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File: d832b97a5106a90⋯.jpg (123.49 KB, 780x440, 39:22, Creepy-Joe-Biden.jpg)



There's a controversial bill in Congress right now, known as the CREEPER Act, which has already passed the House of Representatives, and now sits idling in the Senate, with the intention of banning child-sex dolls and robotics from the sale or purchase in the United States of America.


>neocucks shilling for big government control

what a surprise, and on the same side as feminists as usual

both neocucks and feminists stand to gain from male sexual frustration so it in their chief interests to ensure no outlets for it

also this retarded logic that the elite pedos somehow back this is hilarious, like they are going to be fucking a doll when they can always get real kids to fuck.



Stupid, opinionated, clearly biased article. And a stupid law too. Dolls hurt nobody, but now real children are their only option. Retards.


DON'T pass this bill. It is WRONG.

Government intrusion into private lives. I don't care what the subject matter is. If no one is being harmed, private lives shouldn't be legislated.



>Creeper Act

That's something a feminist would say

>has already passed the House of Representatives

Republicans are down with feminists

>banning child-sex dolls and robotics from the sale or purchase in the United States of America

These things harm no one and could be a billion dollar industry. Looks like people will have to travel to China if they want one of these.






fuck off back to /b/ you sick fucks



Yeah yeah sure. We're the sick fucks. You just keep collecting the chicken feed from the child sex slave farms the senate runs. Sure, bud. Whatever helps you sleep at night.


I literally don't give a shit about child sex dolls. They're not children, they're not even alive.

Get back to me when actual children are involved. People can do whatever the fuck they like with their own private property, and they should be able to buy anything they damn well please that isn't a person.





Yes, let's ban a piece of silicon because muh chillins.

Let the degenerates have their dolls. They'll have catharsis and be less likely to bother actual children.



This. If you said that your featureless fleshlight is a "child doll" then can you get arrested? Who will be the authority of this shit? How will they tell if it's a child if it's a fucking piece of plastic?



>actual children getting raped

<nothing done

>someone purchases a literal piece of silicone




The reason for the panic, is men getting a source of vagina that DOES NOT BITCH OR COMPLAIN AND FUCKS YOU WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Lets meme congress into stabbing this bill to death, because men need an outlet to avoid these controlling abusive thundercunts pussy power. If these assholes are not going to dish out some Poon, then these thundercunts need to be denied resources if no pussy is produced.







>This. If you said that your featureless fleshlight is a "child doll" then can you get arrested? Who will be the authority of this shit? How will they tell if it's a child if it's a fucking piece of plastic?

This will be next. You can't have your fleshlight be "too tight" or they will say you are simulating underage genitalia, which is wrong and illegal. They will have to get engineers to test them and ensure all fleshlights are of an appropriate looseness.



It's okay, the real thing is better


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>child rape rate goes up immediately after bill passes



>It's okay, the real thing is better

real thing is…

<riddled with STDs

<heavy costs to use

<have to constantly pacify it.

<steals a lot of things when it leaves

No thanks. Keep your sad sacks of flesh.



They should die too, along with you. kys



*jailed not die FUCK



What kind of future do you see in this as a career move?




File: 3a292743509d104⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 84087df87c6a362e5350c8512c….jpg)

File: d10674ad1cea4cc⋯.jpg (13.35 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 91b87388d3be32d065865ff882….jpg)

File: 182a7a23dd747b4⋯.jpg (57.57 KB, 662x800, 331:400, 15dnw6.jpg)


mfw you unironically defend child sex dolls



>unironically shilling for victimless crime


File: 10e09c3a659a449⋯.jpeg (45.56 KB, 499x312, 499:312, 30B11393-8580-4C6D-8428-8….jpeg)


File: 1c5d027b7dd0d75⋯.gif (760.79 KB, 400x310, 40:31, 6519bee67e273fbb47b9a900f2….gif)



neetsocs will never ever be relevant


File: d1a490eb9172e6b⋯.jpg (291.43 KB, 1325x1255, 265:251, you're a faggot.jpg)




>reddit reaction images

>reddit posts

back to /r_donald faggot


File: c2e14e8e779cfd6⋯.gif (1.94 MB, 480x273, 160:91, c2e14e8e779cfd6bdb44e5ad69….gif)




Truth. This is a ridiculously poor thought out "feel good" waste of time and energy.

