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File: f3e323d0a12d689⋯.jpg (58.28 KB, 725x450, 29:18, germany thumbnail.jpg)



Foreign Minister Maas called upon Moscow to their change its ways after he listed a series of events he called problematic that included the lack of progress to initiate a ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. Maas also criticized Moscow for the poison gas attack in Britain, supporting the Syrian government, and efforts to meddle in foreign elections recently.

"We had an attack on the Foreign Ministry where we have to assume that it stemmed from Russia, Maas said. "We can’t just wish all that away … And I think it’s not only reasonable but necessary to point out that we do not view those as constructive contributions." German government officials identified what they called an "isolated" cyber attack on the government's computer network. The attack was first discovered in December and just last week the head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency said there was "a high likelihood" that Moscow was behind the attack.


Aggression, malice, avarice, hostility, deception, theft, war. This is all the Russian knows.


Operation Barbarossa 2.0 when?


File: 311ca698d075c9d⋯.jpg (100.07 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, IMG_0423.jpg)

>change its ways

>series of events he called problematic

>We can’t just wish all that away




Used constantly, by the same ones who use (((toxic))).


>Russia, change ur ways, stop attacking countries constantly and starting wars all over the planet tbh

>stop replacing governments with your own puppets then replacing them again after 20 years when they develop a conscience and try to improve their homeland

>stop putting military bases all over the world and encircling your rivals with missile launch pads, 1,000 military bases outside ur own country is 2 much tbh

>stop false flagging all over the place

>stop flooding Europe with subhuman rapefugees tbh

>plz stop hitting urself lol

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