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File: b226f9ff31c6a74⋯.jpg (2.06 MB, 2134x1404, 1067:702, dreamstime_m_29011392.jpg)



President Donald Trump declares that he wants the death penalty for drug dealers.

The President praised the efforts of other countries for imposing the death penalty or life in prison for drug dealers on Saturday, and said he wants the same for the U.S. He thinks it’s time for the idea to be considered, at the very least. He added: “I think it’s a discussion we have to start thinking about. I don’t know if we’re ready- I don’t know if this country’s ready for it.”

Trump issued the statement during a campaign rally for Republican congressional candidate Rick Saccone.

To further his argument, Trump drew a comparison between those who get the death penalty for shootings and stabbings of “just one person “compared to the thousands of fatalities of drugs.

Trump said: “Someone can kill 5,000 people with drugs because you are smuggling them in and you’re making a lot of money and people are dying.” He emphasized that those involved in drug dealing go “without serious punishment.”


Guess he took a note from Duterte. Good!


Good. Hopefully it'll be fast I'm talking about the sentencing




File: 89e08b1566acab5⋯.jpg (54.53 KB, 577x461, 577:461, 63f3e217b9f76e38319b8587e4….jpg)

>Wasting the government's money executing drug dealers in order to protect drug users

>Not saving money and improving the gene pool letting them all kill themselves by doing drugs



how racist can you get??


Good. Any wetback who wants to finance his immigration plans by jamming a few bags up his colon can now be killed


>paying for a single federal round under a USD

>paying for a rehabilitation program that costs thousands in the end.

You're autism levels are out of control, might I suggest biting a shotgun shell?



>death penalty for drug dealers

Does that include the CIA?


>Trump following Duterte

Hopefully he'll apply the same penalty to his kid for smuggling too.






File: 52a08742268e499⋯.png (1.76 MB, 1676x937, 1676:937, 52a08742268e49913c627ab370….png)

Its about time a president took on big pharma



There is a lot in common between you lefty types and the far right. we both want the same things in many ways. We hate capitalism too just so you know.

We want to keep our nations segregated by race and religious beliefs when possible, stay armed in order to protect from tyranny, put the power back in the hands of the people, ect.

Everyone in /pol/ would love to see the leaders of the pharmaceutical industry be put into death camps or something, they flood our streets with opiates to kill the willpower of the people.


they should kill the government for killing so many people too

this is fucking dumb. no one forces shithead teens to take drugs but themselves.




So he thinks the guy who sells me cannabis to to alleviate pain from severe nerve damage should get death penalty? And instead I should go to (((doctors))) and get life threatening opioids, instead? Good plan, you dumb buffoon.



>Trump Wants Death Penalty for Drug Dealers

For all of you invertebrates out there it means:

Trump Wants Death Penalty for CIA shadowstate criminals



>We hate capitalism too

Stop pretending to be part of the right you faggot.


File: 317a2bbeec6eae9⋯.jpg (176.22 KB, 896x767, 896:767, 1308972709496.jpg)


Adolf Hitler was totally a lefty guys. The only true right wingers are neo-cons and libertarians.


File: df6e7787ad47c88⋯.png (475.41 KB, 1280x521, 1280:521, juden5.png)


The difference between Adolf Hitler and modern leftists is that Adolf Hitler cared about his countrymen and his race's well-being.



>what are side effects of wide spread drug use

maybe if you haven't swallowed the (((individualism))) pill you'd understand something



What intrinsic mechanisms does capitalism have that prevents kikes from gaining power?


>>156752 Wishful thinking Yes.

there are 2 problems here.

>Death Sentence for selling a hit or 2 of Weed? Yhe Drugs are bad, but Meth Heroin crack and Desighner Drugs should be in a class of their own.

>What happens to a buyer who buys a 5-10 bag of weed on a Friday/Saturday, will the repercussions be similar to a Death Penalty? Yes I would Support a death sentence but, What Next Shooting Squads for Nicotine abuse?