No victim = no crime. It's Day 1 shit people.



Kys boomer, it's a victimless crime.


File: 3e7abdce50ffc9c⋯.jpg (69.78 KB, 960x639, 320:213, ii5wRaE.jpg)


1) Can you have a crime without a victim?

2) If so, what will you do when they come for your "victimless" crimes?

Freedom and personal liberty motherfucker - do you speak it?


File: 26bc121f4d689ef⋯.jpg (19.86 KB, 212x255, 212:255, 618f180b3394a266d6441a6312….jpg)




That is not a counterargument. It is merely a threat.

Is violence your only means for dealing with people who refuse to agree with you?




well first is giving them a hug

then violence


File: ec12649e34c6edc⋯.jpg (55.4 KB, 569x800, 569:800, 6701f631e71cbc0840cda2c48e….jpg)


Sometimes violence is exactly the right measure.

And people trying to limit other's freedoms based on their personal feelings are just like fundamentalists trying to mold society into their fucked up world view.

Both groups are doing violence to the rest of us.



Duplicity is a tool of women and cowards



i sexually identify as a woman

so nice

i wish you luck when one of the rape doll owners comes after your kid


Wouldn't all the loli in Japan make it the worst place for children?

This is why I don't want to ban these dolls even though I don't like them.


File: ba531f0cb26837c⋯.jpg (113.5 KB, 515x771, 515:771, 1419635397945.jpg)


>gets asshole turned into blow horn

<threats will work



I though they where already Illegal

or a lot of people would have ordered one



There then needs to be a ban on short dildos for similar reasons.



You can say that all you want, but society will never accept you as pedophiles either.


File: 80f3293d4671079⋯.jpg (32.13 KB, 615x456, 205:152, 1341514013346.jpg)


and you unironically think the government should be able to control you when you're not bothering anyone or committing no crime


How much different is this from the argument that video games are murder simulators?



a lot more likely than neetsocs ever being relevant



You're one of the only people with common sense here. "DOLLS HAVE FEELINGS TOO" they say. Yeah they rather watch the REAL children get fucked because their own logic is already fucked.

It's one of those things that shouldn't talked about and left alone… Sounds like they're running out of reasons to arrest people.. Is this really how people in the country really feel? Majority of americans cannot think without emotions and being overly sensitive and gay with everything?

I want to believe this is just a small margin of the population who believe this law benefits anything… but why are only the stupid entitled people who think they're better than everyone want to make a scene about this?

This is just invading peoples private lives and I don't even use this shit… But I can tolerate and even respect the fucking RIGHT as a free citizen regardless of the beliefs. Fucking retarded people. Where are the men with common sense in this country? Any left? You fucking idiots let feminists walk over you and let emotions run rampant… Burn in hell you niggers. We need to take our country back from those faggot jews and burn every single one of them at the stake. Hopefully we're not at the end of no return. It's not about right or wrong. It's about principle. We ALL have rights and it must not be infringed no matter how fucked up it may be.

Anybody who fails to realize/understand the real underlying issue with the bill regardless if this is real or not which has nothing to do with its context shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion on the matter.



The "Lionel Nation" Yoputube channel does a good job stating to others what you stated in your post. He sees the doll ban as a form of thought police, explains what thought police are, and why there is such a hazard.




is the website cucked and can we make a counter petition?





You vermin, you are only allowed to choose one of these.



Land of the free

Home of the brave

You can't have sex robots

Because feminists said so

China is not land of the free or

Home of the brave

But you can have sex robots



labels like that don't make for fair argument.. that's like.. with abortion and women. People are like "You don't want rape victims to have an option??????" … Not all patients are fucking rape victims just fucking sluts.. This is similar logic in the sense of … you take some emotional topic or argument and use that because you know people can say very little against it. It's not that we want to empower pedos. We just recognize what is realistic and what will effectively lower the legit rape cases of children if let be. Are you not considering all the implications and what this would lead to in other aspects of life?..


