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File: 2ccb2e437f5c331⋯.jpg (2.45 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, dreamstime_m_64037551.jpg)



Facebook-owned Instagram blocked the Instagram posts related to Russian journalist Alexi Navalry and his investigation of Russian government corruption.

The move follows the Russian government’s demand that Navalry’s content on Youtube and Instagram be deleted.

Kremlin is furious over a February 8 video by Navalry that suggests a corrupt relationship between Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko and oligarch, Oleg Deripaska. Navalry showed that Deripaska hosted Prikhodko and at least one high-end escort on his yacht in 2016. Putin is obviously not amused with the image of escorts, oligarchs, and government officials hobnobbing together and destroying Putin’s carefully crafted “moral leadership.”

Critics of such move by Instagram feel that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg must be held accountable for the censorship on Navalry especially given Zuckerberg’s self-projection of being an education and free speech advocate.

An opinion piece by The Washington Examiner even calls Zuckerberg’s latest betrayal of Navalry as “adding another feather to his fake news cap.” This after Zuckerberg has come under congressional pressure for his limited efforts to remove Kremlin trolls from his platforms. Zuckerberg defended such limited action on the part of Facebook with the alibi that removing content would represent an unacceptable affront to freedom of expression.


Wtf I love (((Zuckerberg))) now


Well they're all part of one zog machine anyway


he looks (((irish)))


File: 8ab00494b3747b0⋯.webm (3.61 MB, 270x478, 135:239, 8ab00494b3747b04ebe7f767a….webm)

WTF I love (((racemixing))) now

I support Zuckerberg


Facebook complies with the censorship policies of the countries it operates within. This affects Israel, Egypt, Turkey, and Russia amongst others.

Just don't use it.


Proof that Jewtin is liked

Though Navanly is probably even worse tbh







Sorry to reply to all posts in the thread, but none of you Anons seem to understand whats happening. Zuckerberg is specifically blocking the Instagram posts related to Navalry's investigations of Russian government corruption, namely that between Deputy PM Prikhodko and oligarch (((Oleg Deripaska))). After Yeltsin (first Russian president) left the throne (then died shortly after) and Putin came into power, many of Yeltsins Jewish oligarchs opposed Putin and vice versa. The NWO might want Navalry in power, but weighing between the pros and cons, its better for them to support the maintenance of the couple of ties they currently have with Putin then virtue signal in this case.



oh boy the piss water


We need to make Zuckerburg legally responsible for everything that happens on facebook.

Everyone who gets scammed, Zuckerburg should pay back the money.

He should do jail time for every drug deal arranged on facebook.

And he should be kicked in the balls every time someone the wrong pronoun.



>Yeltsin (first Russian president)

installed by Americans

made (((oligarchy))) possible in the first place


Zuckerberg isn't going to be nominated for shit. Give me a break. He has the personality of a dead moth. He cannot identity or give false empathy to anyone or anything. Beside an Android, maybe.


File: b6d36dc91311c2e⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 661x501, 661:501, b6d36dc91311c2e80694a2948c….jpg)


He is evolving though.


You might think Facebook and Alphabet are US companies, but you are wrong. They are multinational conglomerates with a duty to respect the laws of the countries in which they operate.



Libshits don't want "personality". Throughout the entirety of the GOP debates all they were doing was bitching about "rhetoric".

>It's all rhetoric man

>they don't talk about the policies at all

>this rhetoric smh



>shekelberg potentially running for office

>while holding a virtual monopoly over social media

Anything is possible now in our brave new world but once upon a time this would've been considered a significant conflict of interest


I'll laugh hard af if he successfully runs for president by being openly pro-Russia.



Uh oh guys, he misspelled jews, looks like they're completely innocent after all!



It must burn you faggots to know that /pol/ is always right.



The NWO doesn't want Navalny in power. Putin, the son of a certain (((Maria Shalomovna))) is /theirguy/

Why the fuck would they want someone who wants to stop Russia from being a shitty, paralyzed oil-colony whose citizens are slaves? No. Everything is perfect for them as it is, Russia already sells cheap resources to the west, it's all bark but no bite, too weak to fight a WW3 but scary enough to be a boogieman to scare westerner goys with. Russians also have their own brand of cultural Marxism, it's not the same feminist shit you have in the west but it's equally degenerate in different ways, drug abuse and alcoholism rates for example, and not to mention the HIV epidemics in some cities.



stay mad, kike


>NWO really wants the guy they've been shilling against for years

must be 4d chess



>/pol/ is always right

an easy enough thing to be when you pick and choose what you consider a valid sauce of evidence as much as /pol/ does


>if you have a problem with me obsessing over jews you're a jew

>nobody could possibly just be sick of my shit and wishing I'd shut the fuck up

your lack of social awareness strongly suggests autism



I never should have said that the NWO wanted Navalny in power. What I should have said is they don't want Putin in power. I thank you for bringing something to my attention. Navalny is anti-corruption and pro-democracy, but the people he's called out for corruption are very often of a (((specific heritage))), and he is proponent of democratic nationalism, being against liberals and immigration.. I think you're right, (((they))) don't want Navalny in power either. However, I'll stick by my view that Putin isn't the worst possible president for Russia, because while he's never so aggressive as to get the rest of the world to invade Russia and execute him like they've done with many prior world leaders, he usually is anti-West and anti-Zionist in policy, like with Syria and Iran, which he would never support if he were totally /theirguy/.



Also, I'm pretty sure his mom is and was a Christian. She worked as a factory worker in Leningrad, doesn't sound like an elite to me.



stay mad, kike


File: 145142920ac6532⋯.gif (956.79 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 145142920ac6532bc94c0c54ec….gif)




Please let some meme faggot run for 2020, like Oprah, or Cuckerberg. It would be a piece of cake to defeat those goofballs.


File: 376d5473592659f⋯.jpg (37.67 KB, 599x449, 599:449, 376d5473592659fbb5a7b52603….jpg)


If Trump wasn't POTUS this would be a believable statement.



the fact that he holds control over social media will be what kills him if he runs. No one wants someone with that much power over society to sit in the White House.



Please get the fuck out you detestable faggot.



Don't encourage him. He gets off on disrupting news readers and pissing off normal people.



Ahh..you're right. Sorry about that. Yeah i should ignore someone so pitiful.



Personally I can't think of anyone who could be worse for Russia than Putin besides maybe the Soviet dictators of the past but fine, whatever.


kek, if I had "Shalom" anywhere near my name I would have jumped in the oven already, if not used my Jewish wealth and influences to start right wing organizations around the world and betray my own (((kind))).

Also, lots of Jews in Russia are Orthodox Christians, religion is really no big deal for them.


I would love to see this twink try to run against President Trump in 2020…he will be fucking destroyed.



Low-effort spam

Low-effort spam

Low-effort spam

eh that's all I got.


How is this shit still at the top of "Latest News?"

Maybe it is a false flag promoted by "JIM WATKINS" kek


this people can't even write "Navalny" properly…

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