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File: 2efc36850143c70⋯.jpg (88.42 KB, 1140x641, 1140:641, Man Lawyer at 71 KJHOU.com.jpg)



A man in Dallas could very well just sit back and relax at home and enjoy the fruits of his retirement, but he says doing nothing will simply drive him nuts. And so, when a new law school opened in downtown Dallas while he was well into his late 60s, he saw that as another opportunity to be productive and to continue growing as an individual. Fast forward to more than four years later, and today at 71, he became the oldest graduate in the inaugural law class.

John VanBuskirk added a new feather to his cap at 71, so to speak, as a law graduate from UNT Dallas College of Law. He also achieved that with flying colors, finishing with a 3.21 GPA, and making the Dean’s List four times.

What’s even more commendable to an already incredible feat for someone his age is that he also managed to log 800 hours of pro bono work, volunteering at clinics with the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program and pro bono clinics through the law school. In fact, he just earned two statewide awards for his pro bono work.


good for him


False alarm losers (like me): He was already a winner who didn't give up. Not one of us:

"Prior to law school, VanBuskirk can already lay claim to an accomplished career. He dedicated 25 years of service in the Army, where he retired at the rank of major. He spent two stints in the military and has been to two wars- first as a medical helicopter pilot in Vietnam, and then returning to service as an officer at a U.S. hospital in Germany during the Iraq war in 2006. "


>an old man graduated college at the senile age of 71

what's your excuse /pol/


You're never too old to pursue education for a lucrative career. Won't have your degree until you're forty? Well would you rather be forty with career prospects or just forty? You're gonna be the same age either way.


And this:

He thanks his Army background for his ability and compatibility to follow a regimented schedule. He shares: “I’ve got zero problem with getting up at 3 o’ clock in the morning, studying for 2-3 hours, getting another hour of sleep, then getting up for the day and going at it.”

This guy sounds like one boomer ya'll don't want to fuck with.


helps to afford the $150k you will need to pay for it when you're already too old to ever pay that off.


That's essentially my plan, though I'll probably pursue another discipline. It's not old people in and of themselves that are the problem - it's the ones who feel like they have nothing left to learn and no longer want to contribute. Plus, I imagine retirement can get boring when you've grown accustomed to slaving away for thirty or forty years.

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