Yes We should address the Drug Problem in USA…. but common now….



kike detected

to avoid this (((slippery slope))) bs just kill everyone

problem solved


>>156815 instead of building on the subject with "What about Legal Medication"

Some one decides to derail from a Subject responsible for responsible Who knows how much death and suffering.



>death and suffering

someone forced them to deal/do drugs?

I've managed my whole life not doing either



Is it the God of the Bibles wish for Trump to execute drug dealers?


Why stop at drug dealers?

Why not just execute everybody?


Execute people for traffic infractions also.


Execute people for being late to work also.


Execute people who have large dogs also.


Execute people that don't have a High School diploma also.


Execute people for gardening also.


Execute people that want to drink water also.


File: a1099d414e05a88⋯.jpg (74.97 KB, 908x498, 454:249, (you).jpg)


Execute people that have more than 1 child also.




Execute dumb Anons for being stupid also.


Execute people that drive slower than others also.


Execute people from blue states also.


Then execute people from red states.




File: 24e8beb67315794⋯.jpg (109.69 KB, 750x522, 125:87, Denver3.jpg)

Get in line slaves!


File: 851c646c477f3d9⋯.jpg (16.5 KB, 259x160, 259:160, oc.jpg)

Obama's 3rd term.


File: bad44bd6d2b2e67⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 300x174, 50:29, ch.jpg)

Breath deep you dumb ass communists.





>hurrdurr you want to execute drug dealers? what about all these other people no one mentioned?

could you be anymore of a kike



>wanting execute anyone but white people for being white


File: 10547f3829a0b9b⋯.jpg (21.12 KB, 662x304, 331:152, 616dbf734b7e75a6ce380b6617….jpg)

Where you go one you go all!



>everyone deals drugs


File: 6da79df09f4763d⋯.png (904.69 KB, 654x484, 327:242, Trumps Wall.png)

Execute those who pass through Trumps wall.


File: 9e529d73eebfadb⋯.png (57.6 KB, 610x531, 610:531, e3c876bf9aaa89191e795aa2c3….png)

Would you communists like a ride?




>implying this is a bad idea



yes, but if the penalty for doing so is death they might think twice



"Just say no".



Yea, let's just give the state even more power to fuck us over. Get your drugs from (((doctors))) only.



Wait and see…Day of the rope is here….Degenerates BTFO




Anybody who thinks executing drug dealers is even remotely considerable should first be executed to see how they like it.



>not doing illegal drugs must mean you're on pharmaceuticals

how fucking weak are you?


Execute Anon's.

IP's right to the door, dragged out in public and executed.


Execute people for consuming liquor.


Execute people for failing to mow the lawn in a timely manner.





why are you so desperately defending drug dealers?


File: 9a9db190e361358⋯.jpg (3.97 KB, 221x160, 221:160, th (7).jpg)

Follow Q to your own execution.


Execute neighbors you don't like.


Execute people for living in houses that need to be painted.




countries where the penalty for doing/selling drugs is death don't have a drug problem

prove me wrong


that isnt enough, what needs to happen is police officer takes the gun and shoots them right there on the street



good idea


Anon's = communists on crack.



>only a communist would be against the destructive effects of drugs


Execute the unborn.

Whoops, you're already doing that.



prove me wrong

do it


You stupid cock suckers don't even know who is bringing the drugs in that you want executions for do you?

So if the Gov is bring the drugs in and they have you fooled into executing yourself for selling their drugs then you are actually as stupid as dirt.

Fuckin retards actually.



how retarded do you have to be to get "fooled" into selling drugs


Gov = #1 drug dealer.

Crack head Anon's.



You guys aren't "fooled", you're stupid. Note the difference.



I have a peaceful solution to Make Peace between Lefty wannabe G's and everybody else.

Blame the Russians for the Influx of Hard Narcotics, Blame the Russians for the Homegrown Legal Painkiller Epidemic and Lets Just avoid thinking about it, Dont think about about.



if you're that stupid then maybe you deserve to get executed



Execute yourself cock sucker!





