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File: 6df0cbbc30a40bf⋯.jpg (8.67 KB, 300x168, 25:14, detergent pods consumers u….jpg)



Detergents are made up of highly toxic ingredients in the pods that include ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, and polymers. Manufacturers have always expressed warnings about toddlers mistakenly ingesting them, but strangely teens are deliberately popping them on their mouths for the purpose of posting videos online.

Teenagers have been posting videos showing them chewing and gagging on the small, colorful detergent pods and daring others to follow suit. Some social media users show themselves cooking the pods before eating them.



Natural selection at its finest.



>Detergents are made up of highly toxic ingredients

So does nearly every "food" in the store.



does ➡ is


>misunderstanding tumblr's forbidden fruit meme

Did you lift this from your hick town's local news?

You couldn't be more out of touch you pathetic rube.


File: a996e39b1500056⋯.png (445.85 KB, 523x447, 523:447, tide_bite01.png)

File: 4775cc47b21bf84⋯.png (239.38 KB, 349x318, 349:318, tide_bite02.png)


>Teens Are "Eating" Detergent

I thought this was just a misinformed/clickbait title, but the video show kids clearly actually biting into them.



We can turn this into our favor, this trend needs to be promoted WORLDWIDE, most thirdworld countries have access to these packages and by following it they will willingly jump right into their own demise.


I hope they die. Natural selection.



And content cop thought he destroyed ricegum


where are some actual videos of these retards eating detergent?



When did humanity become this stupid?



Always. There just wasn't many, or any, ways to record it. I mean, if humans were, at any time, always that smart, then why did it take them so long to learn how to record their own "achievements?"

>He doesn't know these morons are the peak of human existence (as a whole.)

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha.




Geeee I wonder who's starting these "challenges"



When I was growing up, my peers had a little more common sense I think.




You are wrong good sir.


in my day, we did drugs, and didnt eat soap


This reminds me of that challenge where /b/ trolled black people on facebook into pouring lighter fluid on themselves and setting themselves on fire. Hundreds did it, and many were scarred for life.






Nah, Justin Bieber is pretty based. I was disappointed when he got caught with weed though, he was always so good with upholding decent morals.



I think the green/blue one is for dishwashers, which use different chemicals.



We blew stuff up with fireworks and set shit on fire, so I can't say we were smarter or safer, but at least the stupid shit we did was fun.


This should be encouraged tbh



I don't know where you're from, but back in the day, if we caught wind of some dumbass eating laundry detergent for attention, we'd laugh and call them a faggot for the rest of their days. Social media has dropped self-awareness levels to almost zero.


I wonder when drinking bleach will take off


File: 2c5194eb363ae8a⋯.gif (377.05 KB, 500x504, 125:126, 2c5194eb363ae8a3a40d14aa41….gif)

If they want some real attention then I highly suggest drinking ammonia mixed with lighter fluid.

If they're this stupid then why not level up instead being pussies


File: 4dcb2313de979f2⋯.png (34.52 KB, 408x450, 68:75, 1507327011951.png)


File: a65e61c8be7aa67⋯.gif (1.41 MB, 350x272, 175:136, 1501513096677.gif)





It has and that's why it needs to die.


File: f04fc371457a106⋯.gif (91.1 KB, 160x120, 4:3, 1510656336300.gif)

Hey kids! It goes down easier if you chug some bleach.

Also, bareback gay anal sex is cool. But don't forget to smoke some crack first!




>retards that pay attention to social media do retarded shit



File: fbe0bc6fa6f857b⋯.jpg (1.47 MB, 1191x1670, 1191:1670, 1513822656983.jpg)


This wasn't a prank by the hacker known as 4 chan?


File: c5a733c233d9f1f⋯.png (553.22 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, d30753cddec877244d9f76436b….png)

>people online make jokes about tide pods being the "forbidden fruit" and delicious

>idiot teenagers thought they were being serious


File: 2fc174ccef4104f⋯.jpg (241.32 KB, 998x970, 499:485, -0987654321qwasdxfcgvhbnhj….jpg)

Guess that's where pic related came from


Play stupid games…



>So does nearly every "food" in the store.

This is a hypothesis, but an unsupported hypothesis that we can rule out fairly quickly



Better blame it on DRUMPF



Life finds a way.


The sign of an Empire in decline. Tragic.



Pewdiepie did.



its like when butt chugging or eyeballing liquor was fad. when i was a teenager I knew nobody who did these things but i did know people who chugged mouthwash and rubbing alcohol. fiddget spinners are a fad. eating tide pods is practiced by like 3 idiots who make into the news and a few youtubers looking for those mad ad revenue bux. more dementia patients die from eating tide pods than kids anyway



>pathetic rube

Being in touch with Tumblr trends is far more pathetic than being out of touch with them. A lot of people acting like retards doesn't magically make it okay to be a retard.



But there was always that one guy who knew this one kid a couple towns over who did this kind of shit on a dare, or for five bucks. And you would deny this, not believing somebody could be that stupid. The only difference is now the This One Kids of the world have video evidence documenting their idiocy.



anyone died from it yet?

please post win on this


Keep in mind that these cognitively underdeveloped individuals are the ones that older perverts want to make babies with and otherwise engage in relationships with under justification of them being "old enough" or "adult enough" while pretending that they do not have higher tendencies to succumb to influence, peer pressure. or generally make bad decisions.



Pedos should be shot in the head.



Shalom fellow travler.

How was your Shabbat?




Aleikhem shalom.

My Sabbat was peaceful.



i say we eliminate all these soyboys in this manner.



As a dirty thirdworlder I can tell you that we are somewhat aware of the fad and all of our shitkids are making fun out of "first world problems"






Kys fag


File: 2fb7c29b16ad8d2⋯.mp4 (1.9 MB, 480x360, 4:3, The state of leftypol_2.mp4)




File: 0b408175b29b107⋯.gif (5 MB, 333x250, 333:250, IMG_1709.GIF)



Better yet, ammonia mixed with brake fluid. That's a winning combination, right there. BLOW IT ALL UP


File: 041e1558985c00f⋯.jpg (735.38 KB, 900x1886, 450:943, 2018-01-15-tide-pods.jpg)


File: b74c36b638c4f41⋯.jpg (45.86 KB, 600x907, 600:907, eeb.jpg)



>~4000 BC

>God tells humans not to eat something but they do it anyways and die


>Tide tells humans not to eat something but they do it anyways and die



I want to fuck a tide pod.



How long until vore porn is made of her?



t. Star Wars fansoyboy


File: 72e43fb8de23c6a⋯.jpg (81.82 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Portal_Hidden_Room.jpg)


The blue and orange Tide pod looks like the crosshair in Portal.

HL3 confirmed


>implying this isn't just another psyop so niggers and the like can circlejerk over "dum white ppl lmao!!!!"


i hope i don't get quads in a shitty tidepod thread

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