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File: f5efde3ae891dd0⋯.png (232.02 KB, 507x281, 507:281, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at ….png)



Gerber Baby company chose a Down syndrome child for the new face of its 2018 campaign in early February, inspiring a number of states to create, push or pass legislation protecting unborn babies who will be born with Down syndrome.

“Every year, we choose the baby who best exemplifies Gerber’s longstanding heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby,” Gerber president Bill Partyka said, announcing Lucas Warren as the 2018 Gerber baby, according to TODAY. “We’re hoping this will impact everyone — that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited,” father Jason Warren told the Today Show.


Since abortion in general is legal and they're not saying shit about it, does that mean only Down syndrome babies have a right to live? Speak out against ALL abortion you cowards, or else don't pretend to care.



WTF that wasn't supposed to be a spoiler.


because what the world definitely needs is more retarded people

>creating more people dependent on goverment gibs for lifetime

good job, retards



>Speak out against ALL abortion you cowards, or else don't pretend to care.

Right… But I'm actually in favor of abortions or minority numbers will quickly swell, further burdening our already overburdened social welfare system. I'd much rather pay for niggers to get abortions than pay for them for 18 years.



The Left only cares about the disable and minorities, two groups of easily manipulated people.


File: 8ab9e96a4e82aa2⋯.gif (27.61 KB, 274x320, 137:160, 8ab9e96a4e82aa2f71969fe364….gif)


>implying neggers get off of wellfare and get jobs by the time they're 18


Special Education professional here.

Down syndrome is simply not the same as being a little slow, it is a predictable and very serious set of birth defects that will hinder the child for their entire lives. The child will go on to burden the school system, and never live a normal, independent life. I am for aborting fetuses that will be born with down syndrome as it is more cruel to allow the kid to live with serious disabilities and pretend that they're normal.

'sides, as another anon said, why advocate for saving down syndrom 'tards, but not all babies? Fucking liberals.




If I was downs I would want to be put down because I don't want to live like that, and nobody should have to. it's cruel and unusual to force someone to live retarded and fucked up with all kinds of health and mental problems. if they abort, maybe the baby will reincarnate like 3 seconds later as a healthy baby, God is smart, God recycles.

fuck liberals.



down syndrome, like autism, is a spectrum and many downsies can live independently or semi-independently.

that said fuck yea i would rather be aborted than live as a downsie.


Taking away the most logical reason to get an abortion. These savages will take what is healthy and valuable bit make ways to force us to keep defective goods? Disgusting.




Granted, I only work with the most severe cases, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they are, more often than not going to be a tremendous burden on EVERYONE around them, especially parents and teachers. For example, one kid I work with has 12,000 dollar implants that he has to wear, which are not covered by health insurance, this in addition to the fact that many kids in this situation end up with diabetes and other health problems as well. It's a nightmare for the parents and being pro-life in this specific instance is beyond fucked up.


Abort the downies and retards. Blood for the blood Gods.



>why advocate for saving down syndrom 'tards, but not all babies?





Dear professional, consider the burden imposed on society by sociopaths and narcissists and fetal-alcohol-syndrome-single-mom borderlines.

It is orders of magnitude greater.

If you want to terminate people based on the burden on society, I safely bet that people with down syndrome score pretty low on the list. You are better off indiscriminately terminating jesuits or jews or gypsies or niggers, italians, frenchmen, pig faced puritan anglosaxons and krauts, please consider terminating krauts again and the cream of the crop those mohameddan full blown pederasts

Disclaimer, I cited a category I am in so don't you try the racist card. Hopefully I got a category you belong in, too.




We should kill retards like you for starters


File: fdd61dbe5be17ef⋯.jpg (50.24 KB, 500x259, 500:259, thatseemstobeweird.jpg)

Abortion is no murder, since they have no brain with a mind in that age nor social contacts, and can't live without beeing connected to the mother, so they are not humans. Will this nonsense ever end? Is this even in the bible?


>>please consider terminating krauts again

What have we done to you?


>let's save downies kids, even though some cases are so bad the kid can't even breathe on their own

>let's keep these burdensome children alive because reasons

>even though many do not contribute for the duration of their short, meaningless lives

>/pol/ would support this because prolife

We have the technology to see if a fetus will have or is likely to develop genetic diseases like Trisomy 21.

