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File: afd5ad11f7d9418⋯.png (210.93 KB, 463x255, 463:255, Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at ….png)


>Betting the farm: Why the heartland still believes in Trump despite plunging prices

They voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump, but generations of red-state farmers are bracing for impact on Friday with the knowledge that his trade war could destroy their livelihood — and alter the agricultural map forever.

Tariffs levied by America's trading partners, such as China, kick in on Friday as retaliation for Trump's heavy taxation of their imports. Farmers in the heartland say that a drawn-out trade war could lead to more farms going bankrupt or selling out.



like mr gulag here gives a shit



More bullshit from the left.


like mr gulag here gives a shit about the piggy


Liberals have been trying to put farms out of business for decades. They should be thanking their president if this were the case which it is not.



trump will just pull a Venezuela and throw money at them for votes



Venezuela has no farms to subsidize though.



communism bad! hey farms, have government cash! its free market!



Where do you think your cocaine comes from?

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