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File: 7ebad6ddf1e0f59⋯.png (318.03 KB, 486x349, 486:349, Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at ….png)



A total of 21 people have received medical treatment after falling ill following the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, police have said.

Kier Pritchard, temporary Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, said a number of people were taken to hospital after exposure to the nerve agent which has left Mr Skripal and his daughter Yulia fighting for life.

Several of the force’s officers are among those who have been treated, he said.


File: 50543435af581cd⋯.gif (324.12 KB, 500x270, 50:27, f-p.gif)




Why would putin kill his own in a foreign country during Russian Elections?

Russian airplanes Crashing….. Hmmm….

I hope Britain turns Sharia, they deserve it.



Eat shit steppe nigger



are you the white meet up spammer?


File: 2955146c0583689⋯.jpg (80.86 KB, 824x579, 824:579, 2955146c058368940394ce0002….jpg)


Same reason Lenin and Stalin did it, he's afraid.



ikr. russia had this guy locked up for years before there was a transfer of prisoners. why not just off him when they had him locked up in their own country in stead of risking diplomatic meltdown in the west years later when everything is being blamed on you?


File: 90b387886e648d1⋯.jpg (212.46 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, 1450154474001.jpg)





Britain had him returned in a prisoner exchange, and that was roughly ten years ago. By your ass-backwards logic there's no reason for the UK to have killed him either, since he was their spy.



there was a very good reason to have him killed

to keep (((their))) muh rhussia narrative going



calm down, chaim. don't you have shekels to count and foreskins to devour?



>By your ass-backwards logic there's no reason for the UK to have killed him either, since he was their spy.

Pretty sure he never claimed that anywhere in his post. If anything, this is your ass-backwards logic inserting words into his mouth.


File: 40dd1530b2df52d⋯.png (70.42 KB, 154x326, 77:163, Judgemental Cockatrice.png)


Jewtin killed him; note the threats on state TV yesterday and the shameless shilling in any thread about it - all whataboutism and deflection.


File: 6141b0eaaea3a89⋯.gif (2.49 MB, 213x337, 213:337, 34troek.gif)




File: a81776542c4bbee⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 550x554, 275:277, JewRat.jpg)



How about all those deaths of former Russian nationals living in Britain since the late 2000's? Kinda strange that they all had personal grudges against Putin and his government - almost coincidental, even!

I mean, it's not like Kremlin TV didn't outright say "traitors shouldn't live in Britain because of the strange weather causing people to fall over dead :^)" or anything, right? That would just be silly!



>defending traitors



>Moving goalposts

>Willfully misinterpreting

>Strawman bullshit

Observe the Russian shill in its natural habitat! Can't contest the point? Pretend he said something else! Who cares about logic and common sense anyway!



They did it in an obvious way to send a message to any other would-be traitors, just as they always do when they kill political opponents and journalists who oppose them. It's all about intimidate. God, you are clueless. Please unplug from teh internet and never come back.



>logic and common sense

lol cuck


>teh internet




You do a better job discrediting your own position than I could ever hope to Ivan. Cheers.



no need to do that, comrade. the usual sloppy, inept actions of putin's goons do that all by itself. they couldn't even poison this guy properly, lel



is your space bar broken or something?






>except when I use it



My spacebar could be the savior's severed pinky, it doesn't change how the Kremlin killed Sergei to make a point because Putin's ego is sore about losing the infowar and his "mercenaries" were killed to a man in Syria.




lol you already lost, kike



Who said anything about ISIS, Ivan? I know you're dead drunk and can't keep your lips off your sister's tit, but at least try to read.


File: b5ce21ff74584ae⋯.jpg (71.03 KB, 910x600, 91:60, tfw can't mossad the assad.jpg)


that's not a nice thing to say about (((your))) mercenaries after they fought for (((You)))



>Russia is based! Russia is perfect! Russia is not fighting a proxy-war with America in Syria!

Whatever you've got to tell yourself.





paid your rent yet?



Pick any source you like faggot, there's plenty of news articles about these "mercenaries," even in Russian media. Eventually you're going to run out of logical fallacies to pull.



>there is tons of sources but I always post the same one

pay your rent before they kick you out



Daily reminder that Russians are thin skinned snow niggers who can't handle the bantz.



>literally every neocohen rag on the planet




How about you take on some burden of proof then Ivan? I'm waiting.




The saddest thing is that (((Putin))) doesn't even recognize or honor these fallen soldiers who died in service to him. They are simply buried and a small payment to the families who are too terrified to complain.

But what do you expect from a (((Kremlin))) commie?