File: b015c6a33cbeacb⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 480x255, 32:17, e0d0010a2333999fadacc5e7ff….jpg)


File: 2148c3bfebda7fd⋯.jpg (808.15 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 1387655573793.jpg)


thats why jews wanted him gone. he turned their social weapon (communism) into something that could work by making it race/culture based, which works naturally since most humans are tribal beings at their core.

even most conservatives, libertarians, and neocons that hate welfare programs wouldnt mind it half as much if they knew it was only going to go to help "people like them"

but communists are never willing to compromise this ideal (to them) because subversion is the main purpose of jewish communism/socialism, not to create an economic system that works and largely benefits everyone.



ahahah, all the fucking groups that milk cash out of self-hating guilt ridden white people to prolong death sentences like 7 years have a thing to say about that.



>Hitler's "socialism" is the same thing as (((socialism)))

Go back to >>>/leftycuck/


File: e0c9d14db626f22⋯.png (196.37 KB, 1355x1127, 1355:1127, Capture _2018-02-04-06-03-….png)


>I don't have a problem

>YOU have the problem!


File: 37a7ca14333b1fb⋯.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot (20).png)


Here is one of the Problems, You think He doesn't know what He is doing? Pushing all sorts of experiments upon Americans, Whites Suffer the Most, This Nigger Doesn't know exactly what he is doing? It all Just a big Missunderdanding? an accident.

Make No mistake the Niggers Trully hate Whites This is Why we must Trully plan and plot an endgame against the Nigger…I am dead Serious.

We Must have a plan to take them out before it gets to the point of no return.







>muh (((individualism)))

drugs destroy families and communities (even entire nations)

nothing ever just affects one person, you selfish fucking retard



Reading Hitler is a prerequisite for posting on this board. Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin. You should read the Protocols as well if you think that The Far Right is Capitalist.



>> and the far right

There is no such thing. There is Libertarianism, Nationalism, Ethno-Nationalism or Identitarism, Traditionalism, christian and maybe other forms of Conservativism, etc. and there a stupid fools who think Hitler was a smart guy and should be followed.



Hitler accomplished more than any conservative in the west ever has and now they don't even exist anymore


I’m ok with this.


Trump is a liberal. Q is his Jew boy indoctrinate for the Jew World Order.


Who is Trumps Jew World Order going to attack next and what rights will he take from you for attacking you?


I heard there's a new country music festival in Vegas coming up soon are you going to attend?


I heard country music kills.



Can we please do this? Those asshole buy them knowing they can be heard on the otherside of the neighborhood.


Saw a mentally retarded liberal (like all liberals) protesting with a sign that says, "Stop killing Alligators to make Gatorade".

I rest my case.



We could execute you for swearing or just for being a ignorant communist.


Execute the executioner.


File: 26b9afba425adf0⋯.jpg (71.9 KB, 596x768, 149:192, 28167673_2134427283510142_….jpg)

Note to stupid Anon's.


File: a94b82a0619acbf⋯.png (343.6 KB, 612x415, 612:415, d5cab00252cd9caad0aeeb459a….png)

Stupid Anon's please read this.


File: f607ea2b17b9ede⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e35bbebad14149e7427bd94e11….jpg)




>killing drug dealers

learn what word mean before your next post


File: b6ba344783f62f2⋯.jpg (122.43 KB, 960x937, 960:937, 45c2b68201aa4b675f34b27845….jpg)



Illiterate communist!


File: 30fb621d60aa1fe⋯.jpg (226.05 KB, 636x587, 636:587, 30fb621d60aa1fe3d40d66756a….jpg)


File: f5ac29805a3eca3⋯.jpg (21.04 KB, 230x255, 46:51, 05531c0902b89e878b869fa046….jpg)


File: a564ab324148b53⋯.jpg (16.7 KB, 255x190, 51:38, ea94a430e9a6755167ad11e77b….jpg)


File: cf6e42843080750⋯.jpg (67.2 KB, 917x960, 917:960, 27867319_10216011599903263….jpg)

Stock butt fuckers.


