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File: 0af60b1377bc412⋯.png (409.23 KB, 634x357, 634:357, Pasted image at 2017_12_06….png)



This comes from women who 'feel under pressure to look like porn stars', as suggested by the figures. The heinous trend was sparked after celebrities – including Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte Crosby, and Kourtney Kardashian – disclosed that they had the procedure done.

The idea revolves around lightening the color of the skin around the anus for cosmetic purposes, so as to make it more uniform with the surrounding area.

The procedure has many treatments that are applied in a salon by a cosmetic technician. It includes laser therapy among others that are sold as the cream that can be applied from home. The trend hit the headlines when Marnie Simpson bleached Sophie's bottom on Geordie Shore in April.



>feel under pressure to look like porn stars

mhh.. yeah porn stars, the pinnacle of societal norms

grasping at straws to increase their Sexual Market Value

don't they have something like a free will?



Women are so fucking stupid.

>implying I ever want to see your asshole

>implying I fall for (((their))) tricks like the anal meme

>will bleach asshole but won't lose weight

Look at the texture of her thighs in that image.

Anal bleaching is the least of her problems.

>fake tan

This is what originally made me realise women can't into aesthetics. Pale skin is amazing, fake tan is an unnatural orange, and women insist on ruining natural beauty just to keep consumerism chugging along. Fuck

>orange skin from tan

>get anal bleaching to blend in

>anus contrasts further as the only part of you that's not brown

Or is anal fake tan a thing?

You know what fuck it. While I'm ranting

>women think they can dress more sexy

>put on less clothes

>more skin = more sexy

>look like prostitute

>wonder why all men leave the night after

>never wear a pretty dress or something

>that far with short "pixie" hair

>dying your hair even though it looks shit and is obvious

>now more tattoos

>thick rim glasses

>won't copy attractive trends of the past like corsets

>will engage in other harmful but unaesthetic practices instead like being obese

>whine that men don't like fat women

>now want to walk around topless thinking that it's unfair men walk showing nipples

>further leaving less to the imagination and provocing curiosity

>not wearing clothes to accentuate your good aspects, instead just wearing sluttier and sluttier clothing

I fucking hate living in the west.

>women used to wear dresses, corsets, love pale skin and be less fat

If only old dental hygiene wasn't shit.



Well these are normalfags. Who else do they worship?

>film stars

>sports players



>porn stars aka prostitutes, but they film it so it's not illegal (and its more shameless)

Notice none of those people have value. All are entertainers and didn't the oscars have some bitch talking about having more empathy because actors play roles?

None contribute, only athletes do anything physically demanding, and none of them stand for any virtues. Meanwhile /pol/ and even /leftypol/ have people who risked their lives, fought for what they believed in, and achieved things. Obviously this excludes the likes of Karl Marx, but atleast a few communist scum fought in wars and underwent temporary hardships. They were all cunts, but still.


File: 621a2638087e896⋯.jpg (102.53 KB, 864x576, 3:2, Huid.jpg)

anal bleaching is popular with subhumans and mongrels that are hoping to look more like beautiful white women, and more feminine.

bleaching is just a way to hide black curly negroid hairs.



>anal bleaching

>bleaching is just a way to hide black curly negroid hairs

dude, the purpose of anal bleaching is not to bleach the hair around the anus


Once a woman gets old about 23 years old, her asshole begins to darken. Having a pink anus is the mark of being young. Being young is to be attractive, if you're female.



Go back a few hundred years and teeth were generally in good condition, as there was no sugar in the diet beyond those naturally occurring.

Even up until relatively recently, unmodernised tribes had good teeth, as they ate no processed food.



My daughter is 16 and hers is already beginning to darken. I suppose it happens at different rates.


>>moved from bleaching hair to bleaching asshole

progress people!


I do not see the problem with this. A girl with a nice asshole is attractive regardless if you're into fucking it or not. No one likes a dirty asshole.



Did she tell you ?? Or is your relationship so great she tells you about her butthole in random convo?


>walking holes kvetch that their insecurities are because of men

no different than /pol/virgins claiming that everything is the fault of DUH JEWS, accept responsibility for once in your failure existence you pathetic sacks of shit


>I don't have to work out

>I'll just dye my hair and asshole and FEEL like a new me



you don't really get /pol/ do you


A woman's butt is like a man's butt. Shit comes out of both and only a faggot would fixate on it.



