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File: 7a1bfd25229d77a⋯.png (613.92 KB, 896x491, 896:491, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at ….png)


At least one boater has died after a sinkhole developed on the bed of a north Arkansas river, creating a whirlpool.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokesman Trey Reid told The Washington Post Monday that the victim has been identified as Donald Wright, 64, from Searcy, Ark.

Reid told The Post that when the sinkhole opened and formed the whirlpool on Saturday afternoon, boaters were ejected from their boats. Wright, who was in a kayak, paddled toward the whirlpool to try to help them.



ah the insulated boomer

too retarded to recognize reality so he dies like a dog


any possibility that this was caused by fracking causing the air pocket under ground that developed into the sinkhole?



Nah. Drilling is too far from the water man.

They just had some dredges up and down the river this past week though doing thier usual so the barges can keep coming through. They displaced a few metric fucktons of sediment, dunno if that could have anything to do with it though.


any chance that the joooooosss did this?



Only if it was from the underground tunnel network by DARPA (TM). It's much more likely that this poster >>179293 is correct about the sediment displacement howbeit.



Salt Dome Collapse or New Madrid fault repeat of 1830 s superquake


I heard the family is still stunned, it hasn't sank in yet.



>boomer hehe

Poor old guy died, but it should've been you.



Agreed, but on another note the boomer hate threads are working preddy gud


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Salt Dome Collapse

Do they have salt mines in AR?

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