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File: f315063f3dae106⋯.png (447.47 KB, 723x357, 241:119, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at ….png)



Italy will not have any direct role in an eventual Western military attack against the Syrian government, but it will provide logistical support to its allies, the prime minister’s office said on Thursday.

Caretaker Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni had numerous “international” contacts on Thursday, including with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the statement said.

“Italy will not participate in Syrian military actions,” Gentiloni told allies according to the statement. “Based on current international and bilateral accords, Italy will continue to offer logistical support to allied forces.”


Italy also does not have a government right now, so it would be hard to help right now.


I don't know too much about Italian politics but don't they have a recent history of continuously voting in fascists?


Italy has joined Germany


>Italy and Germany forming their own team again




They're closing their borders to avoid sandniggers.



While their coastguard continues to ship sandniggers to continental Europe? I doubt it.







That is why this war is being staged. To insure a steady flow of "refugees".



Shit it'll be WW2 all over again but I can't even tell what sort of political parties either side will pertain to anymore. I mean seriously they're all such Marxist Capitalist liberals at this point that it makes me wonder why these nations even fight anymore.



No more wars for Israel.



No. Forza Nuova, the only really fascist party, heavily underperfored. Lega is only the third party, half the votes of Movimento 5 Stelle and less votes than PD (the two parties that abolished illegal immigration as a crime).

Also Salvini is a joke. 3/4 years ago he was all "North first", today he's begging for votes in the South and declared "immigrants ARE italians".




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