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File: 46435a9be8107a8⋯.png (429.48 KB, 866x502, 433:251, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at ….png)


The Berkeley City Council on Tuesday night declared what it called a "climate emergency" with more global significance than World War II, and called for an immediate effort to "humanely stabilize population" and "reverse ecological overshoot."

The resolution, which invokes the global conflict between the Axis and Allies, charges that Americans bear an "extraordinary responsibility to solve the crises" facing the environment.

"[D]uring World War II, the Bay Area came together across race, age, class, gender and other differences in an extraordinary regional mobilization, building and repairing Liberty ships, converting car assembly plants into tank manufacturing facilities," the resolution reads.





>’time to get started with those eugenics programs’


File: fe0704eed2433c5⋯.jpg (42.29 KB, 1024x559, 1024:559, avengers-infinity-war-than….jpg)

remind me of someone.



>implying kikes would ever say anything is worse than the holocaust

Get a load of this goy

Bonus: he has been sliding newsplus with shit posts. Really working for that gold star



>demands 'humane' population control

>birthrates in western civilization stabilized and declined, overpopulation and climate change solved

>sperg out that we need millions of immigrants who shit out 20 kids each to stop population decline

>reeeeeee about climate change

>rinse and repeat

DOTR can't get here soon enough.


File: ec007e3fa64e4d2⋯.jpg (217.17 KB, 1200x854, 600:427, b8539bb9df9f1ea82b91ef0273….jpg)

>"extraordinary responsibility to solve the crises"

I agree. Lets start by depopulating Africa, India, and China.



Lets start by genociding all the shitskins and ant-people


File: 97c0658a1e42d6d⋯.jpg (57.59 KB, 500x366, 250:183, 97c0658a1e42d6d92fe402d2e4….jpg)


File: 9c383885d8680f8⋯.jpg (576.42 KB, 1600x1125, 64:45, Gurren Lagann.jpg)


Well, well, well. So they've finally started.


>humanely stabilize population

Why does everything have to be humane with these people? There is nothing humane about any kind of plan to eradicate the vast excess of human lives so that humanity can actually continue. The fact is though, that these people have been fighting against what nature has been trying to do for the past 2 centuries. They are one of the main contributing factors of the problem.

But now they've come to a point where they can no longer be ignorant to these problems, but on the converse they've ended up "artificialising" and even to a point, politicizing the whole issue. It has not gotten so bad that nature cannot take its course, and it will never get so bad that nature cannot do what it has been mandated by the universe to do. The only thing that changes is the severity in how nature responds to problem, in relation to how long we've been pushing forward with our efforts to reject nature. The reaction nature would have given 200 years ago would be less severe had they stopped pushing then compared to if we are to stop pushing now.

Let nature take its course. Stop fighting against her and after the chaotic swell, things will settle down and begin to rebuild itself. Going about it in a kind of artificial crusade way of "humanely" exterminating the excess, there will be many points at which the regard of human life and its worth is based on the perceived and human value of the society that they belong to, and not the value that nature holds to that human beings life. People will be unjustly killed and unfairly denied their right of existence, not only on the terms of law and civil society, but on the terms of nature as well.


File: 5c0fcf41403cc9b⋯.jpg (51.41 KB, 600x462, 100:77, the israel flag behind the….jpg)

>tfw when (((intellectuals))) make the mutt nation commit coordinated genocide against european peoples in order to depopulate the planet (that they themselves helped to hyper populate by encouraging massified nigger breeding) and the cattle will surely commend their "genius" humane solution


Whites are declining in population so don't look at us.


>humane population control

soft language for, "were gonna kill you honkey!"


>population control

Start by killing all the leftists. Problem solved.


>demands 'humane' population control

I hope they lead by example



this tbh



Thanos did nothing wrong.


File: a439bd99af5375e⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 2353x3000, 2353:3000, Harrison_Schmitt.jpg)

My views on climate change come from someone who has actually been to the moon and back and is a processional geologist. Not some soyfed retards at Berkley


"Human population control" is a codeword for breeding retards, whites dont breed and we have a fuckton of negros and asians, but we must control white numbers… The problem we are facing right now its because the world its filled with retards that breed untill they start dying from starvation, castrate negros and hans, problem solved.