And yet we don't abort downie babies for what reason again?



more white people on welfare than any other race.



Don't you understand that as the pinnacle of the white race, krauts are responsible for all the evil normally attributed to whites? #notallwhites


>muh (((chromosomes)))



>downs syndrome is a spectrum

Get a load of this retard

Autism is a spectum because it is caused by environmental factors in the womb and early childhood so ther are different degrees of severity to match the rang of environments. Downs syndrom is a missing chromosome. They are further genetically from us than chimps. Its not that everyone falls somewhere on the spectrum. You are either a retarded downie or you're not.



More white people PAY for welfare than any other race.


>of all the people you could legislate against aborting



A disabled man made this site, so they obviously fucked up on that end.



Life begins at conception. I honestly see no different between killing a child in the womb or without.


mandatory abortions for all welfare recipients


I have Autism and wish I was aborted, I can't imagine how worse it'd be for a downie



As well as half of this site being Austistic



<let's save downies kids, even though some cases are so bad the kid can't even breathe on their own

some cases are so good the kid can take the bus, ride the bike and beat normies up.

<let's keep these burdensome children alive because reasons

"because they are not burdensome enough compared to the others" is a jolly good reason nobody addressed yet

<even though many do not contribute for the duration of their short, meaningless lives

if their life is short problem solves itself. I don't consider over 25 years short, though

</pol/ would support this because prolife

well you cannot be wrong all the time


<They are further genetically from us than chimps

"further" is, strictly speaking, a distance. You can define many distances. Some more useful, some less.

Your def says that a being which blends in our ranks, can communicate thoroughly with us, dance with us, work in our shops, is more distant from a being which can be spotted 1 km away as being different, communicates basic things using sign language after painstaking training of the brightest individuals, and usually has to be restrained in cages.

Another aspect is that they seem more content with life than the average 8ch robot, so maybe you are projecting?




Without white people there would be no welfare, just foragers and mongoloids.


Abort downies, abort niggers, eugenics now.


I am pro-choice, not because I give a fuck about women's rights, but because I am anti-life.



really anon? no difference at all huh? just think of all those experiences and life lessons learned floating in amniotic fluid and literally being an organ of another creature.






>what is per capita

more white people live in the country than any other race



>I've never visited /pol/

/pol/ is pro-eugenics so we wouldn't



>Abortion is no murder, since they have no brain

By the time the woman knows she's pregnant the brain already exists. Although, it seems like in some people the brain never really develops even after birth.



Get a load of this clueless retard with the temerity to be calling anyone else a retard.




All statistical outliers. Most autistic and disabled people as well as minorities are Leftists


File: 736dd9e1f39ad8f⋯.jpg (61.37 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 7a39de3ba853999bf9240686d9….jpg)


>The life of a special needs child is rife with pain and suffering

>So lets bring more of them into the world


More tards to suck off the government tit for being crazy.


Fucking hell, with modern science WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TARD BABIES AT ALL. Fucking burgers and their bullshit.


at least if you abort the downie child within the first few months it's pretty humane.

after that, you better hurry up and make up your mind, because then you (the woman) are quickly becoming a murderer.



I'm pro-life when it comes to healthy white babies, but all for aborting tards and negros. It's just common sense.


File: fcd63299bc9eeaf⋯.jpg (144.38 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, lamb.jpg)


With modern science I'm not sure how much longer we'll have abortions at all. When it gets to the point that the fetus doesn't have to be killed to be removed from the womb, how would the average person justify it?



>Life begins at conception.



File: fc22000105227c5⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 1580x3431, 1580:3431, white4.jpg)





I'm fine with this too goy, normal screaming babies are not hard enough, make men pay for child support for a Downey forever because downies will never be independent.



Are u the anon who got banned for posting that actual picture?



File: 7a99931ab11f683⋯.gif (147.02 KB, 340x340, 1:1, deformed_laughter.gif)


>artificial wombs invented

>robo waifu invented

>men no longer have to even pretend to give a fuck about a bitch

>roasties everywhere screech autistically about their imminent replacement




Did ching chongs evolve from retarded inbred White people, because the resemblance is uncanny. Mongoloids indeed.



>implying these men aren't all White Hispanics AKA Sovthern Evropeans who could have passed for Romans back in Caesar's day.



