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File: 580959823fe1f90⋯.jpg (729.62 KB, 2000x1241, 2000:1241, pool thumbnail.jpg)



The two called 911 at 12:40 a.m. to report they were trapped and Jan reached a dispatcher. "We are going to get into the neighbors’ pool, should we do this?" she asked the dispatcher. "Get anywhere safe," the dispatcher responded. Jan replied that she and her husband would be in the pool, "Please. We will be in the pool. This is where we are." Jan is 65 and her husband John is 70, she said they both debated whether they wanted to get in right away. "Hold off," John said. "The waters cold. Let's see what happens."



Damn they wrinkly, they really must have been in that pool for six hours.



So they went back to the pool to take a picture for the news story? Or did they just want to commemorate how they survived in a pool?





I'm pretty sure the news asked them to go back and take a picture. It's not often an elderly couple survives these, as a few have died already. They probably got rescued there, firefighters and whoever said "What the fuck?" and they are local legends.

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