I might not check it out… to be honest I am really tired of politics. I'm tired of all the spam on the internet from fake accounts.. The internet is a bad place to have real conversations at this point in time.. people on the internet are with bad intentions who solely want to manipulate public opinion.. always remember this.. and be wary. Sometimes keeping to oneself can be ideal.. don't let yourself get caught in the never ending frenzy of political babble on the internet. Protect yourself and your own values.. speak to real people in the real world and hear what they have to say if theyre willing to talk about it..


that just sounds depressing.

Why the fuck do I care about this topic? Lol.



They'd rather see real children get fucked because that puts money in their pocket. These NGOs and senators all run the child prostitution rackets.



On a normal day I would just nod in agreement but I don't know anything about these prostitution rackets you speak of and doubt they can be backed. It's easy to say "thats what they want" but really it might just be the public outcry of things that make them feel like they're obligated to do something (manipulation/pressure) otherwise they might fear of being called a supporter. You see this is a very disgusting tactic people use in debates or whatever where if you don't agree with them they immediately make the connection that you support the opposite which is really elementary logic.. but it happens … At least I can see it does. too bad not enough people point out the childish thinking. I GOT A PUN. CHILDISH THINKING… HAhaa…….



I hate pedophiles but this is just fucking retarded, under the current government. Now, if we had a respectable monarch or something, they should be banned for moral reasons. But other than "it's degenerate", there's no reason to ban them.




Haven't studies shown already that simulated porn/drawings and sex dolls help to curb sexual assault and prevent offenders from re-offending? Oh right, America is a christian nation, so sexual deviants have to have the power of christ drive all sexual urges from their depraved little souls. Thanks cuckservatives and feminazis, you make an unstoppable team of retards.


Yes, let's make absolutely sure that pedophiles can't satisfy their urges by means other than raping children. Idiots.


Miniature dolls? no wai

You gotta buy the FULL SIZE version. You know, the one that can accidentally behead you (if we slip in the right instructions).

Guys this century is sure going to be interesting.


> inb4 a senator who wish to remain anonymous declares: yeah the bill is utter nonsense, we know. But we came up with that splendid CREEPER acronym and we just had to do something with it. How can you blame us.



Double standards. Just like why Interpol and the FBI forced all "little girl" pedo content deep into the underground while all the "boylover" content is readily available for anyone who's looking.



>Guys this century is sure going to be interesting.

<tfw you get home and daughter found your pedosexy doll.


On a second thought I think it's better to ban them to prevent bloodshed in the family.



> lay your hands off dirty infidel! I was just practicing driving this truck fitted with steel plates.







I'm not pedo. But I don't really care what they do as long as they keep it out of my hair, not try to involve me in it, and no real kids are harmed.

Personally I feel if people treated it like the mental illness it was than maybe some of them could maybe get help before they lost control in the 1st place and did something stupid. You know the laws in this country treats people who have yet to do a crime of any sort with kids the same as those who have done them? When I think about all the man power that goes into fighting thought crimes like this I just wanna tell those people to refund my tax dollars cause they clearly aren't using them right. Same when it comes to people doing things like banning drawings or thinking 3D models are real in games and the like.

But mostly I wanna say fuck off with you trying to arrest people for what is equal to thought crimes in the end.



Actually there are studies that show the exact opposite of that happening. But for a real world example look no closer than modern society and Japan. 100% free access to porn and shit has pretty much numbed part of the desire some people have to go out and seek the real stuff.


Better raid every store that displays children's clothes on a mannequin. And all those fountains of the little boy peeing? TO THE GULAG.



The main difference is the inclusion of the word that will get politicians to do anything 'muh peeeeedos!'



Fuck might as well remove cpr training dummies that are child like as well.


Oh shit that is the missing link, they just have to make up some bull shit that the next pedo they arrest was also playing violent viyda games.



>modern society and Japan

Must be porn can't be that being a wage slave under capitalism disconnected them from showing any form of private affection. Japan puts working over living, while showing contempt towards anything that hinders the advancements in their status hierarchy.


>bill states a ban on child sex dolls

>Well shit how is that defined?

>Besides the lack of pubescent definition, it also includes a height minimum

>Tons of other legal industries beforehand now hit with impossible fines because they specialized in a cheaper form of sex doll just by making it smaller

>Fully defined yet still on the chopping block because of height alone

>Neocons played like a damn fiddle by feminists who want roast beef to be the only thing on every man's plate.



