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File: afe76085b38a1d0⋯.png (619.62 KB, 804x488, 201:122, Credit - Police thumbnail.png)



A disturbing new trend seems to be in the making as more and more 911 calls are being investigated. People have been calling upon emergency services of 911 for minuscule, nonissues for decades, but lately, it seems people have been calling police as a means of getting back at someone they don't like. Whether it's "swatting", the terrifying internet trend where people report false crimes to incite a violent police response at an unknowing third party's home, or calling the police over something that doesn't actually constitute a crime, which is what a man in Memphis says happened to him.


This is NOT news.


It is a well known fact for countless years anon.



>t. soyboi using the police to take revenge on tyrone for not using lube in his last session of anal sex


>using police as a weapon

Does this mean we need to ban "assault police" for everyone's safety just like

>using raifus as a weapon

(((They))) say we need to ban "assault raifus"? /sarc


>using police as a weapon

>Using an armed gang as a weapon

Imagine that. But of course, the police aren't evil for stealing from innocents to kill innocents, they're just being used!! Can't you see? If people stopped using the poor SWAT, they wouldn't be victimized into this!


I once heard of a man who the police came to arrest them so he called the police on the police to arrest them for trying to arrest him



police are stupid human beings just like the rest of us. they are holding weapons/tools just like the rest of us. guns and tools were never the problem, it was always humanity. and before you talk about us making robots, we built them too and they are just as fucked up as we are. take the guns away and everyone will go back to hitting each other over the head with clubs like in cavemen times. fun fact: police still use clubs in addition to guns. nice try though, liberal democrat dumbass.


must be a slow day for news at The Goldwater.



t. zogbot



>police are stupid human beings just like the rest of us.

>like the rest of us

factually incorrect. Neither I nor anyone else of value even qualifies to be a police officer due to IQ alone. It's unclear whether it would be better for violent home invaders to be more or less competent in the first place

>all that shitting yourself over guns

You're the only one fixated on firearms.

> liberal democrat dumbass

I'm not a liberal democrat and this is an American article.



Wow, I hope everyone was alright. That could turn violent quick in some areas where jurisdiction was in dispute.

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