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File: 059e657657c7ad6⋯.png (736.63 KB, 1031x593, 1031:593, updated thumbnail.png)



Boys will be boys, at least that is how we used to look at young boys when they got into mischief or were simply having fun. Now, the sight of a young boy playing with a toy pistol is offensive to the social justice warriors. Outrage ensued after a photo emerged of Prince George playing with a toy gun and Princess Charlotte playing in the sun while watching Prince William's polo match.


I was younger than he is there playing with toy cowboy revolvers. I have family photos of it too.

fuck social justice warriors.



they'd be perfectly happy if he was in a dress while playing with a gun, or dressed as he is playing with a dildo.

the sooner we're rid of these (((sjws))), the better.


>Internet SJWs Outraged over Outrage At Prince George Pictured Playing With Gun


>Internet SJWs outraged that a young boy who already has UK military regiments discussing where he will take his commission is seen playing with a normal boys toy.

Then again these are the same hatemongers who openly wailed on twitter when they heard that the Royal baby was a boy, and accused his mother of 'betraying them' and saying she should have aborted her son. Saying they should be burned is an insult to fire.



They could be put into an ultrasonic chamber and shaken apart into their component molecules.

Maybe the hadron collider could be put to use.

Throw a handful of sand in a porthole, and let it breeze through the sjws.


pew, pew, pew




Still too expensive, lock them up in a warehouse somewhere and leave them for a few months. Either they starve or start tearing each other apart, either way it works. Install some CCTV and see how long it takes the male feminists to start hating their owners.



Even easier: just leave them in a room alone with their beloved refugees. It's cheap, fast and karmic.


That's not even a gun

What the fuck?



My grandpa bought me some 6-shooters and even a tommygun! Used to go around the neighborhood raising hell with a couple other kids. We were like 5 years old.



>That's not even a gun

>What the fuck?

<Something something something 'REEEEEEEE!' something something something 'PHALLIC SYMBOLS!' something something something 'WAR IS NOT A TOY!' something something something 'EVIL, MAN, TOY, MAN, EVIL, TOY, MAN, EVIL, BAD!' something something something 'LISTEN TO MY COMPASSIONATE HATRED!'

I hope that helps you understand their grievance. Granted, it makes no sense, but you won't get a clearer answer out of anyone who got butthurt over this.


File: 95ed86c60353b9a⋯.jpg (31.65 KB, 640x480, 4:3, (((huff))).jpg)



>mfw it'll never be the good ol days again.


>women open their mouths, feminism set back 50 years again



Just imagine if it was a spoon?


File: da7458895964921⋯.jpeg (39.45 KB, 467x500, 467:500, 480AC6E3-E222-4B37-B70D-A….jpeg)

Do you think they’d be just as outraged if it were a nigger?

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