Bleached does not mean clean, or you think those that bleached hair stay clean without the need of washing it?

A woman does not get more attractive while wearing clothes just becouse her anus is bleahed underneath them.



Personal observation sounsdlike.




Only circumcised jew dicks want anal because they can't feel sensation as well as normal dicks. It's also why they're more likely to run after little boys and men.



Is it correct for an entire race to be judged by the actions of a few? No. Then who is at fault, various groups of people, some nazis, defending a historical monument, or (((you))) who labels, shames, and seeks to silence an entire race? White Nationalists aren't fucking anyone over, just because (((you))) spin a narrative out of it.



I think many (((White Nationalist))) leaders get anal bleaching.



Remind me who runs the banks again.

Oh and Zionism, tell me about how a Jewish ethnostate is unrelated to Jews.

/pol/ isn't entirely bullshit, sorry Mordecai.

Fuck banks.


>women regularly do retarded shit







It sounds like he understands /pol/ better than they understand themselves. A frustrated group of Nazi larpers.



Who have achieved more than you have ever done.



its like the pubic hair argument but more extreme

every man has different tastes and the societal norm is perpetuated via the judgement in sexual value of females by other females

just like how pubic hair has been taboo to shave or not shave throughout the last 4 centuries due to the flip flopping of womens view of possessing it as feminine vs not possessing it as somehow a blow to the system of patriarchy and vice versa

tl:dr women are insane and consumer capitalist societies rely on their insanity in order to keep profiting


How can I start an Anal Bleaching business? Make house calls?



>thick rim glasses

I fucking these so much. I want to walk up to every bitch who does this and go "Oh wow look at you wearing mommy's glasses!".



No, friendo. The butthole, whilst quite a lot tighter than the vag (at least the first few times) has far less sensation. You can do the same experiment on a lady with your finger or your dick: the butthole feels smooth, the pussyhole has ridges and far different musculature.


File: 1664814b654af04⋯.jpg (68.24 KB, 635x820, 127:164, 16e050467240b9172853531fba….jpg)


That would require you to step outside first, you fat disgusting neet.



I'm /fit/ so go fuck yourself incel



>don't they have something like a free will?

they're women so no


File: 1d71f8216e3435b⋯.png (1023.78 KB, 2560x4096, 5:8, anatomy & trauma.png)


> women who 'feel under pressure to look like porn stars'

*Facepalm* How foolish can people be? Female pornstars' anuses are rarely model examples considering the prevalence of destructive anoreceptive activities among them (whether they engage in such activities in commercial/public porn or not; many of them probably have or had receptive anal sex outside of porn – particularly if they escort). In some cases, I suspect, an abnormal pinkish coloration is not [only] due to bleaching: it could be a consequence of trauma (especially if there are other consistent deviations from the anatomical ideal) such as repeated or excessive abrasion.


> A girl with a nice asshole is attractive regardless if you're into fucking it or not.

It sounds as if you're suggesting that a nice anus makes a woman attractive without considering other features, which most certainly is not my viewpoint. There are women who have an unappealing face and/or other undesirable features with a nice anus. Also, a person's anus isn't likely to remain aesthetically-pleasing if it's abused (and it really doesn't take much given the fragility of the anorectal area).


Let this be a warning. Repeated anal trauma will permanently destroy your asshole. We are going to have an entire generation who lack bowel control before long. Invest in adult diaper stocks now.



>complain about oversexualisation, but encourage it by getting rid of slut-shaming


File: 77b9f35e665ea01⋯.jpg (230.67 KB, 1600x1062, 800:531, 1452002114265-4.jpg)

>Tfw only fuck redheads

>Tfw their buttholes are naturally as pink as easter candy.

Shitskin roasties can't even even.


Black hole looks dirty….matching complexion or pink looks nicer



By that logic every North American wants asshole.


Must be why /k/ loves anal, kek.


I love me some dark anus.


File: 7c3619ae3029696⋯.png (73.73 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 7c3619ae302969638ebb58b97d….png)


>achieved more than you have ever done

<call everyone cucks

<black sick in their heads, rent free

Whatever you say, /pol/.



I've heard men get this done too.


File: 0a1bddef439cb95⋯.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 643:820, 0a1.jpg)





you shills will never learn



In the near future, perhaps 2-5 years, women will have their anuses professionally photographed, then printed onto a fabric square medallion that they will wear around their necks to demonstrate their true beauty.