>PEDOS WANT CHILD SEX DOLLS (that can only reduce the rate of abuse happening to real children)









Drugs are illegal already and those fucks buy them by tonnes.

Banning sex dolls only means exclusivity deals.


somebody think about the silicon children *separates kids from families and puts them in the cages*



>Drugs are illegal already and those fucks buy them by tonnes.

Remember the war on Prohibition? Fast forward and alcohol is the number one drug on the free market. Remember how many lives the FBI destroyed over possession and distribution of marijuana. Well that didn't quiet turned out the way they wanted it. But surely the war on hard drugs wasn't a pig pile of wasted effort? Well cartels are more brutal then ever, cocaine is still readily available in any middle sized club around the globe and all those pesky opiates are now called pharmaceuticals are get peddled onto the public by the almighty drug cartel that is the pharma industry.

Everyone please make some noise for the FBI for defending Jewish interests for decades while failing at everything else spectacularly.



sign should say, news: rich people paying poor people to tell middle class people to blame middle class people

in other words

news: jews paying niggers to tell white people to blame white people



>while failing at everything else spectacularly.

I think they are very much working as intended :^)


>the state of feminism in 2018



someone needs to seriously lobby the politicians to get this added to the law as well, just to get them to realize how stupid they are sounding.

"no dildo shall be shorter than the average 5.1 inches, which could be used to simulate sex with underage boys."


If they ban sex dolls they can feel dirty about fucking actual kids again, anon. 90% of laws regarding sex and porn are passed by dirty old bastards who want to feel guilty about their fapping habits.


File: 314c6514066306f⋯.jpg (42.67 KB, 329x475, 329:475, PicsArt_07-08-11.21.13.jpg)



you simply cannot hide your repugnant homosexuality, can you?



read ^ ^ ^ ^


File: c49bf7bfef93c2a⋯.png (272.82 KB, 1080x1559, 1080:1559, PicsArt_07-11-09.05.52.png)


Have you ever contemplated that one of the main reasons people laugh at your theories is your inability to communicate effectively?



Avoiding arguments with petty insults…you sure put a dent in my ego.



I never insulted you. I asked you a simple question, based upon a simple observation. I showed my wife your post, and when she saw how many grammatical errors you had made in just one post, she and I both laughed at you. It's not an 'insult' to point out the fact that you're not an effective communicator, because it's true. it's a fact, not an insult.


Have you ever contemplated that one of the main reasons people laugh at your theories is your inability to communicate effectively?


Feminists say they hate rapes.

A way to reduce rapes is found.

Feminists say BAN it.



You typed the FBI's plans with marijuana "didn't quiet turned out the way they wanted it."

but I'm pretty sure you meant to type "didn't QUITE* TURN* out the way they wanted it TO*".

Next, you typed "pig pile", when obviously you meant to type "BIG* pile".

Finally, you typed "all those pesky opiates are now called pharmaceuticals are get peddled onto the public" when I'm positive that you intended to add a comma after the word 'pharmaceuticals', and instead of typing the word 'are', you probably meant to use the word 'and'.



let's be honest:

you were molested as a child



lol @ thinking I'm 'avoiding an argument' with you, when in fact, I'm definitely arguing with you, but not about what you thought I should be arguing about with you.



Which, in fact, proves that YOU are the one trying to avoid MY argument, because my argument is uncomfortable for you, since it revolves around your inability to communicate effectively.



While his spelling was poor, was there a sentence that you did not understand because of the spelling? /pol/ is not a scholarly institution, so I don't expect perfect spelling, just readability. Could you understand even if there were spelling errors?






Wow, break time at FBI headquarters I presume. Anyway I do not take it as an insult if you go grammar Nazi on my lazy ass…I rather welcome being lectured on my mistakes.

>one of the main reasons people laugh at your theories

Now that is what I call a petty insult.



they will never tell women not to have sex with underage boys, because saying no to a woman is illegal.

gay pedophiles piggyback off womens rights and will always be allowed to buy sex dolls modelled after little boys. only straight men are targetted with this law.


How do they determine what "child-like" is? Will robots have a height/weight requirement? Minimum breast size? Must wait 18 years from date of manufacture?

I would expect as much from draconian authoritarians but this is just retarded.



this isn't /pol/

it's /n/


lol of course you're aware that I'm just being an annoying dickhead


Of course, I'm just as addicted to this place as anyone else, if not moreso….

