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File: 17f721adbf2991b⋯.png (452.21 KB, 542x359, 542:359, Credit - Twitter @Thaily.png)



Suitsupply is a Dutch fashion house which is best known for providing high quality men’s suits at reasonable prices and advertising via shockingly open sexist advertising. As it had featured men showing their sexual dominance over women in the past, no one in Holland was truly shocked.

But last week Suitsupply decided they needed something fresh to catch the attention of the Dutch (and the other European countries where they advertise. FYI, they tend to use different ads in different parts of the world as this wouldn’t fly in the United Arab Emirates for example).

Via social media and by renting out all bus stop billboards they advertised by showing two men kissing each other, albeit they were both nicely dressed in a suit.


Suit supply looks like they are about to get a shit tonne of business


Im being facetious btw


Men being attracted to woman is evil boogeyman these days



exactly. all this bs they complain about is sexual attraction.

now if it was homosexuals they wouldn't give two shits.


this is literally rape. women are being literally raped by normal, healthy male sexuality.

but they are also somehow our equals, despite being so weak.


You fucking retards did not even read the article. You just saw the picture and were triggered and started smashing your keyboards like emotional tumblrinas. It was CONSERVATIVES protesting because the ad displayed open homosexuality.


Is everyone a bot or are you niggers just this dumb? It was protested because it showed dudes making out you faggots



or niggers



It was both, Tumblr fags bitched on Twitter as always and then conservatives went out and painted over the gay ones.


The ad would be praised as progressive if that was a Negro fresh out of the jungle in that ad instead.



That would be a little too much truth in advertising.



>Ads featuring niggers fondling white women, fags with children, ads belittling men in general but white men in specific


>Ad featuring heterosexual white people






Bots are now programmed to reply based on the image?

Is there some way to exploit this like posting unrelated images?

Or is this a bunch of non-english speaking shills running their replies through a translator?



Oh no. These poor fictional lolis beeing raped by fictional dicks.


Looks like shlomo pegged too hard, for sure.

Unless it's the """conservatives""" they recently imported from the middle east who are wrecking these ads.





It WAS homosexuals, in the ad campaign which caused 30 Dutch bus stops to be vandalized. Try reading the article before you post next time.


>is this a new breakthrough in machine learning

>or is this ESL shills using machine translation?

Hard to say, honestly. My money is on the latter, simply because bots with image-recognition-governed reply capabilities seems a bit farfetched to me at present.




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