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File: 1ef2b6bdd60f5e4⋯.png (543.33 KB, 774x427, 774:427, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at ….png)



Two girls were killed and five other children were taken to the hospital after the stolen car one was driving flipped onto railroad tracks, the Broward Sheriff's Office said Sunday.

BSO put the ages of the one boy and six girls from Pompano Beach between 12 and 14.

One of the 12-year-olds was Chayanna "Cha Cha" Nesmith, who died at Broward Health Medical Center. Anaschia Johnson, 13, died at the scene of the 3 a.m. crash that closed Northwest 15th Street near the railroad tracks most of Sunday.

The other five youths – Elijah Wilson, 14; Timnazia McDougle, 12; Teeanna Nesmith, 13 (sister of Chayanna); Ashanti Johnson, 12; Tatiana McKinly, 13 – were taken to Broward Health with various injuries.


>less niggers

Well at least there's some mildly good news today.



>Chayanna "Cha Cha"






Why do niggers give their kids retarded, cringe-inducing names?





thoese are ok





Post overweight fat black teen christian bitches who suck dick on the down low behind their diehard Baptist believers relatives backs


File: ffe9499c94eb131⋯.png (106.7 KB, 500x208, 125:52, Everyones so goddamn happy.PNG)

>Nigs get an early start on nigging and steal a vehicle

>Die/wind up hospitalized as a result

I'd say nothing of value was lost but that poor vehicle says otherwise.


File: b9699a9bc9fd07f⋯.png (11.35 KB, 277x180, 277:180, Preventable_causes_of_deat….png)

>Broward county

>same place the Parkland shooting happened

>kids killed while driving, a cause of death more likely to kill kids than gun violence

Is this like some cosmic way of pointing out that if you actually want to "march for your life," the best way to do so is to learn to drive safely/learn CPR/stop teenage smoking/end teenage obesity?



It needs to fucking be.

Frankly, CPR needs to be taught in school, and schools (in areas where they don't/stopped) need to start having a helping hand in teaching driving (or at least subsidize it so these idiots can learn to drive safely)


Theys wuz gunna b doctas n shit!



Not even that, having a larger amount of the population know basic CPR will increase the chances of someone not dying from no one around knowing how to and having an ambulance show up late.

Obviously not everyone's going to fucking pass, but those that do get a yearly certification (from school).

It's obvious the people who are too retarded to do it would get fucking nothing.


oh fuck me. I didn't even mean to post that reddit spacing shit………………………………

Can you tell I'm trying to cram a term paper right now? Definitely not in the right mind for this shit.

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