Shortly after that, they will upgrade it to a plastic 3D printed version, on an oval medallion, double life size. Some will have it 3d printed in bright colours to attract the eye of potential suitors, others will pay a little more to have it rendered in likelife colours from silicone.

Not long after this, silicone will become the norm, and it will be fabricated from compound materials, and made usable, so that suitors can place their finger inside the lifelike 3d printed silicone medallion locket anuses to test the feel of it.

Finger-probing a lady's anus locket will become a new form of standard greeting within 10 years, and due to women's right activism, it will become a universal greeting two years thereafter.

Some will begin to wear a second one made from precious materials, to show their status - while keeping the silcone version for social greetings. Once a year, the anus will be recast in a fresh mold, to ensure accuracy. This will become a legal requirement, similar to having a passport regularly renewed.

Coincidentally, within 15 years, passports will no longer have a photograph of the face - instead having a life size 3d printed silicone relief which can be probed at borders. Usually being compared with the neck medallion version, but 1 in 3 will be tested alongside the real living anus of the person for up to half an hour to prove identity. Finger-probing both simultaneously, often with a panel of several control judges and a robotic probe to check alongside the anus database.

Anal bleaching and tattooing will become the norm, piercings and anal wigs and hair implants too in a variety of colours and styles. Anal rejuvination and anal lifts, tightenings and even transplants will become a large part of the cosmetics industry, with the anal silicone and precious metal castings becoming the main industry of silicone valley and california as a "hole".



The human anus when closed at rest should resemble an anteroposterior slit surrounded by shallow, semi-symmetrical perianal skin folds. It is not uncommon for the perianal skin to be a different (typically darker) color from physiologic hyperpigmentation. Trauma, including sexual trauma, can result in externally-visible changes to the anatomy of the region and cause a variety of health problems.


> A woman's butt is like a man's butt. Shit comes out of both and only a faggot would fixate on it.

I disagree. Only with an actual biological woman can you fuck a nice, durable vagina while you stare at her cute, clean turdcutter. Also, there might be slight, visible anatomical differences between the male and female anus, particularly relating to the midline perineal raphe.

On the other hand, some people might fixate on stuffing/fucking/abusing another person's anus; the receptive person's sex could be less important in that case, or for other attractions such as scat, farting, the smell of poo, etc.



I wouldn’t have brought this up and you talked like a shitskin yourself but what you said is true. It’s a way to tell fake redheads from real ones and real blondes from fake ones also.



>Anal Bleaching


Tackling the issues that matter, eh?



Probably because most guys are into anal these days, women try to fit in to the trends. But to be fair, bleaching anything is fucking stupid (even your head hair). Just snip it a little and do basic maintenance, same with the bush. No need to go full bare. If a guy doesn't like hair find someone else who is okay with it. Easy.



Prophetic and startlingly accurate foretelling of a beautiful and rich future.



>tfw you like red heads

>you're /pol/ tier

>all you met were liberals

>no redhead right wing, virgin wife

Given how red hair is rare, you would expect them to be more against mass migration that would drive it to extinction.



You don't have to be into anal to see a woman's asshole. Have you never fucked a woman doggy-style before?

>MGTOW is as stupid as the sluts who are taking this procedure



>leftypol has fully stolen the rent free meme

>didn't even change it

oh man



Yes, North American men and Jews with cut dicks are more likely to request anal. This is known in literally the rest of the world. It's a sign of a butchered dick. Normal, Intact men are less likely to want to stick their dick in shit. It's why Muslims and Jews bugger so many little boys.



Like the /pol/ moderator?


File: 077f03f92d8e036⋯.jpg (347.08 KB, 1206x2378, 603:1189, 44.jpg)


>feel under pressure to look like porn stars

Men's fault, as usual. Never any honesty or accountability with these Western whores.


File: 343fe8d32ab6676⋯.png (22.82 KB, 500x292, 125:73, live fucking action.png)


In parts of Africa they have "chewing sticks" they get from certain trees; some of which have natural cleaning and whitening properties. With that being said, will these women shove long objects in their ass as well for such relative properties? Seems counterproductive to me.


File: fc68aa9d760cc70⋯.jpg (6.19 KB, 255x150, 17:10, ENOUGH.jpg)


>This same exact faggot posting this all over /v/

Left can't meme





By wanting to kill White people? Saving the White Race.



LOL. Actually the way the anus looks and the pussy is a critical indicator of genes.

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