File: 716322fb854b03c⋯.png (38.8 KB, 600x320, 15:8, commie fuckwit.png)


Well at least the commies have stopped pretending they're not genocidal.

Good luck repealing the 2A now ya bastids.


File: a15f160f70931ed⋯.jpg (70.2 KB, 490x598, 245:299, Malthus was an idiot.jpg)


This. If you ever meet someone talking about how 'there's too many people' or calling for population control then just smile, name the Malthusian, and ask them why they haven't killed themselves yet.


File: b321e50182df3be⋯.gif (543.45 KB, 3500x2198, 250:157, united_states_hires.gif)


I actually agree

let's start with the state with the worst air pollution



And they would have to deal with Asia, since the Chinks and Poos are the biggest polluters.



Time to put population control on Africa, China etc nations that are doing the most of it

West doesnt need it, were dying off as it is



It's called predictive programming.

They have used it countless times.

It is to desensitise the population into accepting an otherwise horrific idea, by familiarising it in a 'fantasy' form set elsewhere.

It works like a vaccination, a small dose of the disease that the body, or in this case the brain, can accept.

If they start with the juden, sterilizing every last one and nuking israel and new york as humanely as possible, then I'm on board.

They can follow with africa's complete neutron bombing, with a population of nearly 1,000 million, up from 400 million in 1980, just 35 or so years ago. Then india, with comparable population expansion, 1,200 million, china nearing 1,500 million.

After that, take out all the low crossbreeds in the americas, and all the negroids/arabs around the planet, and things will resemble a world worth living in.


Sterilize everyone. Reproduction by in vitro only. No more rampant uncontrolled proliferation of people.


Global pandemic when?




It would be really telling of their agenda on who they choose to start with in there policy making. These are the same people that have insisted all people are equal for ages, so really it shouldn't matter if you start with blacks and Indians as they're just as valid as whites and Asians according to their own value systems.



They are also massive hypocrites.



Obviously but they would be utterly indefensibly exposed to the fact themselves if asked how they planned to initiate it. You have to start somewhere with some people, who do they choose? They can't even argue "muh random selection" because they're still playing an active role in the malicious destruction of people, humane or not, which they could have prevented by simply not taking the action in the first place.



Going by your map, that would be Rhode Island.


>humanely murder half the population of every white nation


Fags and retards are genetic dead ends. We should humanely kill them as quickly as possible.



>If they start with the juden, sterilizing every last one and nuking israel and new york as humanely as possible, then I'm on board.

Words of wisdom right here.



Funny, your post is "alright, it had to happen, but the only question is how". Always interesting how quickly accept anything the government feeds them. Like 99% of people are simply programmed to say "yes", without any thought to any other possibility.

Send a few dozen hillbillies into Berkley and have them raze it to the ground. Problem solved.

Then take care of the actual causes of over population, the monopolies, the juden, the negroids, pakis, arabs, gooks and south american cannibal crossbreed spics.



This has actually been the plan since the 60s, at least in official symposiums and documentation.

State controlled orphanages for all offspring is the other step.



its not about eradication. a humane version of population control would be shit like the china one child policy. why is it so hard for you faggots to rub two brain cells together


We start with:


Then we proceed with:


And then we end with the Holocaust for real




So you're advocating for 9th month abortions and killing all girl babies because we don't want to pay a dowry?


File: 7b1ee4dd5be41fa⋯.jpg (68.09 KB, 800x510, 80:51, saint rodgers.jpg)


there is nothing wrong with the asians or their offspring m8



its already how the GOP operates in the states without a one child policy



So controlling the number of children people can have and forcing them to have abortions is humane?



>implying niggers would be expected to follow that rule

>implying kikes would be expected to follow that rule

>implying spics would be expected to follow that rule

>implying mudshits would be expected to follow that rule

Fuck off.


File: 4fd0f1d1038adcb⋯.jpg (11.84 KB, 210x230, 21:23, koolaid man.jpg)


Berkley should SET the Example and Kill Themselves en-masse! Jonestown Style. Show they Believe It! At least their Administration and Science Departments.