And people often misinterpret my shenanigans as being real.

I'm just having fun being obnoxious, and I think it's a testiment to my talent that so many people 'don't get the joke'.



My question is simple:

Do these dolls beg me to stop, like children do in real life?


Do they make a 'newborn infant' model?



You could probably get the people on here to defend that lol



So it's the same deal as was with teh gays.

One "party" cries it should be allowed and promoted for everyone, the other wants it to be luxury limited to the inbred elite.

Which one is more degenerate?

As the man who turned Trotskyists into a joke about icepicks once said — "both are worse".



>Getting to bang a better vagina = homosexual



Biocunts are steadily losing value. Men saying fuck you bitch. We'll make a better woman. Women cried to old pedos in congress to stop men. Old pedos pass some bullshit laws to get women to vote for them.



>not being sexually attracted to females

>never had any pussy before

>has no idea how to get a girl

>pretends he's a heterosexual



>Biocunts are steadily losing value.

<bullshit you're homosexual, and women are what makes the world go around


>Men saying fuck you bitch.

<most homosexuals say that, actually


>We'll make a better woman.

<your butthole is the woman


>Women cried to old pedos in congress to stop men.

<no woman even realizes you exist, and they certainly don't give a fuck whether you live or die

while you sit all alone in your sebum-stench computer chair, playing effeminate video games like a little girl, falsely reassuring yourself that you are superior, trying to convince yourself that you are happy, the rest of the world is having the time of their lives, fucking and being emotionally connected, sharing intimacy and creating magical memories that they'll share forever…

You are a faggot, and I don't use the term loosely… You are an actual homosexual , and you're not attracted to females at all… That's just another one of the many Dungeons and Dragons Sci-Fi sissy boy lies that you tell your mother….

You are a lonely, miserable, unlikable douchebag




no woman on Earth will ever lose sleep over you or your announcement that you're not sexually attracted to any of them…



You're like a nameless, faceless, starving Ethiopian, who tries to convince yourself that there are chefs in 5 star restaurants who are 'butthurt' because you tell other starving Ethiopians that the '5 star menu' isn't good enough for you….


you're a homosexual


File: d865e8c39ac4d5c⋯.jpg (57.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1425065551049.jpg)


>women are what makes the world go around

besides this being untrue, what do women really give to the human race other than future males? and now the artificial womb is on it's way,.

women aren't even good partners or helpmeets, they are shit at everything and hardly tolerable at the best of times.


Reminder that all of this started when Americans let feminists raise the age of consent. A sex act between a horny, willing teenager and an attractive adult doesn't become rape just because the boomer faggot government doesn't like it.



no coincidence the age of consent laws were invented almost entirely around the same time women got the right to vote.



And it's no coincidence that the states where women got the right to vote first were the ones that raised the age of consent first, and often the first ones to pass every other cancerous sex law. Hmm, it's almost like there's a demographic of fugly roastie hags voting to ban their competition from the sexual marketplace.



Delicious projecting is delicious, ey? How's the weather in Tel Aviv?



No, it makes sense to them; it's ALL about them them them for them. THIS IS WHAT THEY BELIEVE. They believe that they're ENTITLED to the world. And we're supposed to just dumbly nod and obey them or else we're 'homos', 'pedos' and whatever hot new buzzword they can cook up.




Lol at least my butthole is mine. You, what do you do anyway? Whiteknight for ecelebs hoping for sloppy seconds? Does that make you feel 'liked'? Does it make you feel important? That you're needed?

That's… sad. Makes this introvert feel sorry for you. Haha!


I have to wonder if this law is being passed so that it will be easier to ban all other sexdolls in the future.



Fucking idiots think that they're 'breaking new ground'

You're NOT the first homosexuals in denial


Ban hideous old three dimensional whores, and by extension all adult women and most teenage women.



The gay porn scene must be bleeding money and death-spiraling into bankruptcy. That's how desperate you sound right now.

>Wearing a condom is gay

>Not getting STDs is gay

>Not getting swindled by women is gay

This is what these shills owned by child sex traders ACTUALLY BELIEVE.



Nah, I'm not into raping real children. Unlike you, shill.


