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File: ccfd45ddac9ddfa⋯.jpg (19.73 KB, 732x468, 61:39, ufo thumbnail.jpg)



There has been no shortage of UFO sightings so far this year, but this may be one of the more puzzling of recent videos. A video uploaded by a Facebook group called "UFO Turkiye. Turkey" shows what appears to be a typical disc-shaped UFO hovering next to the commercial flight.

The video has garnered over 17,000 views and nearly 300,000 shares on Facebook alone. The video was shot by Kerry Forides while traveling over the Aegean Sea and appears to show a dark, circular object hovering in the sky. It has been widely shared on YouTube and Facebook but no definite explanations have been reached.


ayy lmao


>doesn't post the video

>doesn't mention bluebeam

>doesn't mention scalar energy

Fake and gay.


Yep, that sure is a thing in the sky that witnesses didn't identify.

Now let's all make bold claims to know exactly what it is!



Thanks for checking for us artificial intelligence. Now go away.



On second thought I'm a gay nigger


File: 8a83b8af75bd035⋯.png (19.74 KB, 1289x191, 1289:191, bestjewishdescription.png)


kek, yes you sure are


UFO's are just sky animals.


File: 27698e17c824f1d⋯.jpg (22.61 KB, 480x480, 1:1, pepe25.jpg)

Where is the video you fucking faggot


Why is picture looking like it was taken in 1970? Everyone's phones can do a lot better. Oh well, this is surely a distraction for something else.


Bug casually passes by, cars passing by, clouds aren't moving the way they would at 300 mph on a plane…it's a drone, filmed by a retard on the side of the road. End of story.



>You'll run out of IPs soon enough, faggot.

Considering it has 4,294,967,296 possible adresses to use with the ipv4 user space. Minus the 3,000 or so people here that MIGHT secure their routers and broadband modems from being hacked on the fly for it to use. I doubt because of such it will run out of IP ranges any time soon. As long as there are tech illiterate normalfags and phoneposters, all of whom's routers, broadband modems, and cellular/phone modems can be hacked we will continue to have this scourge upon 8ch.


What comfy plane is this which has traffic and birds? Mine are usually full of chinamen and other people's smells.


Fuck johnny "the nigger" neptune


Back in November of 1997 my ex-wife and I saw an Unidentified Craft that was performing physically impossible aerial maneuvers. It literally changed locations in the sky (suddenly disappeared and simultaneously reappeared much closer to us) the craft actually seemed to be aware of our presence, and it hovered directly over us for a moment at a height of approximately 60 feet in the air…

Anybody can make up a UFO story, but this one actually happened. It was completely legitimate. As the object passed overhead, we had the opportunity to see the 'underbelly' of the craft, and it had no 'bells and whistles' that would indicate human manufacture. No panels, no rivets, no vents or ports, and no lights.

It DID however have three points of what appeared to be 'glowing mist' (electrostatic charged plasma) on the underside. The object made no sound at all, no corona discharge, no hum, nothing.

After doing some bizarre maneuvering in the sky, disappearing at a distance from us, and reappearing much closer to us, rotating and hovering as it passed overhead, the underside of the craft finally became surrounded by a faint orange-pinkish 'glow', and as the glow faded away, so did the entire object.

Suddenly, it was no longer there. (although I'm convinced it probably was still nearby, and had likely just 'wrapped light around itself' making it appear to have vanished)

My ex wife and I were completely sober, and it was not a hallucination, and it is not a fabrication… It actually happened.

After giving the matter great scrutiny I'm still absolutely convinced that what we saw was NOT man-made, NOT an experimental 'secret military craft'…

absolutely NOT manufactured by human beings…

that being said, the Turkish people are basically sub-primates, who all need to be used for medical experimentation and turned into dog food.

fuck them



>the Turkish people are basically sub-primates, who all need to be used for medical experimentation and turned into dog food.

What kind of a fucking monster are you? I would never do that to my dog.





File: 92a21b72654e7e2⋯.png (18.8 KB, 292x280, 73:70, 92a21b72654e7e2d5c4dd925e7….png)

File: 43baaa239c34696⋯.jpg (4.97 KB, 275x183, 275:183, 43baaa239c34696d1ac87a6578….jpg)

>fake news clickbait rag claims that UFOs exist.

Just when I thought the peepeepoopoowater couldn't get any worse.


oops now its

I said hack me, Stephen Hawking


Oh my goodness now its

hmmmm this is troublesome, huh?

AGAIN: hack me, you 'intimidating' computer geniuses


Ooops it just changed again…

and I thought you guys had told your mommies how you were going to grow up and become 'big bad hackers' if they paid for yet another PC and the latest Zelda


I'm fucking disappointed as hell


The day I'm interested in a stupid fucking trip code, I'll be sure to let you know


Sorry about that, I was drinking and getting emotional. Can a vol delete my posts please? I feel like such an idiot.



Don't worry about it bro i still like you!


File: b6067fdaf46886b⋯.mp4 (517.29 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Jack Nicholson - Here's Jo….mp4)

> mfw news is now horror movie

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