File: 5adbe3d074ef933⋯.jpg (16.98 KB, 255x249, 85:83, 69e6653e3b0bde9b04c783d98d….jpg)

5:00 o'clock shadow and yes, a butt fucker.


File: 3291425f4837323⋯.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x274, 250:137, bc66526f50fb54a8d2949bfd7f….jpg)



File: 726909be838ed23⋯.png (432.93 KB, 317x635, 317:635, Screenshot-2018-2-20 Democ….png)

Q, is that you?


File: ac7aae44fd850f6⋯.jpg (179.04 KB, 1200x1146, 200:191, ac7aae44fd850f6afac2e40568….jpg)


File: 7884d943f1dcef9⋯.png (269.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 700471c9625e3b01054b0af0b1….png)


File: 0e703f3b72ec89f⋯.jpg (11.77 KB, 255x191, 255:191, bad23e3c0a03d0d7d972d29300….jpg)



>Drug Dealers

So niggers and wetbacks.


File: 5ac99f48f896d6c⋯.jpg (144.75 KB, 768x448, 12:7, ed41642140e17edc5367b1021e….jpg)

Wake up retards.


File: 2a51c94d2f36288⋯.jpg (136.76 KB, 823x1200, 823:1200, 2a51c94d2f3628801ae2e8854f….jpg)


File: 7884d943f1dcef9⋯.png (269.06 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 700471c9625e3b01054b0af0b1….png)


File: 536ec4b582cf2f2⋯.jpg (13.77 KB, 216x255, 72:85, e2711dec9fc3cb656522b28e59….jpg)


Go ahead and give up your guns (surrender) and see why they want them.


on the verge of legalizing marijuana across the country, the multi-billion dollar ATF and related policing industries have been pushing trump to get hard on drug dealers (again, because, what, it's worked so well in the past?) they're just trying to make sure that the funding keeps up just when it seems they're all about to lose their jobs.


how did this thread get derailed by shooting conspiracy nuts with their tiny low-res photos as "proof" of their stupiditiy?



Another illiterate communist.



when has the government ever been hard on drug dealers?

>hurrdurr the tv called it a "war on drugs" so that's what it was



>UN to preempt national laws on gun ownership



>when has the government ever been hard on drug dealers?

every time they put away someone who sold or smoked pot.



>putting away

call me when they are getting killed where they stand

that's war



Right on dude!



Source = UN you fucking retarded communist!!!! and fuck you cock sucker faggot bitch!!!!

Eat shit and die motherfucker!!!!


Not all but most of you Anon's are mentally retarded to the point it's like hanging out with Jerry's kids. You're (not all) just plain stupid beyond ignorant, stupid as fucking dirt. Low IQ worthless slaves. Q followers in fact.


"source" that retards!


File: 36bbb1c71b89aba⋯.jpg (15.49 KB, 232x255, 232:255, 1bf175f87b9fed3adf809be4cc….jpg)

That's one filthy overbite bitch if one exists!


File: ff158c48da75392⋯.png (380.69 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Screenshot-2018-3-11 Black….png)


File: 306a631d62609e7⋯.jpg (10.98 KB, 170x255, 2:3, 6a4d3e52a20e25fe0c43589fd9….jpg)

What a cunt looks like!


File: a32e7c4e0966c0f⋯.jpg (71.23 KB, 640x640, 1:1, a32e7c4e0966c0fa02440d04ed….jpg)

One bitch speaks of another bitch = 2 bitch's.


Speaking of bitch's where did you communist retards go?


File: d6b475fbc5ea5a9⋯.jpg (15.08 KB, 300x168, 25:14, th.jpg)

Ah, it's good to be American!


Fuck you communist bitch's. Execute yourselves and save me the ammo!


Pansy ass cock sucker communists!



Big pharma is making sure your soy latte doesnt give you cancer.

Yes. Soy is naturally carcinogenic.

You're welcome.



Soy makes good pansy ass cock sucker communists.


File: 3d93c5a94ec2e96⋯.png (382.1 KB, 483x279, 161:93, Screenshot-2018-3-11 Molly….png)


File: bcc7ceb44fe83de⋯.png (543.81 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Screenshot-2018-3-11 LYNYR….png)

Fuck you communists!



t. rich televangelist



Sucking each others cock again are you.