This can't happen soon enough. I want roasties to know the despair of having their pussy be as worthless as a man's asshole.



> By the time the woman knows she's pregnant the brain already exists.

A part of it, sure, but no mind or conscience. Educate yourself instead of insulting people with better arguments.

Again: Where is this even in the Bible? It seems to be pure ideology, traditionalism or emotions without education.



>t.projecting lefty

Just because you say it doesn't make it true anon.



Maybe you roasties shouldn't have kid past your best before date. We'be known for ages that old ladies make retard babies. Remember ladies: children first, useless HR job second



>When it gets to the point that the fetus doesn't have to be killed to be removed from the womb, how would the average person justify it?

They can't. They want the rights to kill the kid. Even if it got to the point where artificial wombs cost nothing and is accessible by all, they will still demand the right to kill their kid.



Less niggers overall, and by extension, less niggers on welfare.



>Remember ladies: children first, useless HR job second

It's already too late for American whores. They just wanna whore around during their 20s, then finally "settle down" with someone financially stable at about 30 to have kids. Meanwhile they will continue to cheat and then divorce. This kills the man.



Many of them are too stupid to realize their deficiencies.


Downs are fine, they can be happy people with little assistance, but they need to be protected from true retards like pedos/goons.



le every life is precious face



Like fuck they do. The only people that have ever given one damn about caring for people with my disability have been conservative Christians. Leftists just see it as a political brownie point opportunity. As soon as it's no longer politically useful to them to look "considerate" toward disabled people, they literally just go cold turkey. Leftists are literal psychopaths and need to be killed indiscriminately. The conservative Christians, on the other hand, tend to make lifelong connections.

t. disabled person that has been on both sides



It's nice to see there's a balance to things. On one hand, you have the SpaceX launch. On the other hand, we're intentionally poisoning the gene pool. Nice.



<intentionally poisoning the gene pool

>by breeding downies that literally can't reproduce




>romans are white




>Leftists are literal

you miss spelled liberals.



alternatively he intends to describe them as in fact suffering from psychopathy



the Bible says the soul enters with the first breath of life. The policies of the catholic church indicate they don't care about doctrine as abortion would prevent the further creation of catholic babbies



The ontogenalogy of an individual who is a member of many complex animals starts at conception. Humans are one such animal.

The second that a woman is carrying a fertilized zygote the person inside of her is, biologically, a completely individual human being on a genetic and developmental level. This person will, barring immune system responses or a variety of other issues, emerge into the world. What gives a mother, or society at large for that matter, the right to declare that it is not human and can be killed so arbitrarily?

And if that is the case, why is it that we also have on the law books examples of people being charged with murder when a miscarriage is forced on an expectant mother?

Like it or not we're still very unsettled on the issue. It really is a question of what we consider to be alive. And biology has settled it but because we don't want to make people uncomfortable with the fact that we actively commit homicide every time an abortion is carried out we will actually turn our backs on the greatest tool for truth and reason we've ever devised. That's how fucking retarded we go for women's feelings.

And it's not even like it's that bad. We commit homicide all the god damn time in society. Police and citizens at large frequently commit homicide in self-defence. In execution states we carry out the act of homicide on prisoners. Homicide I should note is distinct from murder as it involves malicious intent against the individual by the initiating party. We do that too, war is a prime example of mass murder that the state by power of sheer brute force exempts itself from legally - because at times the fact is it's fucking necessary. All of these examples may be necessary.

Necessity though does not excuse the binary fact that they are not moral. Inescapably all of these examples are the initiation of force (lethal forces at that) on another human being, a person that is not you. This is immoral and counter intuitive to human social behavior to the point that even the people who commit legally justified homicide in self-defense still require counselling frequently. It's wrong on a subconscious level our biology rebels against in healthy individuals. It's not uncommon for women who get abortions to need emotional support as well.

It's wrong. It's just one of those wrongs we've made legal. But that doesn't change the fact that it is the termination of a human life and the only way we can ignore that is by a ridiculous contortion of reality through right-think and legalese.

To clarify: I'm pro-choice. But I am also pro people need to realize the fucking gravity of what their choices are.



Suicide is just self-abortion later in life.

Have at it.


