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File: 970d5886ee08167⋯.jpg (34.45 KB, 660x371, 660:371, _95473654_bba54961-e294-40….jpg)



Facebook has state of the art photo recognition software, much of which it has recently implemented into it's security features requiring an image of your face or photo ID to even access your account.

Now they're planning to use that tech in order to stop the onslaught of revenge porn.

How? As the title says, upload your nudes to Facebook.

You're probably wondering why in the hell Facebook would ask for your nudes?

Their logic is that if you upload the images to them (securely and discreetly) that they can identify the image hash, and ensure that those images cannot be uploaded by anyone else ever again.

So say you're a slut who's given out nudes to multiple exes, a common occurrence amongst whores.

Don't worry, Facebook has you covered thots!


>highschool cheerleader regrets sending nudes to varsity quarterback chad

>uploads nudes to facebook for "protection"

>zuckerberg gets arrested for child pornography

I fucking wish



If anyone does this, voluntarily uploads naked pictures of themselves to an account publicly tied to all of their friends, family and acquaintances, and the day to day history of their lives - I will be further disappointed in humanity.

Harvesting nudes, and pretending they won't be used for anything.

If they truly wanted to help the poor whores, they would use a localised, offline app which you could use yourself, that detects whether it is a nude and outputs a text hash.

Then flushes cache of all images and image locations, and uploads the raw hash.

In reality facebook will have the power to hold people to ransom, and they will sell this stuff on to their special circles of buyers.

Plus this >>128588

Half of it will be from girls still at school.

I hate this timeline.

facebook and google should be disintegrated in both senses of the word.

They are the ones paving the total surveillance path to an utterly miserable future.



>facebook and google should be disintegrated in both senses of the word.

how though? the sheeple will continue feeding these pigs.



No idea.

They are so massive it would take something significant to offset that kind of money.

Previous iterations did die out though.

The solution to facebook is a new alternative.

If someone made a private version of the same thing, and offered to import all their facebook details etc via a spider bot, it might work. There would have to be secondary incentive.

After that, when they've all converted, gradually dissolve the amount of info that can be stored, and anonymise the system internally, so nothing can be extracted or used.

Other than that, a direct militarised assault on their server locations around the world would do it. Thermite the storage units, as many as possible.

Without the data, their system would crumble, they couldn't rebuild and no one would bother signing up again even if they tried to start it up a second time.

Since data is what makes these companies powerful in the first place, perhaps it is the data that must be targeted.




heres my latest effort.

my thought is take out zuck as a (((person))) in the users eyes as someone reprehensible (like the fact he enjoys killing animals), then redpill on policy and practices, before pushing normalfags to reddit and 4chan in the name of free speech etc etc etc.

Been thinking of the data too, been able to find some chinks in the code, but they back up, how to destroy the distributed backups?


what ever happened to prevention is better than cure?

oh i remember, making people rely on cures rather than prevention makes people more easy to manipulate



the way the network works makes it hard to dilute. since people only see their friends shit, random raids are completely ineffective. I hope i comes out he raped someone, uber took a huge hit from that.




To physically destroy the servers.

Their locations aren't completely secret, by social engineering and some research they could be found.

I doubt the security is very high, just standard or a little above. Their arrogance means they don't consider themselves a target.

A group of high schoolers with a plan could do it, simultaneous would be the key, at all of the known locations.

It is feasible, but would need organisation.

Revealing his character would work well, his arrogance and generally foul nature should make that easier.


Upload tons of blacked pics.


File: fb5cfc8972d4510⋯.jpg (63.96 KB, 460x690, 2:3, greenwisdom.jpg)

Uploading your nudes works, but not for the reason they claim.


File: 91187e151af40dc⋯.png (656.96 KB, 800x502, 400:251, 91187e151af40dc2db56fc2f4d….png)


>To physically destroy the servers.

Hi mr fbi, fuck off. You do know that both the cianiggers in langley and the not secret agency in utah have complete backups of jewgle and facebook's databases right? It's for (((national security))) of course.