Q says,

"Guns are safe. Stop falling for FAKE NEWS. Q".

Trump says, confiscate guns >


I say, "Fuck both you communist swine".


Straight out of based dutertes notebook. Good work Trump. (if only it wasnt fake news)



Trump is a much better communist than Obama for sure.



2 cock suckers!


File: ef940d8eced508c⋯.png (114.02 KB, 258x188, 129:94, Screenshot-2018-3-12 The G….png)

Low IQ monkey.


File: f69a5c0965eb384⋯.png (100.49 KB, 209x164, 209:164, Screenshot-2018-3-12 The G….png)



File: a969301beb14595⋯.png (113.76 KB, 235x235, 1:1, Screenshot-2018-3-12 Intel….png)

Time to change my diaper again.


File: f63c003c0e77f22⋯.png (55.87 KB, 179x146, 179:146, Screenshot-2018-3-12 Intel….png)

Can I get my diaper changed also?


File: f1e2a4384a3f816⋯.png (131.64 KB, 324x235, 324:235, Screenshot-2018-3-12 Intel….png)

Man that weed was much better than changing diapers.


File: 4463fc54df17092⋯.png (147.6 KB, 324x235, 324:235, Screenshot-2018-3-12 Intel….png)

Blue Isis.


File: f607ea2b17b9ede⋯.jpg (16.71 KB, 255x255, 1:1, e35bbebad14149e7427bd94e11….jpg)


File: 8d58c525e300d51⋯.jpg (12.39 KB, 255x139, 255:139, b220080fafd80680c5c7181f4b….jpg)


File: 765dd70fbecbd86⋯.png (1.01 MB, 832x408, 104:51, Screenshot-2018-3-6 Scient….png)

And this pathetic scumbag thinks virgins are waiting for him. lol


File: 611feaf4cdcf514⋯.jpg (7.68 KB, 147x95, 147:95, clown.jpg)

Fuck you cock suckers!



hi russkie. go home, you've done enough meddling in USA.


DOJ has no authority to create bump stock ban. Only Congress can write laws with the consent of The People. Trump administration is an unconstitutional authoritarian dictatorship. Tyrant.



I would love to lace hard drugs with lethal compounds and spread that shit around


The Police cannot write the laws they are "supposed" to uphold either.



We know you're the Government then don't we cock sucker.



I just hate drug addicts


Government receives marching orders from muslim brotherhood.




Communist cock sucker.


There is nothing morally wrong with shooting drug dealers tbh. Anyone who gives an honest shit about their community would want them exterminated.



Oh no, im economically quite right wing. I just think drug addicts should be killed without trial in the street.


File: b015c6a33cbeacb⋯.jpg (29.71 KB, 480x255, 32:17, e0d0010a2333999fadacc5e7ff….jpg)


File: bad44bd6d2b2e67⋯.jpg (13.57 KB, 300x174, 50:29, ch.jpg)


Breath deep cock sucker!



Drug addicts are not even human, not even niggers, they are below even the jew.



Spoken like a true Satan worshiper. Run along now, get back to your cult cock sucker.


File: f25a81a34abcc66⋯.jpeg (19.26 KB, 500x341, 500:341, 07090c8804e5b0c5bcc43e19e….jpeg)

Nazi World Order not New World Order = Satanic cult.



>killing nogs

<is wasting money

Oh (((you))).



>points out that drug dealers have a net-negative effect on communities and draw misery and woe, kicking people while they're down and making it even harder for the poor to lift themselves up


I take it you don't know many brown people.


But he wants traitorous scum to go free. What a piece of shit. Cant believe our country is in this fucked up situation.


Reap what you sow, communist cock suckers.

The basic nature of God's Justice:


7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

9: And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


1. Everything that you do has repercussions. It comes back to you one way or another.

2. You cannot escape the consequences of your actions. What you do comes back to you.

3. You will see the long-term effects of your actions.

4. KARMA - The total effect of a person's actions and conduct during the successive phases of the person's existence, regarded as determining the person's destiny, especially, in his next incarnation.