File: 1bef7386e14f6ee⋯.jpg (30.52 KB, 545x549, 545:549, flat,800x800,075,f.u2.jpg)


I I'm sorry guys but I'm a female here and most "roasties" aren't even aware there are guys like you that say "mean things on teh internets bout women" because there's always a chad willing to fuck them and they're okay with that. They even go out of their way to choose an asshole who makes lots of money and then fuck a better guy behind their back and ya'll are dumb enough to fall for it. I could never understand whiny feminists and I can't understand butt-bleeding MGTOWs either. I guess the whole world should be gay because you guys hate each other. Ya'll can't just grow up and find a mature adult of the opposite sex who wasn't raised like trash because that means that you would have to fall into the "not trash" category to get one. Face it, feminists who hate men and MGTOWS who hate women made a bad choice that's entirely their own fault and picked a prick or a cunt and now hate everyone of the opposite sex ever. I grew out of my man-hating moon goddess phase and I hope you can grow out of yours. Healthy committed relationships do in fact exist. You just can't be lazy.


Then again, this is the internet and being logical here never helped anyone.



>expecting people to take responsibility for the consequences of their choices

zomg are you kidding me? you racist drumppffff voting transphobic patriarchal alt-right WHITE MALE neonazi russian shitlord.



This would be funny if I hadn't actually been called shit like that by retarded alt-lefts.



Can you really call them alt-left considering how common they are?



Yes goys Christniiaty is the only reason people are again abortion



and I'm all for robot fuck-buddies don't get me wrong.


So basically they’re pro choice by saying that it’s only okay to abort a baby if it’s perfectly healthy but as soon as it turns out it’s retarded it’s unethical to abort it and they don’t have a choice? What kind of nonsense is this?



If anything people with down syndrome are the ones that SHOULD be aborted.




>Nice try. It a matter of definition

<goes on to arbitrarily and absolutely define life for his own argument

Explain to me why a fetus is not alive? And please define independence? When does it become human?

Explain to me why dependence on other organisms precludes life? Are we not alive right now because we require food which means we must kill and eat other organisms?

Lastly what gives you the authority to dismiss scientific facts?

Every one of those cells is alive (they must be in order to multiply and grow in number), everyone of those cells is a human cell. None of those cells are the mother's or the father's but are in fact unique combinations of the parent sequences. Why is that not life?

>So whoever doesn't share your questionable opinion is sick?

That's a false dichotomy created by a leap beyond what is explicit in the statement. No, not everyone responds to anything (including killing) the same way and that variety of responses does not inherently indicate unsound health or minds but rather different levels of tolerance or, in many cases, exposure to a condition, event, or stimulus. Though it may also on occasion also indicate an unsound mind as well.



>reddit formatting




Every one of my cells in my body is alive and dependant on me, why am I allowed to kill them?

At what point does one of my cells turn into a person and can you prove that it was not a person before that point?



>Every one of my cells in my body is alive and dependant on me, why am I allowed to kill them?

You're allowed to terminate your own cells because you have both the physical means and the moral agency over your own person to do so, any attempt to reduce these is an attack on you or your rights as a human being.

>At what point does one of my cells turn into a person and can you prove that it was not a person before that point?

Never. Your cells, whether you're a woman or a man never actually become another person. We are not capable of reproduction with ourselves. Every person is the result of a spermatozoa and an ovum, neither of which is a complete cell - they're effectively incomplete blueprints of a cell waiting on the corresponding components to become a cell and begin onto-genesis. But your cells never actually become someone different. And you certainly come from those components that were not a person. Else you would not be here. This is in fact part of the human life cycle (it's the life cycle of a lot of animals actually).

Therein lies the point - the fertilized zygote is NOT the mother's cells. It IS an individual human being in its earliest phase of life. Initiating force upon it outside of the natural processes that occur becomes then a question of morality - those things that hinder it or terminate if forcibly are immoral, those that aid or facilitate its health are moral.

It is legal to terminate. But it is not moral. They are independent realities that are often conflated (and not just with abortion, not by a long shot).

Every pre-abortion interview should basically start out "Alright, Killer, you're sure you want us to dive into that fuck hole of yours and scramble your eggs and kill that kid? You got it if you do. Unless it's early, then we can poison that little fucker. So what are you going to do champ?"

