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File: d83ce49a34badf0⋯.png (1.06 MB, 948x627, 316:209, Credit - Twitter @womensme….png)



Texas is Republican, and many expect the next Governor to be Republican as well. But this time there is a percentage which will be important: the Hispanic turnout.

Back in 2016, that turnout was 40.5% of all registered voters. Yes, 40% of all registered voters in Texas were of Hispanic origin. Latino people are now some 39% of the state of Texas’s 28 million residents. Even though 43% of Texans are white, that is a big shift. the Hispanic population grew by over 60% since 2000.

Democrats know this statistic very well and combined with the fact that they know Democrats have not won a statewide race in Texas since 1994, they present a candidate that ticks all the boxes: Hispanic, Latino… and gay.

Bring on Ms. Lupe Valdez.


>gay spic politician

It is my educated guess that he will accept bribes in the form of buttfuckings.

<what's that pedro, you need a shorter sentence for murder? just fuck the governor mang and he will shorten it for you.



This is how the democrats won by bribing the illegal the welfare hence the white yanks wanted the welfare gone.



texas 100% gay. steers and


I wish Texas turns blue just to show cucks how retarded they are for ignoring demographics and immigration

they would probably still find a way to explain it away somehow or blame Trump


(((They))) planned this. Flood red states with liberals and minorities then they will steal the power away from good Christian White men.



So Greg Abbott again huh?


File: a53b5cfe935fcaa⋯.png (162.71 KB, 350x350, 1:1, youknowwho.png)


The longer the dick the shorter the sentence




I see you two failed reading comprehension.


>female beaner

Thats one thing


I don't think (((they))) even know what the fuck they're doing. Beaners and nogs are way more hostile to other races and gays than even white people. The only way this will work is if beans have been drinking all and I mean ALL the progressive koolaid which I doubt since they tend to only stand by a candidate for the gibs and then fuck off once they get it or if the gibs haven't been addressed they bitch until someone mentions it, the they fuck off. Kind of like when people show up to some school/pta fund raising function solely to stuff their pockets with cookies and free snacks. Of course there are a few of the college anchor babies with a green hair do but for the rest its get gibs, buy beans, get knocked up, pop a shitlette out to get more gibs for more beans.



And this is why there hasn't been a democrat winner state-wide in texas since 1994. If the beaners vote in democrats it now means more gibs, but war with it. With republicucks they get less gibs but no war or atleast as quickly.


shit imagine how easy life would be as a white male if you decided to tick all the boxes

>transgender into a gril without operation

>be gay so you fuck girls anyway

>listen to niggerrap and grow out dreads cause what the heck, you gotta be black to get a welfare cheque


>become governor



how can you even tell female spics from male spics, i honestly thought that thing in the OP was a male with makeup.



if their name is jesus theyre probably male

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