File: 67ebf3879351caa⋯.png (2.57 MB, 2164x2374, 1082:1187, 1493175696916.png)

I just realized…

This isn't law yet! Is it a good idea to hurry up and buy a child sex doll? I'm pedo and i'll need this one day.


File: 3cc829cb22a9c2a⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1362x1090, 681:545, readytogiveuponlife.png)

>if you want your sex doll it has to be 6'0" or taller goyim



Cool. It's nice to know you choose to let children suffer at the hands of child molesters rather then have them take out their urges on a piece of plastic. What brilliant wisdom.



It's not too far fetched.



Probably. If it keeps a suck fuck from diddling an actual baby, then sadly it's the lesser evil.


What's the point? Why not just ban all sexbots and not just child ones? In fact, why not just ban all sex toys period?

I don't really like these sex dolls but it's obvious they're targeting "child" dolls simply because they know they won't be able to stop them all.



Pretty sure pedos are against murder and various other things as well. Hell I'd bet some of them like dogs or cats!

Better disagree with whatever they say just cause you don't like them huh?



every single board is /pol/, faggot


File: f9e2ced1d9c2dfe⋯.jpg (24.49 KB, 480x640, 3:4, f9e2ced1d9c2dfe57bcfc62fd3….jpg)

The problem with the sex dolls is that it escalates the perversion of the person using it. They start with maybe anime kids, then see cp on /b/ and fall in love with it. After years of jacking off its just not the same so they graduate to a sex doll. Something in the physical world to act on.

What happens when the pedophile can no longer be satisfied with a doll? He cant go backwards to porn so he graduates to real kids


File: a2a196e9f124236⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 608x477, 608:477, 1w33or.jpg)


Me after reading this board



that escalated quickly



Get off my board Kevin Spacey



On the contrary, after having sex with a sex doll, the man is quite happy he'll never get pozzed, or have the doll jack his shit and/or stab him in the back and refuses to go back to dealing with the crazy shitstorm that is a woman.



It's profitable for (((them))), since you dig deep enough, all the actual child abuse and sex slavery is a business run by them. They don't give a shit about children because they can't breed with humans anyway.



>The therapy isn't working.

<No shit.


File: 6c951a8746c56e0⋯.jpg (12.64 KB, 184x184, 1:1, fd94499f476d1f70a62254c663….jpg)


if you don't give me children sex dolls, I will fuck real children instead

I live in Michigan so beware


>You can say that all you want, but society will never accept you as pedophiles either.

So we will destroy the society


File: 809bcca6be05ce1⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 2dlv7q.jpg)


I thought republicans were for LESS government intrusion on people's lives???



Like everything else they try to stand for they are found to be large fucking hypocrites in the end.

Vidya games, fetishes, you name it they have people showing they are hypocrites in each thing.



>male sexual frustration

What a surprise, pedos conflating normal male sexual interest with their sick minority fetish. Almost no men are pedos, so the fraction of a percent who will be frustrated can go frustrated. This isn't a bill to ban sex dolls with fertile looking bodies, it's a bill to ban dolls that resemble children AKA have no secondary sexual characteristics. Normal male losers who need to vent their frustration go completely unaffected by this.



The problem is no one is hurt by people buying selling and owning dolls no matter what they look like. Any time you create a law based on your feelings you are in the wrong.



>Banging a piece of silicone is a sick degenerate fetish that makes them child abusers.

The slippery slide, gentlemen.

>losers who need to vent their frustration go completely unaffected by this.

Good grief, how much money are you divorce lawyers losing over these sex dolls to the point you have to engage in extreme projection like this?



Nah, these senators and politicians earn big bucks from operating actual CP production and export. Just selling 50 children to sexual slavery for some rich sick fuck from the middle east means they can double, even triple their annual salary. Same as in the UK; the government gets mad cash from the production and export of actual CP. That's why they look the other way.



>Any time you create a law based on your feelings you are in the wrong.

Then literally every law that has ever existed is wrong then. Facts come into play about what is true, but all laws involve some kind of moral evaluation of right and wrong. Your opinion that laws should be based on people "being hurt" is itself a feeling. I assume you are either a libertarian or a progressive to say that something is okay just because no one is directly hurt by it.


>The slippery slide, gentlemen.

