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File: 7fe8d5085166351⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1442x896, 103:64, bradd.png)



A day after receiving some good news with the court granting him more unrestricted time with his children, Brad Pitt was seen relaxing and enjoying some “me time.”

The actor was spotted in London on Wednesday riding a bike near a hotel where his estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, is staying with their six kids. It is not clear if he came to see his children while in the same area.

Pitt was dressed casually, with headphones on, wearing a hat and shades.





IT'S IMPORTANT BECAUSE he's famous, for playing a game of pretending to be other people while his friends video tape him. He's made lots of money for other people, so they put him everywhere so you become familiar with his face and voice, so much so that your brain is tricked into thinking that he is someone you've met and know. Therefore, hearing things about his life extends the illusion that he is someone in your life, a friend or family, and so you feel pleasure from knowing more about the insignificant details of someone you'll never meet.

B a s e d



>His wife's kids


His only kid is Shiloh, and mommy Jolie can't virtue signal her away quickly enough


Aren't both of them super rich?

Did he beat her or is he a bad father?

I never met divorced couples.

Why is he not allowed to be with his kids normally?



>I never met divorced couples.

Lurk moar… In life.

>Why is he not allowed to be with his kids normally?

Lurk moar… In life.



File: c4cb41deab49236⋯.jpg (33.71 KB, 615x409, 615:409, savile2.jpg)


>more unrestricted time with his children

ping pong and pizza



because the justice system is filled with a bunch of white knighting boomers who think women can do no wrong


if brad pitt can't keep a white wife, no one has any chance.



No celebrity couple works out, Hollywood infantalizes adults so its like children playing at marriage.

Jolie is a insane bitch tho.

She removed her tits the minute she found out she had a defective gene for breast cancer then publicized the shit out of it to be an "example to women"

Then a month later a gene therapy comes out which cures that gene, meaning it was completey pointless to remove her tits.

She's also trying to turn Shiloh into a fag, the nignog kids don't even want to be around Jolie, there was some quote where the nignog kids even said they felt Jolie was trying to force Shiloh into shit.



So, basically what I said, but with way more gibberish masquerading as "insight"






t. salty feminist roastie who missed her period


File: 1e797c34d0bbfd9⋯.jpg (215.16 KB, 467x438, 467:438, 1438181414_450164181_angel….jpg)


They're not even his Wife's kids. Most of them are abandoned that they just happened to pick up.

Pic related : The gook who's probably banging his stepmom right now.



>Did he beat her or is he a bad father?

neither,bitch just hit the wall and wants to cash out of the relationship



I think Brad chimped out on a plane.


What a loser. His life got ruined by a harpy. He could have stayed single and pump and dump bitches until he can't get it up anymore.

Don't learn anything from Brad Pitt goy go man up and marry those sluts, buy a house, and give her kids.



>getting married



sad pitt haha

because hes sad haha


File: 1fd58d9f1a46008⋯.jpg (634.64 KB, 2700x1800, 3:2, brendanfraser2.jpg)


Yeah. It's pretty sad. He could have ridden off into the sunset but he JUST had to get married and now his peace and happiness have been taken

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