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File: fc23c58248c3b00⋯.jpg (131.99 KB, 728x524, 182:131, playground thumbnail.jpg)



Minnesota state troopers were pursuing an unlicensed driver when he rammed into a Minneapolis playground and injured three young children, one of them suffered a broken hip and neck. The horror unfolded Monday when state troopers tried stopping 27-year-old Kabaar Powell during a routine traffic stop. Powell refused to stop and fled tearing through a tennis court before smashing into the playground near the Jenny Lind Elementary School.


Niggers sure are stupid. Yea you're unlicensed drive, pay your fine and be done. But no, you had to try to escape, and then ran into a playground, almost killing few kids and odds are good you paralyzed one for life (broken neck). Sad as fuck that this nigger is just going to nigger playground, and won't be killed off.


I smoked weed every single day i was in prison. Didnt even feel like doin time. This nigger needs to be stabbed.


File: f93b7762a9a0282⋯.jpg (64.05 KB, 580x800, 29:40, 1514483440441.jpg)


>Who Rammed 3 Children At Playground

Who comes up with these titles?






>pay your fine and be done

Dude probably had like 3 outstanding warrants


To be honest its the cops fault for being stupid fucks and trying to catch him. They have guidelines in place for these situations and the police did not follow procedure.



Yes goyim, we should just let these niggers run wild.

It's too dangerous to try and stop them.



Yeah they should have just shot him on sight


>it's a nigger

wow, i did not see that coming



Y'know, ramming children with you car because you're being chased by the cops falls on the guy ramming children. When I think of police arresting me, I don't think of driving through a playground with children is the way to avoid it. Sure, he didn't mean to kill them, but he should've known better than to drive into where children play. Negligent homicide.



Basically his negligence either killed or injured children.


he was just trying to make it to church in time for the beginning of a sunday sermon when the evil white troopers profiled him because he's black

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