5. What goes around comes around.

6. Your actions all have consequences. Don't ever be fooled into thinking that your actions don't have consequences. Don't think you can get away with bad choices even if you don't seem to get caught. Remember verse seven tells us that God cannot be mocked. He sees it all. You reap what you sow.



a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their ability and need.



is a legal or economic system in which principles of property law can apply to humans so that people can be treated as property, and can be owned, bought and sold accordingly, and cannot withdraw unilaterally from the arrangement.


File: bade9be9d2fd343⋯.png (36.01 KB, 732x1025, 732:1025, Screenshot-2018-3-13 Behol….png)



>a mere accusation by an opposition party member means he's automatically guilty

Is this nigger for real?



Adolf Shitler was a leftist statist piece of shit. Tyranny and collectivism aren't right wing.


I can support this if he follows the money ro.rhr top. Because the fucker on the street isn't the one buying tons of the shit to redistribute


the one problem with this is that it would encourage dealers to murder, since they already die if caught

otherwise seems okay


Great! So when do (((Pharmacists))) get the chair?



t. "conservative" who can't even stop tranny insanity or gay marriage

neither existed under Hitler



>ranny insanity or gay marriage

neither existed under Hitler

was he really such a good public speaker that he convinced them all to go straight? do you have the speech and statistics or at least anecdotes as proof?



kikes already tried to push tranny shit in the (((Weimar Republic)))

National Socialists burned everything about the subject and the kikes fled


But he wants traitors to walk free. What a scumbag. Can he just go awat already and let someone actually take the job seriously?




>to ZOGnated States

we call those heroes, sweety


Can we do the ethanol prohibition too? It's far more reasonable. And while we're at it, those prescription drugs as well?



>being pro Hitler

>hasn't heard of the third position

You're embarrassing yourself.



>being anti Hitler




We won't kill ourselves, we'll be killing you soon enough, druggie.


File: 6e7081654caaec1⋯.jpg (14.68 KB, 225x253, 225:253, 6e7081654caaec1717b24abb77….jpg)


Tell me why drug dealers should be spared.



Yeah only Israel is allowed to meddle in America. Fuck those racist pro white pro gun anti gay and anti feminist Russians. We need based jews to lobby for more sub saharin Africans to immigrate and grant us the diversity that we so desperately need in order to survive.


only if big pharma drug dealers get the death penalty too, the opiate crisis won't go away with out them being taken care of too, too bad trump is too much a bought kike to go after them



Tale your meds.

then we can kill you for doing drugs lol



>dude you can't sell guns those kill people! kill everyone who sells guns!

just because some people abuse drugs doesn't mean everyone does, people can use them responsibly and addicts killing themselves off is a good thing, natural selection



niggers mug people with guns, guess we better ban those too

how about ban niggers



Ban drugs because fuck degenerates. Guns are tools and they are not in the same category, you disingenuous faggot. No constitutional amendment protects your right to get addicted to poison.



You know doing drugs isn't illegal right retard? possessing drugs and selling is, but not taking them.



Oy vey! Nadsees!


so trump wants to kill the entire CIA?


File: 187d83e44b8ad87⋯.webm (7.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, bump_extended.webm)


Neat, I'll make another post just to piss you off.


File: 57810de59159a32⋯.png (332.83 KB, 500x514, 250:257, 1472091639346.png)

Unless its a heroin dealer who is responsible for many people's overdose deaths, its going to be hard to make this legit in the US. RWDS are not affiliated with the government offically so the protection from unreasonable and cruel punishments will prevent this from ever happening to anyone who isn't a drug kingpin.

Still behind the idea though.



>giving a fuck what the (((law))) thinks about your actions

that's not how you win


I do not trust the current CIA/FBI/DEA with this kind of leverage.

I support the murder of foreigners but not citizens. I support the death penalty only for agents of such organizations that help and support such actions. I do not find any trust with the current system for non government affiliated citizens.

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