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File: 5e75d4cae3983da⋯.png (994.76 KB, 1296x716, 324:179, Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at ….png)



The FBI plans to alert U.S. companies and the public about efforts by Russia or other nations to use disinformation and social media manipulation to interfere in upcoming elections, while being careful not to upset free speech and constitutional rights, a top law enforcement official said.

The direction that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “foreign influence" task force is heading could dramatically reshape the relationship between government and social media companies in order to address vulnerabilities that enabled Russia to meddle in the 2016 election.

“We’ve been reluctant in some instances to share the amount of information of what we know about what’s happening," said Jeffrey Tricoli, a top FBI official heading the task force. “You can’t stay with the same strategy if you think there needs to be changes. So going forward there’s going to be opportunities for us to share information in better ways.”





If facebook itself couldnt stop Trump despite all their efforts at manipulation, then obviously social media is not as critical as people say.



>FBI task force wants to expose something that doesn't exist


But God forbid they expose Jewish social media manipulation though.




or Chinese. we should mention Chinese propaganda in this push.


File: f0e5223178c6a73⋯.webm (2.49 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, f0e5223178c6a731c9ab9baaa….webm)


>FBI wants to influence websites to stifle content they don't like by calling it Russian propaganda

>“We’re not here to be the thought police. That’s obviously, clearly, not something that we would ever want to get into" - FBI


It's FBI that tried to influence the election by hiding Hillary's crimes. Fuck em



>if i ignore it maybe it will go away


File: 7d29bac089abb10⋯.jpg (29.88 KB, 585x560, 117:112, 7d29bac089abb104f75d994a26….jpg)

Russia is code word for /pol/. By shitposting and trolling social media, we singlehandedly changed the course of history.


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

shithole country tbh



I don't think you can ignore the FBI when they are banging down your door.

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