There's already alternatives for such that are private and decentralized like GNUsocial. It's just normies would never switch over to it because herd mentality of everyone is already on goybook. That and the massive crackdown the cianiggers who own facebook would have on the free-ish parts of the internet ala firewall of china style. Everyone switching to GNUsocial would also have to abandon the old infrastructure like DNS and use something like TOR+OBFS4+GNUnet to hide traffic from great firewall of china like inspection. All of which normies would never do.


>seduces hundreds of millions of women to upload their nudes to his servers

>has an unlimited supply of amateur porn at his disposal

Bravo! (((Zuckerberg))) confirmed for /ourguy/!



Or because it has such a retarded name. GNUsocial, really? I know you autists have trouble connecting socially with people, but sheesh. You could at least dedicate some autism to studying basic marketing skills.


next step: just put cameras in your bedroom, good goys. in fact put cameras everywhere, just to be sure.


I like the idea of attacking the servers too, as long as no one is hurt.

Anyone have any plans on how to do it? Let's share ideas here.



I like your thinking, fellow FBI agent. Let's organize a FBI raid on Facebook's server farms so that the American public, for whom we pledged oaths to serve and protect, can enjoy true freedom once again. Let's talk to the Director now!


File: 91bf3500e8175bc⋯.jpg (84.91 KB, 900x720, 5:4, 05a3359dd8fb9edb26eab0ba81….jpg)


File: 1f256b9b60687b2⋯.jpg (6.14 KB, 148x216, 37:54, 1f256b9b60687b2b41bc485498….jpg)



That's already happening. Amozon unveiled echo, a gadget that takes photos of your style and how you dress, which then get evaluated so they can recomend clothes to customers. I'm assuming that most people dress in their bedroom so I imagine that is where most people would put this gadget. The possibilities for reckless spying is ridiculous and you would have to be a moron to even think about something of this nature.



>ensure that those images cannot be uploaded by anyone else ever again.

wat? How does something being on kikebook stop people from posting it somewhere else?



Facebook sells the pic database to other major sites so they can "protect" you too.



Women will use it.

Women are the backdoor into every home.

Convince them that it will make them prettier and they'll do it.

Tell them that they are being live streamed to the Senate's private porn stash and they'll titter and giggle and do a little dance and some poses.


File: 5b5da2d9d633b1c⋯.png (4.13 MB, 5000x5000, 1:1, 5b5da2d9d633b1c7b05855483d….png)

>they can identify the image hash, and ensure that those images cannot be uploaded by anyone else ever again.

You can literally change one pixel, and the whole hash for the image changes completely. I don't know why, but they clearly just want to acquire free nudes from millions of people.



what you say is technically correct, but perceptive hash functions and fingerprints can be made partially resistant to cropping, flipping, noise, and other alterations.

Still I would rather have an idiot outing me on FB so I can sue, instead of uploading something according to FB TOS which probably will retroactively changed so that they can do whatever they want with it.



>Previous iterations died out

Yeah, because it was before the internet was fully mainstream and literally at normie fingertips.



Google won't be easy but a Mark Zuckerberg presidential run will kill facebook



>Their logic is that if you upload the images to them (securely and discreetly) that they can identify the image hash, and ensure that those images cannot be uploaded by anyone else ever again.

And the whole thing gets circumvented when the uploader changes a pixel.


I think Cuckerberg is just REALLY thirsty….


> [Facebook]'s security features requiring an image of your face or photo ID to even access your account.

How does this help security in any way, when anybody can go to facebook and download pictures of you?



>Avoid blackmail by your ex in the present.

>By letting Facebook blackmail you in the future instead.

This is so fucking blatant that I don't give a shit. Anyone who does this is already too stupid to save and deserves whatever happens to them.


Nigga if you make porn at all there's no imaginary reputation to be ruined.

Most of those whores have been on 40 different cocks and tell everyone about it but for some reason a nude picture is too much.


File: 1942202d4116a06⋯.jpg (357.34 KB, 567x768, 189:256, Zuckerberg is Satan.jpg)

>Hey, retards.

>I mean valued customers.

>I want your nudes.

>Originally you retar … guys trusting me with your everything was enough to get me hard

>But it's just not working for me any more

>Besides, you gave me ownership of your social life, it's not like this is much beyond that.



This is just a bid to advance their machine learning algorithm because Google is fucking killing everyone in this race at the moment.


this can't be real.

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