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File: 617e0f3f5de9443⋯.png (506.68 KB, 746x434, 373:217, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at ….png)


of an Illinois K9 Academy is warning that if marijuana is legalized, some drug sniffing dogs could be euthanized.

Chad Larner said retraining the dogs would be "extreme abuse" and replacing the dogs would cost millions.

Illinois has 275 narcotic K9s, each costing thousands of dollars to train and care for.



wow. what shitty appeal to pathos.

>if weed is legalized we'll resort to killing the dogs instead of just retiring them with their former trainers (like they do when they're paralyzed or are defective irl)



or selling them to other states



I have to agree, with you on that. That make more sense than just killing them.


File: 330cd7eafd1f0c5⋯.jpg (33.54 KB, 512x341, 512:341, gourmetganja.jpg)

>Chad Larner said retraining the dogs would be "extreme abuse" and replacing the dogs would cost millions.

>this message was sponsored by Phillip-Morris and Anheuser-Busch


I expect nothing less from the brilliant state that spawned chicongo.


They can still sniff meth and fent.


threatening to euthanize drug sniffing dogs is illegal because they're actual legal police officers.


File: d53bd8dc2750b81⋯.jpg (62.81 KB, 500x375, 4:3, fool kill .jpg)


Why not fucking give the dogs to K9 Officers who actually need them to sniff that shit out?


What would you do with a dog except kill it? You couldn't set it loose and no other organization exists for pet adoption. Don't force them to kill those dogs.



>You couldn't set it loose

No, but perhaps they could "accidentally" break free from their cages during "casual" examinations of parts of the city filled with "known public liabilities". The cops will do their best to find them, and they simply won't be able to. Then they'll turn up dead and a few "people" will be hurt in the process, but it'll all work out.


File: fdeb1b7f4060d08⋯.png (216.52 KB, 609x343, 87:49, 26196263_1929593683721986_….png)

I'm a total fucking potsmoking degenerate Libertarian , and even I think this is horrible. Give the pupper to good homes desu.


File: 7bf237d882aeaa2⋯.jpg (15.44 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 7bf237d882aeaa28c33866bf13….jpg)

Why exactly would retraining them be abuse? You don't have to de-trian their pot sniffing abilities, just train them to sniff out other things as well.



You don't even have to retrain them necessarily. carrying and/or using pot is still illegal in certain instances and I'd think being in a courtroom or on an airplane would still count.


re-training them would be abuse so better kill them off because you know… its not people can have dogs as pets.


this is North Korean-tier bullshit lol


Fake and gay


>We are the type of people to do horrible shit for dumb reasons and blame it on other people.

This also seems passive-aggressive as fuck.


This is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.


>Don't force us to kill these puppies, goyim.

Schlomo, please.


if you make weed legal were gunna start slaughtering puppies to the left and to the right… lol… this has to be fake.



I've looked after a police trained dog before it came with a very, very long list of strict guidelines. At least half of them was strictly for your safety, and a bunch of others was for the safety of other people and their pets.

So yeah the cops can't just give one of these trained dogs away.


File: 72b4d9b460af2b9⋯.webm (2.29 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, WEED EVERYDAY.webm)

Women who smoke weed give the best head.


File: 45324742b9c352c⋯.jpg (29.5 KB, 432x648, 2:3, 1500334067.jpg)


For fuck sake.



yeah but this report make zero sense. they say it would cost millions to replace the dogs but what happens is these police dogs will just be used as attack dogs instead of weed sniffing and attacking. plus they say that its less cruel to kill them then it is to try and re-train them. fuck it who cares, murder the damn dogs and make the weed legal i say. if a few dogs have to get killed so stoners don't get locked up anymore then i say do it. i know it sounds heartless but god damn man… this insane war on drugs has gone on way to long.


>if you legalise pot, am going to kill this doggo

>if you do this, i do this




Do they eat dogs too?



Why wouldn't they just allow their handlers/human partners the opportunity to personally adopt them? Obviously it would be better to send the dogs home with someone who understands the training the animals have received as opposed to putting them in with a clueless family, but there's no need to jump straight to euthanasia.

If they're serious about this then it's one of 2 things:

>We spent money on these dogs, we're not going to give them away for free, even if we're done with them because government agencies are like children who would rather destroy a toy their bored with than see it in the hands of another child


>We don't want pot to be legalized! Quit it! We're going to kill dogs to be spiteful.

