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File: 70feef445258357⋯.jpg (40.84 KB, 932x525, 932:525, atlanta robbers fbi.jpg)



Emmett discussed some of the patterns the group follows in carrying out their criminal activities. Aside from specifically targeting Asian-owned or operated businesses, the criminal crew strikes every three to five days. Law enforcement officials are then worried that the gang is about to strike again very soon.

The men are becoming more dangerously violent as shown in the surveillance video in at least two of the robberies. A video taken in one Doraville restaurant shows one man shooting two employees.

In another video recorded at the Roswell Spa, some of the criminal gang members are seen kicking and pistol-whipping employees.

Emmett warned that the robbers involved are “very dangerous individuals.” He added: “They come in armed. They fire weapons. They have no consideration for other people.”

The men were last spotted driving a red or maroon 2004-2008 Pontiac Grand Prix.


>niggers preying on asians

this very common in areas where both reside, chinese were always seen as easy targets by nigs where I grew up


>Targeting Asians

But black people can't be racist

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