File: 213303d6223b190⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 283x174, 283:174, racist_israelis.jpg)


The left should reject them, they are Obviously Racist! See attached Data.

Also, this:

Colleges with a large percent Jewish students

** Note the Inclusion of UC Berkeley.

Imagine that…..

Colleges with a large percent Jewish students

I found this information in a Princeton Review book "Hillel Guide to Jewish Life on Campus". Colleges with more than 10% Jewish students, undergrad plus grad. I can't vouch for the accuracy. Round numbers suggest estimates.

alphabetical by state

U of Arizona 11%

Cal St Northridge 14%

Pitzer 24%

Occidental 10%

San Diego St 10%

Stanford 15%

UC Berkeley 13%

UCLA 12%

UC San Diego 14%

UC Santa Barbara 11%

UC Santa Cruz 20%

U Denver 14%

Connecticut C 11%

U Hartford 18%

Wesleyan U 21%

Yale U 39%

American U 23%

George Washington U 19%

Georgetown U 23%

Lynn U 11%

Nova Southeastern 20%

U Florida 11%

U Miami 15%

U Tampa 14%

Emory 24%

Northwestern 14%

U Chicago 16%

Earlham 10%

Tulane 22%

Goucher 25%

U Maryland at Baltimore 18%

U Maryland College Park 22%

Amherst 16%

Babson 26%

Boston U 20%

Brandeis 57%

Clark 18%

Curry C 41%

Emerson C 23%

Hampshire C 17%

Harvard 26%

Lesley C 40%

Simmons C 33%

Tufts 33%

U Mass Amherst 13%

Wheelock C 10%

Williams C 12%

U Michigan 17%

Western Michigan U 10%

Macalester 10%

Washington U St Louis 26%

New England C 28%

Drew U 11%

Fairleigh Dickinson U Madison 13%

Monmouth C 12%

Princeton U 12%

Richard Stockton C of NJ 14%

Rider U 10%

Rutgers Douglas 17%

Stevens Institute of Tech 13%

Adelphi 12%

Alfred U 10%

Bard C 16%

SUNY Binghamton 38%

Colgate 17%

Columbia 32%

Cooper 11%

Cornell U 16%

CUNY Baruch 13%

CUNY Brooklyn C 24%

CUNY Hunter 18%

CUNY Queens 38%

Hamilton 10%

Hobart & Wm Smith 17%

Hofstra 21%

Ithaca C 15%

NYU 32%

Pratt Institute 15%

Skidmore 20%

SUNY Albany 34%

SUNY Buffalo 13%

SUNY Stony Brook 17%

SUNY New Paltz 15%

SUNY Oswego 15%

SUNY Plattsburgh 12%

SUNY Purchase 14%

Syracuse U 17%

Touro C 76%

Union C 20%

U of Rochester 13%

Vassar 18%

Yeshiva 69%

Duke 18%

Case Western 13%

Oberlin 28%

Reed 38%

Bryn Mawr 17%

Carnegie Mellon 16%

Dickinson 15%

Franklin and Marshall 12%

Haverford 27%

Lehigh 13%

Muhlenberg 25%

Penn St University Park 10%

Penn St Abington 40%

Swarthmore 20%

U Pennsylvania 39%

Brown U 22%

Johnson and Wales 10%

Roger Williams 11%

U Rhode Island 14%

UVA 10%

Marquette 10%

U Wisconsin Madison 11%

Post edited by collegehelp on July 2011


File: 9286d8c3b1b54c3⋯.jpg (22.3 KB, 255x184, 255:184, jews molloch sacrifice.jpg)


Jewish population proportion of USA is between 2-4% depending on how you count them.

Berkeley is pretty Obviously a bunch of Racists/haters. Statistics don't lie.

Calculate the Size of the U.S. Jewish Population

A major new Pew Research Center survey illuminates the many different ways in which Americans may self-identify as Jewish or partially Jewish. The survey provides a sense of how the size of the population varies depending on one’s definition of who is a Jew.

