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File: 614aebc7d39bf1b⋯.png (170.37 KB, 451x301, 451:301, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised aluminum and steelworkers on Monday he would defend them against possible U.S. tariffs and called U.S. President Donald Trump to stress that "mutually beneficial" cross-border supply chains should be preserved.

Trump said last week he would impose import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent for aluminum, effective later this month, but exempted Canada after an intense lobbying campaign arranged by Ottawa.



Typical. The president exempts Canada probably based on internal review. Naturally Trudeau is keen to come running out claiming this a personal victory.

This fucking clown had nothing to do with it. Go back to playing Mr. Dressup in foreign countries and hopefully stay there. Fucking spineless little twat.



>We have your backs

Like those business deals you had with the fucking Chinese that fucks over the country?


Trudeau ain't going to do shit. The tariffs will go in place and he'll just cry on camera about Trump is a big meanie.



theres literally nothing they can do.



Right and Trump wouldn't slap an unprecedented tariff on Canada just because his own American homegrown company asked him to trim the competition down, and the tariff wouldn't be so large even the company who requested the tariff would balk. Trump is certainly not that kind of man.



The hero we need, not the hero we deserve.



Then he'll force companies to hire metal workers with a 50/50 gender ratio.

Because it's been the current year for three years and people still aren't equal.



>We have your backs

And a knife ready to stab them


>'We have your backs'

And by that he means, 'We'll bitch and moan and cry with you.'



I will point out he did not make those deals, his predecessors did, that said hes done nothing to negate those deals though so fuck him.

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