Because that's exactly what's happening.



All you said that spermatozoa and ovum are not people because they do not have a full set of genes, but every cell in my body has a full set so that is an empty argument.

Also with cloning technology you can take a cell from a sheep and turn it into a whole other sheep. Does that not mean that the only difference between one of my cells and a zygote is that my cell does not naturally possess the power to grow into a person.



> I grew out of my man-hating moon goddess phase

Evidently not. Also, your perspective is completely fucked btw. Leave and never return.



>All you said that spermatozoa and ovum are not people because they do not have a full set of genes, but every cell in my body has a full set so that is an empty argument.

What are you talking about, you're not even making sense here. You're comparing too completely different things entirely. Unless you're about to argue that masturbating and rifling off a load into a gym sock is the equivalent of wiping out a civilization I don't see what you're even trying to conclude by taking the conversation down this path at all.

A zygote does have a full set of genes, it is not a sperm or egg anymore, it's a fucking person insofar as genetics are concerned. It's as human as you or I are at a cellular level at that point.

>Also with cloning technology you can take a cell from a sheep and turn it into a whole other sheep.

That's great but we don't naturally reproduce in that manner.

>Does that not mean that the only difference between one of my cells and a zygote is that my cell does not naturally possess the power to grow into a person.

You basically ARE a mature zygote. I don't mean that in a condescending way, we both are. We are the end result if the process is allowed to continue until however long it has taken you to arrive at the age you are now.

The difference between you and a human zygote is precisely the difference between you and anyone else you encounter - they are different people who also exist at different phases of their own independent life cycles.



>I I'm sorry guys but I'm a female here

So you admit you have zero value besides your tits?

It's either that or you aren't a female. In either case what you said is blatantly false. Women: the vast majority of them, know their sexual value is losing so much worth and the smart actually attractive ones are doing something to fight that. Then we have (((you))) the self-admitted, self-congratulating roastie: yeah; no, there are fewer and fewer Chads who will fuck you because there are more and more Rachels who are improving themselves and upping their worth at your expense.

Now Moshe please go larp elsewhere, you're shit at this.



Found the MGTOW.




The artificial uterus will be the eventual end of gender all together. That’s why they’re Progressively grooming us with Trans-gender social issues. The future will negate the sex act for procreation and humans will be designer bred , then people will assume to have genderless babies that aren’t encumbered with hormonal urges , they’ll excel at everything after an adjustment period of bigotry (fighting the unnatural takeover by technology) and then they’ll take over



They need the dumb voters to keep voting them in. Just abort the defective babies. The children have right to be healthy, strong and happy. I have a disability and I don't find this to be inspiring at all.


What if a roastie who wants an abortion to stop jamming the spokes of her cock carousel suddenly discovers her baby is a downie? Whose legal rights are in priority?


File: 1fbdbb28d0815fd⋯.jpg (46.72 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 1380642.jpg)


There is two perfect solution for this problem is to sterilise the people with genetic defections and make the abortion mandatory for the defective foetuses.






The rights of the tax payer who inevitably has to subsidize that shit. Given the statistics of single mother parenthood (which every unwed woman who is pregnant should be made aware of with a fucking barrage of brochures that ship with every pregnancy test and lie in abundance in every medical waiting room) they should be influenced towards the path of abortion every single time the option is put on the table. In fact we should straight up stop subsidizing single parent households. No tax breaks. Fuck them.

It is more immoral to enslave the many to these few.


File: 12e81147ae77178⋯.jpg (43.22 KB, 615x415, 123:83, Cheddar-FAKE.jpg)


looks like a pre-human.

My guess is that just like hollywood reuse the same script for two films every time to maximise (((profits))), as with Argmageddon/Deep Impact, Bugzlife/Antzzzzzz etc, then they also use their photoshopped images and propaganda pictures/concepts for different propaganda campaigns.

For the Anti-English one a few weeks ago, they used a negrofied coal-black ´cheddar´man.

For this anti-abortion for sterile tards that don´t genetically classify as human campaign, they simply pallette swapped the smirking negroid for a smirking mongoloid. Even has the same deranged haircut.


File: 222a450a0c2f348⋯.png (486.75 KB, 644x640, 161:160, Capt.PNG)


What a fucking surprise



That is sad.

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