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File: c957a1eb4ab74cc⋯.jpg (4.23 MB, 2121x1414, 3:2, dreamstime_m_38546715.jpg)



President Donald Trump made it his campaign pitch to put “America First” in his agenda should he make it to the White House. He is now following through with concrete actions as seen through his quick rejection of Chinese-owned Broadcom Ltd’s hostile $117 billion takeover of the American-owned Qualcomm Inc.

Trump’s message is clear in stopping the takeover: for the sake of national security, any deal that could give China an edge in critical technology will be rejected under his watch.

Broadcom may be based in Singapore but as far as the U.S. is concerned, China “loomed large” over the American government’s fears about an unacceptable foreign takeover of chip maker Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a crucial player since it is involved in a neck and neck competition with China’s Huawei Technologies Co. over which company will be the dominant force in developing the next-generation wireless technology.


>trump delivers again

The silence of the shills is deafening.


>Trump does something he promised

And not a shill in sight.




File: e4f32e171de4c15⋯.jpg (136.11 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 18403_600x900.jpg)



File: bba818d7e108d34⋯.jpg (816.86 KB, 2524x2568, 631:642, super sayian trump.jpg)

Feels good



>Chinese-owned Broadcom Ltd’s hostile $117 billion takeover of the American-owned Qualcomm Inc.

Trump is going full fucking savage on the Chinks, Jesus. Having China own Qualcomm would've been a disaster. He really should stop with the cock teasing though and just order a strike on them already


where are the shills?


So much for the free market.



(((free market)))





The Chinese must be fucking devestated to be up against a US President who actually does things he promised, in order to protect the USA.





>Wow look at this faggot opposing the free market because of a company's reputation for buying up assets and then intentionally running them into the ground so Chinese competition wins out. How pathetic and hypocritical!

>What? Capitalism? I don't believe in that trash; Marx for life!


File: b87cf078de6523c⋯.jpg (78.23 KB, 501x566, 501:566, 1375297131921.jpg)

the gweiro wirr pay for this


What happened to goyputalism, Drumpf? Just adopt the superior state capitalism like the People's Republic of China.



ironically it would be the chinks who would protest a move like that the most


File: 34e02ee68373f32⋯.jpeg (16.17 KB, 293x225, 293:225, 1464632941555 (2016_06_06….jpeg)

Qualcomm (U.S.A.)and Huawei Technologies (China) are the only two companies that have invested a significant amount in wireless technology research & development. Virtually all of our current innovations in this field come from these two companies. While other companies do work in wireless technology, none can hold a candle to how much these two do.

Broadcom has shown zero interest in wireless technology R&D, and had they acquired Qualcomm would have most likely shut down its R&D. This would have left a single Chinese company as the sole entity in the world advancing wireless tech. Other tech companies don't have the resources to compete, which would have led to Huawei Technologies having a total monopoly in this field.

Given how much we've integrated wireless technology into all aspects of life, including national defense and military assets, it would be damn foolish to let a foreign company have complete control over your wireless tech.

This was a sound decision.



The free market is shit


Also I hope Trump blooms Foxney


How can you not like this man, no homo

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