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File: 99ccdb4ea147751⋯.png (1000.73 KB, 1014x576, 169:96, credit_-_kfm_tv_kent.png)


Talk about bad luck. Just as a local reporter from Kent, UK, is delivering a news segment about a suspected Cannabis farm, a youth hilariously walks in between the houses where the alleged illegal farm is housed, wearing said plant in his arms. As he notices the camera, he sprints away as quickly as possible.

Man carrying plant runs on broadcast about a cannabis farm in Kent t.co/aexqgQT89F pic.twitter.com/A32zMtJpeW— NewsRoom (@newschannelpk) May 16, 2018

The couple who lived in the cottage, Ms Yvette and Mr Neil Hartley had some 88 cannabis plants growing in their charming little cottage in rural Hoath, Kent.



I will admit… i loled.


Fake and gay.

>those rooftops

Where the fuck do they live, the Hobbit Shire?



that is a typical English village mate

the Shire was based on England

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