Also the dogs are still perfectly valuable for sniffing out every other substance that is still illegal. They are not just pot sniffing dogs, they are DRUG sniffing dogs. Since meth and crack and heroine are not about to be legalized, there's still plenty of work for all these animals to do. So what's really going on here?



I was gonna go off on a rant how I bet the uninformed are going to hate marijuana for 'killing dogs' but this is a funny point.

>Well son, it was a strange time when Illinois government got sued out of existence for threatening to murder police dogs if marijuana was legalized.

>Threatening to murder police officers if the population doesn't vote their way.

This could be meme'd hard on FB with nearly 0 investment, just trigger anti-establishment types and they'll spread it like wildfire.


File: 9a3a2980e1dcfed⋯.jpg (763.46 KB, 2048x1148, 512:287, atheist pride parade.jpg)

>all the weedcucks itt



>if I tack '-cuck' to the end of somebody's hobby or group, it's almost like I actually post an argument!

benis lol

Jim is great at running imageboards and fully understands how they arer supposed to work


File: 1dd108d436c204c⋯.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, 16:9, beavis-and-butthead-laughi….gif)


it could be memed what FB?


that's hundreds of pounds of good meat.

sell to china


File: 38cb3adfa92e58b⋯.jpg (91.41 KB, 407x550, 37:50, Azathoth.jpg)


>the flying spaghetti monster smiles upon all unions



File: 9eb7c174405d290⋯.jpg (104.15 KB, 754x1024, 377:512, ScreamingEagle3.jpg)


I'm a registered Republican who partakes. Leave my liberty alone juden.



Just because you smoke weed doesn't mean you're not a fuckin nazi anymore.


File: f16e63bd82889ff⋯.jpg (78.34 KB, 782x573, 782:573, lefties2.jpg)

File: 5b1b2d73d41a555⋯.jpeg (1.81 MB, 3000x3672, 125:153, 5b1b2d73d41a555cc86fe4595….jpeg)

File: ce384874497a018⋯.jpg (216.97 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, lefties4.jpg)


I knew it. No one who partakes in cannabis and undergoes the introspection really remains a piece of shit commie



They retire police dogs with families all the time.

My mother owns a trained attack dog, they can be socialized, and live with another family.

Shit some police dogs especially ones that are drug dogs are benign as fuck.

A family I know adopted an 9 year old police dog, and someone fucking stole it.



>>Chad Larner said retraining the dogs would be "extreme abuse" and replacing the dogs would cost millions.

>Chad Larner

>the chad euthanizer vs the virgin drug decriminalizer



>be police officer

>get stolen

and somehow i'm supposed to believe these useless fucks are able and willing to protect me?


>Chad Larner said retraining the dogs would be "extreme abuse" and replacing the dogs would cost millions.

Depriving dogs of an outlet for their natural urges to such an extent that the only time they're allowed to feel reward/play is a few moments with a tennis ball after they find concealed weed.

That is the real abuse.

And the brainwashed/punishment based conditioning is so deeply ingrained that retraining is "impossible".

More likely they don't want these dogs to be rehomed with the public, lest the extent of the terrorisation and trauma these dogs live with be revealed on social media.

Can you imagine it?

>we adopted this dog last week, after the PD put all of their drug dogs up for rehoming.

>she just sits in a corner shaking and cowers whenever my husband raises his voice.



nice derail



>If you don't give us dogs to shoot, then we'll just shoot our own.

Since killing a police dog is considered the same as killing a human officer does that mean they will face charges?

lol no, laws only apply to the peasants.


goyim it costs MILLIONS to train 275 dogs

remember 6,000,000 dogs will die if you do this


File: c486cba29017ed2⋯.jpeg (46.79 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 2635eee4850e04ded9fded432….jpeg)


>if you smoke cannabis you don't work hurr hurr



It has been proven that the drug dogs don't really alert on pot! They alert on a subtle command by their master. That way the pigs can search a suspected druggie or distributor without a warrant! Cops are criminals.



Strange isn't it? When a criminal kills a police dog it is legally treated the same as killing a law officer. When the state no longer needs a police dog apparently they can just say, "fuck it, we can't afford this" Really makes those gears grind :^)

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