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File: 19f86c4ae7218f9⋯.jpg (293.42 KB, 1876x1072, 7:4, school thumbnail.jpg)



A years-long tradition of "birthday spankings" will come to an end at a North Texas elementary school after parent complaints. The Alvord Elementary School Principal Bridget Williams tradition of playfully spanking students on their birthdays will no longer continue after the school received at least one handwritten note from a parent complaining about the tradition.

Alvord Independent School District Superintendent Randy Brown issued a statement Tuesday announcing an end to the tradition at Alvord Elementary school. While Brown expressed support for the practice, the statement revealed Williams decided to end the tradition "on her own account". Brown was adamant they spankings weren't "actual spankings," but rather "a traditional celebration of a child’s birthday."



>Let's beat the kids asses on their birthday, for living instead of doing anything wrong

>that'll make em stable adults

There's a reason most traditions fade in time.


At least those children whose parents give birthday spankings can receive them at home. Sad for the students who like to watch though.


americans are subhuman


>birthday spankings

This is a real thing? I've never seen it seriously before. I always thought it was a joke. Never happened to me or anyone I know.


HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Called birthday bumps in some places. Get hit for the number of your age. Sometimes it is just tossing the person up and down but sometimes people will kick you in the butt for the number of your age. People seem to like it as fun but I've always seen it to be annoying. Why would you want to get kicked around so much on your birthday? Never saw the fun for the person receiving all those kicks.



it's not for the kicked. it's for the crowd


Holy shit, a handwritten note?!?!?

This changes everything.



>acting like humans, treating the children like humans, doing something funny, tradition!!!!!!!! danger-danger tradition!!!!

>at least one hand written note

>after ONE parent scribbled a note

Meanwhile, every other school has a regular visit from a tranny to tell them how to have anal sex at 5 years old.



>Bridget Williams has since resigned and suicided

>She will be replaced by Shiendleth Maxshekelberg, a prominent rabbi

>Maxskehelberg has decided to give all children aids so none feel left out, he is quoted as saying "SCHLEMKSKKSK SJHHELLMEB PTHELMMMSHHHLSSTTT KDKRKRKRKRKRKKRKRK" while chewing on the corpse of a first year student



>tossing person up and down


This isn't about any of those things. I went across my teacher's lap for my 7th birthday.



If they're waiting until the kid is five years old to give them the 'tunnel of love' talk then it sounds like American schools need a lot more diversity.


Is this some sick jew tradition like how they mutilate their sons' dicks? I've never heard of this.



paper trails are a pesky little thing



I deliberately sent my children to a school fully staffed by transexuals with aids.

The teachers encourage "blood swapping" as a means to ensure equality and so that everyone knows that we are all one family, the primate family.




one really old teacher I had back in middle school had a big green foam paddle shaped like a hand and would do this before giving you a piece of candy, it's kinda embarrassing at that age but mostly harmless; the goal isn't to cause pain just have a little fun


this isn't your fetish blog Jim

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