Use the checkboxes below to calculate the size of the U.S. Jewish population based on different definitions of what it means to be Jewish.

Estimated Jewish population in the United States


3.8% of total U.S. population | 3.8% of U.S. adult population | 3.9% of U.S. under-18 population


File: 7444036bf2d1b58⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 251x179, 251:179, uc bekkeley pop.jpg)


UC Berkeley Suicide Watch. Yeah, otherwise they are just 'Blowin' Smoke!'


File: 789397ba4a75f6b⋯.jpg (55.94 KB, 600x554, 300:277, keep-calm-and-tactical-nuk….jpg)


About 10 tactical nukes would solve the problem - Simple Solution!



well if they don't follow them why dont you ignore them too. its basically the mantra of american conservatives and hackers on counter strike



Rhode Island has just 2.3% jewish Population.

CA is the environmental catastrophe, not RI.


File: 1c3a838da355d41⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 780x439, 780:439, 151208143801-china-polluti….jpg)

File: 51944703c9b2778⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 758x505, 758:505, india-photos-89-758x505.jpg)

They could start with 3rd world countries and polluting nations like China.

But nooooo, that would be racist.


>we need population control

>americans have the burden of doing it

>le eugenics programs

<not putting any sort of pressure on third-world shitholes with the most explosive population growth

lets start with shit-in-streets, ants, and africoons if the problem is so bad.

population is expected to plateau at 12billion but if demographics are correct that will be contained of all shitskins, nonwhites and HAPAS



lil bit of a tall order eh? i mean, you even struggle to keep in check the numbers of your resident spic population, what makes you believe you can destroy the rest?

<inb4 nuke meme

try to keep it realistic nig




The alternative is far worse; too many people and not enough resources on the entire planet to sustain them, leading to a Malthusian apocalypse event that humanity might never recover from.

Forcing someone to have an abortion is nothing compared to that.



Someone certainly should have forced your mum to have an abortion m8


File: e8779c1b35a21c2⋯.png (24.66 KB, 165x115, 33:23, 1383357420139.png)


>'humane' population control



These guidance stones aren't meant for us at this time. They were erect by a guy who was sure humanity would eventually destroy itself in a nuclear fallout, to guide the remaining humans on how to not go down the same path as we did.


I honestly 100% agree

We need to cull those with no care for the environment

ergo the non whites


I have a plan(still in development). I'll false flag troll pakis pretending to be Indians and vice versa so they fucking nuke each other. Asia would be a nice place if these 2 shitholes didn't exist. Indians and pakis are literally the niggers of Asia.



Just get yourself some Ebola and drop it into the Ganges.



do not forget Europe and the middle east



The climate is constantly changing due to natural forces.

It's actually much cooler now than it was just a few hundred years ago.

All of the climate change and global warming hysteria was created for and serves one purpose: justification for mass population reduction.

>Why would anyone want to kill off several billion people?

We are entering the stage of human technological advancement during which human labor is rapidly becoming useless. By the end of the 21st century, machines will have taken over 90%+ of the work currently performed by people, while the global population will have ballooned to over 11 billion. That's a lot of unemployed, hungry people.

>ok so they'll just give us UBI

How long do you honestly think the ultra-wealthy will want to keep feeding an exponentially growing mass of low-IQ useless eaters? The answer is "not long at all". The "elites" of the world are not stupid, and most of them are not humanitarians. They want to drastically reduce the world's population, and have been working on doing so for a long time now.



>It's actually much cooler now than it was just a few hundred years ago.

Completely false, the average temperature were significantly lower before, to the point where famous river where freezing during winter, it doesn't happen any more, also read:



Go home shill




That's why they're bringing the shitskins to Europe.

Like in the film, there'll be mass culling and they want it to be fair. Let the people of all races fight it out for supremacy, except (((themselves))) of course.


File: a672a37277ae60f⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, stilljealous.jpg)

File: f2f76ff292d41db⋯.jpg (142.96 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, euwelcomesrefugee.jpg)


>tfw when (((intellectuals))) make the mutt nation commit coordinated genocide against european peoples


<Implying you didn't bait them in, essentially asking them to take your women

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