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File: 8f55cffb745858a⋯.png (395.52 KB, 637x389, 637:389, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at ….png)



The United States embassy in Cambodia has fired 32 people after they were allegedly caught sharing pornographic material in a non-official chat group, several sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Four sources told Reuters that pornographic videos and photographs, including some featuring people under the age of 18, were shared in a Facebook Messenger chat group.

Some of the images were seen by the wife of an embassy worker who reported the incident to an official at the embassy. The matter was then forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the sources said.


Nice title hiding that Mutts love pizza.


It's always jealous woman doing the reporting since fake age laws made by them.


Lol, dumb jealous bitch got her husband fired from what was probably a cushy well paying government job with benefits.



Too emotional, impulsive. She’ll probably blame him when he tells her he can’t buy her that new tesla he promised her.



>caught sharing pornographic material in a non-official chat group

so people were sharing porn while off duty on a public forum

Literally being fired for sharing nudes off the clock




>so people were sharing porn while off duty on a public forum

Doesn't say they were off the clock. More than likely the woman saw it on someone else's computer while she was visiting and freaked out

By "non official" it most likely means it wasn't an official group that the US government setup. It was probably just a thing they used to chat with each other while on break. And they probably had such a lax atmosphere there that nobody gave a shit.

At the same time she probably didn't expect that the FBI would overreact to the point where they'd fire everyone. She probably overreacted since Cambodia has a huge human trafficking problem.



They're sharing CP though.



maybe as consumers, but most of it is produced outside of burgerland

why is that?


>sharing cp

>on facebook messanger

Not to mention that they've let the wife of one of these retards see the pics. Is it so hard to wait until the room's completely empty before you start whacking off?





easier to hide




They should all be fed into meat grinders and then the scraps shot into the ocean though.


>including some featuring people under the age of 18

That's kind of important OP, your title made it sound like all porn was illegal…

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