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File: 1aadb8666091a76⋯.png (1.02 MB, 892x551, 892:551, Credit - Carolina Falkholt.png)



Last year, we told you about the discontent of Brooklyn residents when a mural of a giant penis popped up on one of their building walls. At the time, Swedish street artist Miss Carolina Falkholt had painted a giant ‘dick’ on the side of 303 Broome Street in New York on Christmas Eve.

The work was removed after numerous complaints from local residents.

Related coverage: thegoldwater.com/news/14800-Giant-Penis-Mural-In-New-York-Draws-Attention

By now, the Swedish artist has returned to her native Stockholm where she has done the same, this time in the national flag colors yellow and blue. Her neighbors are however not impressed and have demanded that the five-storey high depiction of the erect blue penis be painted over.


>huge painting of labia

>"brave artistic statement about how strong and independent women are"



She´s portraying an important message about the phallic implications of tall buildings.

All buildings should be domes, to represent breasts instead, until feminists decry that showing a breast is sexist.

Funny how lesbians are so obsessed with cock. Fucking pathetic.


Womyn sublimate things but everything they do is reduced to sex in one form or another.



>Funny how lesbians are so obsessed with cock

penis envy

t. freud


Maybe she sexually identifies as a large, expansive building.



>All buildings should be domes, to represent breasts instead.

I disagree; we should all live and work in holes in the ground, to represent vaginas. :^)


In both cases the protests were because the penis isn't black.



Tall rectangular buildings are the most efficient design. It has nothing to do with p*nises.



>we should all live and work in holes in the ground

They would fill with water, and have the risk of the sides collapsing.


And of course the giant dick is (((mutilated))). At least in the past the Jews had style and knew how to hide.

I fucking hate modern artists. They are nothing but a bunch of rich kids club of manchildren fagchildren who never had to work a day. They just keep passing art funds among each other while producing degenerate filth.


>I disagree; we should all live and work in holes in the ground

Sounds comfy as fuck.


I'd be upset too if a gross mutilated Muslim penis was depicted



>All buildings should be domes

Finally, someone who understands architecture. The dome is the perfect building. It is a circular arch, so infinite amount of arches, it holds up any weight, never collapses.



The chad Roman dome vs. The virgin cube Soviet concrete building



You'd think the swedes would be more then happy to have dicks painted everywhere.

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