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July 2018 Transparency Report
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File: 65bfacf9c03cb54⋯.jpg (187.57 KB, 876x724, 219:181, PicsArt_10-12-12.25.49.jpg)



The President of the United States of America is getting no help from the GOP Congress; who are receiving a salary while literally sitting on their asses stalling any of the President’s Agenda.


here come the shills



T. Zelda from the Wand of gamelon after killing Hectan.


>this will monkeywrench Obamacare

and nothing of value will be lost



>here come the shills


one problem is that in the USA most insurance regulation is still at the state level so different states have different insurance laws

this was the reason that –up to now, apparently– you had to buy your insurance from a company in the same state that you legally resided in. That way your rights as an insurance purchaser were the same as the insurance company requirements legally required in that same state….

I'm not saying what Trump did is good or bad, I don't know enough to say

but it does seem like it is going to run head-first into a number of legal issues







Health insurance is a scam. They're middle-men who profit off of other peoples' misery. They demand we pay them billions, then they refuse to pay doctors and hospitals for certain things. Patients still have to pay massive amounts in for services, higher deductibles than ever, higher monthly costs than ever, and these fucks STILL refuse to cover costs that should be covered.

They don't do any real work. They are just middle-men. Nobody should be allowed to profit off of tax dollars.



That's a shitty excuse. State driving laws are different… I can still drive in other states.



Before Obango my insurance was better and less than $30 a month.

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