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File: b10851b6bdea89d⋯.jpg (42.47 KB, 700x510, 70:51, rose mugshot thumbnail.jpg)



The 44-year-old actress turned herself into Loudoun County authorities in Washington, Virginia Tuesday and has been released on bond. The charge stems from an investigation by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police who say she left belongings behind on a United Airlines flight in January that tested positive for narcotics.

McGowan arrived at the Washington Dulles International Airport one day before participating in the Women's March in D.C earlier this year. The Loudoun County police say they tried to contact McGowan so she can appear in court but when they were unable to reach her a warrant was entered into the national law enforcement database.

McGowan suggested the sudden warrant was the result of her speaking out about sexual abuse in Hollywood and believes the timing is no coincidence.


>Cunt goes to DC for pussy march

>Cunt leaves luggage behind

>Luggage tests positive for drugs

>Cunt goes to jail

It's pottery



>Cunt coincidentally spoke out against (((big time producer))) and set a domino effect against many of his (((friends))) a week prior her charges

I don't buy it


me neither. they sat on the "evidence" for almost a year and just now decide to charge her? right as she ousted weinstein for being a sleazebag? and just before it was revealed weinstein was hiring mossad agents and other investigators to get dirt on her. i don't doubt that his reach and influence would extend to someone making a call to authorities and getting something planted on her.



cry more roastie

no more pussy passes, biocunts have pissed of the big bag jew and are going to be put under heel again as the jew master race sees what a threat they are to their power


File: 904602c6b164653⋯.jpg (161.33 KB, 852x1053, 284:351, rose-mcgowan-naked.jpg)


ugh, how far the mighty have fallen



run that post-wall mug through the makeup removing app and repost here





Why only her and not any of the others? It's not like drug use is uncommon in Hollywood



What a disgusting picture. It's like it's specifically designed to attract the evil male gaze and objectify women. Who is the evil slut with internalized misogyny posing as… wait…

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