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File: 1886562aab3fac3⋯.png (2.18 MB, 1804x1180, 451:295, Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at ….png)



Aldi has offered to give all its unsold fresh food away to charities and good causes when its stores close on Christmas Eve.

The supermarket chain issued an appeal on social media urging organisations across the country to collect items left over after its branches have shut up shop for the festive period.

A statement issued by the firm says it wants to share products out with groups such as food banks in support of “less fortunate individuals” in order to “prevent food going to waste”.

The supermarket said: “Aldi is offering local organisations the opportunity to receive surplus food from their stores on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.


Good for them.



Im sure those homeless niggers will appreciate the stale off brand poptarts and flat soda





unload inventory before the end of the year and get a tax write off all at once. brilliant.



>give all its unsold fresh food away

>on Christmas Eve

Very generous. Like giving away all unsold sandbags after a flood warning.



>less fortunate individuals

New-speak for poor people.

These individuals were found to be less fortunate than other individuals, and so we are going to provide produce in the form of nourishment and beverages to these less fortunate individuals so that these individuals can partake in consumption of the produce in a manner that they see fit as less fortunate individuals.



Most homeless in England are not niggers.

I don't know if I've ever seen a homeless nigger.

They are all English, almost all men, and a fair number were in the military beforehand.

Very likely that the demented government houses all shitskins in flammable buildings instead.


they should do it every day


It's never too late for a good media dick stroking, but stores and restaurants already donate items which are about to go bad year round. I would hate to think they're just tossing shit in the garbage every other day of the year.


Isn't it better if they give them at really cheap prices instead of giving away for free though? Not all poor people are decent. Just sayin' my folks.


File: 91ebc8829c383a0⋯.jpg (176.33 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, LOL proles will defend thi….jpg)


Here's something to consider. Did you know that most restaurants straight up throw away uneaten food items at the end of the day. Then to stop bums from pillaging their trash they padlock the dumpster to ensure that the food doesn't get consumed.

That's right kids! The first world literally produces so much food that if they really felt like it they could feed every last homeless person in the nation every single day of the year at no extra expense to the taxpayer. But because this goes against the pursuit of the all mighty profit they would rather let it rot in a locked dumpster.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


They would have lower the price while the quality of food is lowering gradually at same time to prevent the loss of profits and wastes. The food wastes should go into composts and sell them as fertilisers.



poptarts and 'fresh food' you homeless nigger



and = aren't*



this is

>hurr if everyone gave me just one penny i could go to college - tier thinking

They have to do this or else people would just line up at closing for free food instead of paying for it while they were open.



The noun "folks" has triggered me. Please use guy, fellow, or dude henceforth.



It's become trendy for restaurants to donate old food in the US. All of the hip kids are doing it.



>gypsy steals rotten food from a dumpster

>eats it and gets sick

>gypsy threatens restaurant for leaving out poisonous food.

>lawyers shekel in for their pound of flesh

>restaurant decides its easier to padlock the dumpster

<Liberals whine about the restaurant throwing away perfectly edible food that could be feeding gypsy thieves



Dumb cunt it's plums and cherries and stuff.


They do. It'll all be like 80% off that day because they'll be closed for 2 days after. Weekly drops of decent stuff goes to the meal charitys. But only once a year for 2 days and so stuffs probably gonna be on the shelf for 5 days when they come back so not much is suitable.


Bums are fucked. Leave that bin unlocked and they'll scatter trash everywhere, piss and chunder everywhere and you'll be stuck with them forever now, they'll want to be able to go through and ground scatter anything you've got going out like their monumental scumbag nature grants them veto power over your business. They're so stupid they'll set thr bin on fire and assault workers and still be like where me free food cunts, fukken. Ah come on swing us one of those fresh loafs instead woujya? No? FUKKEN SELFISH PRICKS. IMA RAMPAGE! That's right kids! Poor people are so pathetic and shithouse that even the supposedly simple act of giving away things you don't want quickly becomes oh god fuck it let's just take the hit to our humanity and let it all rot in a locked dumpster I'm not dealing with these goddamed people anymore. Not to mention shitty restaurants dumpster dive you too. I've even seen them destroy what they could eat as well, so like a pallet of bread, eats a few slice from one loaf, Yummo, another loaf goes in his bag and the other 9 he stomps the shit out of. Why? Dunno. But what isn't theirs they're allowed to wreck donchaknow.

Noone would care that your on the prowl for bumpers if you didn't just tip the ash trays onto the ground for sorting and then walk off. Oh but nooo kids, first world's are just so selfish that for no reason won't let you sift through their discarded cigs.

*Wonders into front of store* oi where's the bread outback (in the bins) this morning? There isn't any since we sold it all yesterday. WELL THE FUCK AM I GONNA DO NOW MY FAMILIES STARVIN WHY AINT YIUSE GOT BREAD?

And it's like, what are you meant to do? Its stunning almost the entitlement. Breads only a buck anyway.



See this >>135963

Same reason why supermarkets pour blue dye all over their waste.

Some even pour bleach over it.

Otherwise, (((american)))-style sueing takes place.



The homeless and third worlders should be turned into fertiliser too and dumped in the rainforests.


>Aldi has offered to give all its unsold fresh food away to charities and good causes when its stores close on Christmas Eve.

and they throw it in the garbage on the other 364 days of the year



If they give the food away freely for 30 days then it will crash the company with no survivors.


Christians have done significantly more to help the poor than Communists ever will



>caring about the poor



A lot of the 'homeless' people in the UK are either run by criminal rings and/or are druggies/alcys, honestly giving them money directly is the worst thing you can do. Donate to the sally army or whoever instead.




Also yes, the government gives priority for housing to minorities. This, rather entertainingly, includes women who are actually the single largest group in the fucking country (>50% of the population) and have negligible rates of homelessness because they can just open their legs for a room anyway.

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