 4ba7e1921372d47⋯.jpg (23.4 KB, 290x324, 145:162, akira.jpg)


>Gauging how one individual, who you literally do not know from words typed out on an anonymous image board, would react in a life or death situation is "legitimate fact".

He's completely right, your troll-fu is incredibly weak, and you will always be an amateur with an attitude like that. Your handler sensei must be ashamed of himself.



I would. That is what happens when you take away everything a man has to live for. I could get away with it too, because no one knows me. I have no social media and zero social contacts.



Also it is legal the shoot them due to stand your ground laws, so I have nothing to fear. I am the good guy, if the others attacked me I could shoot them too.




You sound like an edgy school shooter, the reality is that you'd quiver and bank a shot off the ground and get arrested when the police found you winded a block away due to how massively out of shape you are.

Then they'd laugh at you and arrest you as you stammered out "m….muh ri…rights!!!"


File: 345c4dae56612ce⋯.jpg (30.81 KB, 780x448, 195:112, 214042_1870533.jpg)



Why do lefty shithunks always project so bad?



That's a lot of faggot tier begging the question, you seem to think it's something involuntary.

White people are nice until they're not.

You'll figure that out eventually.




>"jews" (give me a fucking break)


>internet tough guy

You couldn't make it more obvious if you tried.

Go back to reddit, kid.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If women want to be treated equally to men then they need to get ready to give up their preferential treatment in the courts, military, prison, public, every other first world country in the world, media, etc. and then give up all their interests and beliefs about men that they think they like and know. And they can start by actually putting down their feminist propaganda and speaking to an actual mother who has practically raised a damn male or two since day one.

Feminists don't believe in women's rights, they believe in taking rights away from men, white men at that. Today's feminism is a racist, sexist mutilation of real feminism, the kind of feminism that could make alcohol illegal, wear any clothes you wanted, and actually vote. Now that they're equal and protected almost as much as illegal immigrants, they have nothing else but to ask for more pay and kick men out of school and public programs. It's like a bunch of misandrist lesbians trying to make the world a better place by eliminating masculinity by claiming it to be misogynist, wrong, and self imposed by society or whatever other bullshit they can come up with.

Women can literally kill men and their own children and get away with it. It's a 3:1 female to male ratio in colleges, but men are still leading in high school dropouts, yet still taking charge in STEM fields where women then blame them, while working less hours, as the cause for an imaginary wage gap that would essentially pay women more than men. And if you really think those few feminists have your best interests at heart you better get ready to sign the draft, and you better get ready for bootcamp if you keep voting people like Hillary just because you were raised believing the the color Red in politics is bad.

If you're a woman and you want to be treated equally by men, you either think men need to learn to treat women a certain way and that women need to put in the same amount of mirrored effort, or you really don't know how good you have it. Because you better get ready to be treated and seen as a dangerous piece of worthless shit only used for your time and labor until your dead, in a world run by a monarchy of business and corruption, where you're condemned for every vice and pleasure you may indulge.

>No it didn't matter if perpetrators were black or white whatever, the woman was approached by a group of men in an aggressive manner and tried to confront them then complained when either men or women didn't step in to help her. And if she were a guy, it probably would have been a mugging or beating if not 6 women (hopefully not fat) trying to cop feels - which, spoiler alert, every boy has dreamt of that scenario more than once



What is Bernie goetz?



Go back to facebook you fucking idiot.



I would say it is more this.

People are cowards.

I was surrounded by a large gang when I was young, and despite it being in the main street in the middle of the day, with plenty of people around - not one person intervened.

They even moved away so they wouldn't have any spillover.

This was a gang of 16 year olds for the most part, about 20 of them.

Eventually we pushed through when my friend's father arrived.

He saw what was going on, jumped out and confronted them, then shouted for the police to come - who were a few yards away.

No idea if the police had seen before, but the police are also fucking cowards in general, and won't approach any group unless they outnumber them.

Society didn't used to be like this, from what I can tell. There would be men who'd stick up for people who were in trouble.

Another time, a group of 18+ year olds surrounded us, while we were several years younger.

Middle of the day in the park, intimidating and threatening us.

Then to our relief, two men came up and said "what do you think you're doing, picking on kids" - and scared the shit out of the 18 year old faggots.

That's the kind of response there should be. It doesn't take much.

If you personally see anyone who isn't in a good situation and is outnumbered - shout something or phone the police and make it well known that you have phoned them.

Don't put yourself at risk, but do something right away - don't think that someone else will take care of it. Encourage your friends to do the same. People will remember you for life for helping them out.



Only when they look around and see that they have nothing.

These 'people' should take ww2 as a strong example and a warning what can happen when you tread on a european once too often.

That can happen again at any time.



Read the wall of text.

Enjoyed it.

Video too.

Everyone else can eat shit

No one should walk by while something bad is happening.

Generally speaking, people are deliberate cowards that make excuses.

Excuses aren't enough to justify inaction.



flash2:wave2: lollolollol



And more niggers coming after her. USA is not nice place for the white people.


File: 02c03ae84eeba44⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 1508131077139.jpg)



Lazy fucks…

>not joining in.

Sage because Mitten cannot recognize nor relate actual news to anyone ever.

>pic unrelated except that picture taker was a bystander who did nothing to help.


if she had her body covered, her face covered, and escorted by a male family member or stayed at home makin' sammich, then this would not happen.



This. Truth is the only reason whites aren't putting blacks in their place has nothing to do with "being weak", it's the fact we're not a bunch of stupid niggers we actually see the laws are written against us from doing so. Unlike niggers who don't give a shit if they go meet their family back in the big house, whites have more to lose by stepping in, until they eventually don't but that's a long way off.

Only your shitlib cuckboy would dare try to intervene not knowing the situation he's getting himself into because those same idiots can't see the very world they created. It's all sunshine and rainbows because everyone thinks like them. Equality begins in the mind.


So not our responsibility.

Bein female doesnt mean ur entitled to protection. Like no one us entitled to sex.

Besides risk ur lufe for family not someone who dont give a fuck about u


File: 0e1e918b003f0a3⋯.jpg (9.67 KB, 132x140, 33:35, 0e1e918b003f0a31cedc3a4bfb….jpg)

>wtf men we're strong, independent womyn! we dont need your protection you chauvinistic pigs!!

>omg wtf im being raped why aren't any of these men helping me?!



You just explained the bystander effect in a roundabout way. It says that no one will do anything because everyone assumes someone else will do something about the situation. So everyone just stands around expecting someone else to do something, and no one does anything at all.

But like that other anon said, I think cowardice is actually big part of this. People are generally pretty risk aversive, so it's not surprising that people would just let someone else handle the situation.

It's interestingly documented that the smaller the crowd, the more likely someone is to step in and do something. Because they're less confident that someone else will step in.



>So not our responsibility.

Who the fuck are you trying to speak for, spic?

And you type like you came straight from fucking Fecesbook



>And if you really think those few feminists have your best interests at heart you better get ready to sign the draft, and you better get ready for bootcamp if you keep voting people like Hillary just because you were raised believing the the color Red in politics is bad.

Not me BTW, just calling niggers out for kissing each others' asses for engaging in cultural separatism

Politely saging because of double post






Near a 'trial' going through a city. Yeah we know they are highways for crime infested niggers to commit rampant crime. So much tolerance.





Fucking city needs to be kicked out of PA, nothing but god damn liberals and niggers from Camdon..






BTW, spearchuckers die as much as tthey give birth, lol


You reap what you sow, feminist bitch. You attacked white men, now we will laugh as you suffer. Learn to respect your betters if you want our protection.

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