Hooktube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Here's a Russian based "news" source (((RT))) showing off Russia's latest, cutting edge military hardware.

Remember, Putin claims Russia is "invincible" lel



seems to be making certain other group of (((semites))) pretty fucking butthurt as this thread proves



>says the butthurt faggot who always sages his 1000 posts in every >muh rhussia thread

stay mad, cuck


File: 196ef689cf0c5e2⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1740x1200, 29:20, 196ef689cf0c5e25c6729ce94f….png)


triggered kike detected

the Assad family will rule Syria long after your snipdick is rotting in the ground



>Sage is a downboat

>let me post another pic from my butthurt folder

post some chicken, cuck


File: 2b1e8b8e03dfac6⋯.jpg (329.17 KB, 750x590, 75:59, 2b1e8b8e03dfac63854d108fba….jpg)


stay triggered



>gets triggered


empty your butthurt folder cuck. let the tears flow


File: 32a8b6de65f13d4⋯.jpg (39.45 KB, 478x606, 239:303, 32a8b6de65f13d4906acbe403f….jpg)


one holocaust wasn't enough

but don't worry…



<i monitor every rhussia post because i literally have no life

>he does it for free


File: 60ff1c6a148a6be⋯.jpg (76.63 KB, 182x233, 182:233, 60ff1c6a148a6bedea9857df34….jpg)





your fingers must get tired from all the work you need to do posting dank memes from your damage control folder trying to hide your tears


File: 8344f79a0ff62f0⋯.png (111.69 KB, 640x600, 16:15, 8344f79a0ff62f0f67857dde44….png)





post chicken, soyboy


File: 86c053a860648a3⋯.jpg (230.08 KB, 1024x1536, 2:3, 1471830068149.jpg)





they taught you all the words but not really when or how to use them




let's see how many pics you bothered to saved in your butthurt folder that you dump every time you get triggered by >muh rhussia threads, cuck


File: 0048dfe2cc10792⋯.jpg (44.14 KB, 331x500, 331:500, dc2df9dc965df8787e139dc1a0….jpg)


you seem pretty inbred even by jewish standards



it's fun making you work so hard, but i'm sure in your mind, you're "winning" lel


File: 3d52877ca659fae⋯.png (680.12 KB, 1380x1600, 69:80, 93ec0eb9d5ca25981095ec27e0….png)


this is what you consider winning?

maybe jews aren't so smart after all



have another bump and post some more butthurt, cuck


dubs says your a projecting kike


File: 494f2c92a9c1821⋯.jpg (68.17 KB, 576x576, 1:1, Null.jpg)

Here's a friendly reminder that, to the shill, the only things that matter in a thread are what you see when you open it at the header (IE, the first few posts,) and what you see when you scroll down to the current conversation.

Always maintain your perspective if you must respond to shills, because what they want is an unattractive mess of a thread that distracts from the subject at hand and discourages further input from anons who aren't already heated. Fight shitflinging with reasoned arguments (or at least targeted shitposting) - force the topic of conversation back onto Russia and Sergei; like a gentleman, the shill's personal attacks should run off you like water.

It's also worth noting that on a board like this without IDs, that the shill can simply resort to arguing with himself to achieve the desired effect. Be wary of endless strings of ad-hominem, even autists get bored of going in circles.



tl;dr lel


File: 5db9f480fae65fc⋯.png (115.46 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1374394139077.png)

>when the goyim don't believe you


Quick, someone post a new anti-Putin thread on /n/ and /please report me/

let's keep this Jewtin bot busy



ha! /j e w s p l u s/ is (((word filtered)))


File: bdb03f9d7019e64⋯.gif (2.14 MB, 397x307, 397:307, aea5db0b4f5e7eea71196d481b….gif)


you're all alone here, jewboy



get to work, cuck




>When you're so rump-roasted about conflicting opinions that you turn military weaponry on ex-patriots.

Just second-world things.



>100% kosher first post


>durr I ded knot reed de thred



>pointing out hypocrisy is a "whataboutism"

who invented this one? shareblue?



>muh shareblue



it is, you're supposed to attack the argument and not deflect to another expecting the guy to argue about that instead. whataboutism to the left is what concern trolling is to the right


File: 84d63bbfe611043⋯.jpg (65.53 KB, 350x350, 1:1, 84d63bbfe611043dfc81d263c8….jpg)


>I hope Britain turns Sharia, they deserve it.

Have some m*slim repellant.



Fuck off kike shill. We aren't fighting your wars.



>fighting (((America)))


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