Prove it is slippery. Reductio ad absurdum and literally every law that could have a follow up law is a slippery slope. Maybe if assault is illegal next minute we'll ban playfully slapping people and state death squads will come when you and your gf do some roughousing. Maybe if there are laws against fraud the government will decide truth in every case in order to determine what economic claims are fraudulent and we'll live in a totalitarian society with no private media, because that itself could be fraudulent. Maybe if there are laws against theft the government will pass a law against itself saying it can't take taxes MUH SLIPPER SLOPE

>Good grief, how much money are you divorce lawyers losing over these sex dolls to the point you have to engage in extreme projection like this?

Eh. I'm PRO sex bot. I'm anti-PEDO sex bot.



>Then literally every law that has ever existed is wrong then. Facts come into play about what is true, but all laws involve some kind of moral evaluation of right and wrong.

Morals are not feelings anon. Morals are what is right and wrong. Feelings are an emotional state or reaction. Knowing the difference is key to creating legislation. This is why woman and even some men should never be involved in the lawmaking or judicial fields. If you can no stand back and ask why a law does or does not need to exist and tell the difference between what is moral and what is emotional or feelings then you should not be anywhere near a courthouse for any reason or a take part in any form of law making process.


File: 3909e58ce253fc8⋯.png (39.27 KB, 593x503, 593:503, 2017 6_22 Smash Mouth retw….png)

File: 2c56032e057632f⋯.png (70.5 KB, 721x769, 721:769, 2017 6_22 Smash Mouth retw….png)


>What happens when the pedophile can no longer be satisfied with a doll?

What happens when they're no longer satisfied jerking off to hentai loli? Even without the extra step of having sex dolls the same slippery slope still exists and neither of those things harm real people in any way.



>The problem with the sex dolls is that it escalates the perversion of the person using it.

Just like how owning a gun escalates to shooting up your office or owning a knife escalates to stabbing your neighbor 40 times right?



>What happens when the pedophile can no longer be satisfied with a doll?

I guess all men really are rapists then. After all if you had an adult doll which no one seems to be calling to ban yet you would eventually go out an start raping woman left and right.



>Morals are what is right and wrong.

And how is that determined and why do different people and tribes have different opinions on this? (Don't worry, you'll get there) We need a shared morality as a society, and for this very reason, morality can't simply be based on direct harm, because we need a morality that has rules about how to maintain the morality, which ultimately is a shared idea, or shared feeling, or value about what the basis of right and wrong should be. When we say it is not based on feelings, it's only that it's not based on constantly changing emotional states, but is a very rock solid value deep in a person. Stable society's are built upon those who share the same values, and so we should be very mindful of the knock on effects for children and we must be mindful to keep perversion and aberration in check.

>This is why woman and even some men should never be involved in the lawmaking or judicial fields.

They shouldn't, but not for that reason. Women shouldn't be allowed because they generally want shit things that are harmful to men and society. HOWEVER, banning child sexbots is not one of those things. Conservatives and anyone who understand society as being based on shared values know this.



>Even without the extra step of having sex dolls the same slippery slope still exists and neither of those things harm real people in any way.

Except they do and shad should be executed.



You are still confusing morals with feelings they are completely different. Step away from your feelings that it is perverted to own a child like sex doll. The only thing hurt by owning such a thing is your feelings. The doll is made from rubber. It does not breath it does not cry it does not need protection from you or the state. It is an object to be used by the owner as the owner sees fit.


File: 3ab0f540adb10fa⋯.jpg (1.82 MB, 1236x3473, 1236:3473, pedo facts.jpg)


>Almost no men are pedos

Top fucking kek



Thinking is now the same as being. If a thought pops in to your head you are now guilty of the crime. You sure showed him with that scientific study.



And you can prove this utter nonsense how? There is not one single video or picture evidence of sexual child abuse in a wealthy background. None! Otherwise the evidence would be all over the web. Or does the Jewish orchestrated secret pedo society also have cannibals on the payroll to make the victims disappear? Maybe Area 51 is involved and they beam the bodies into space, or maybe they breed breed infants on mars to satisfy the worlds hunger for cunny.



common sense….. right!!!



>After all if you had an adult doll which no one seems to be calling to ban

Plenty of feminists are calling to ban all sexbots. This is the first step.



>This is the first step

How about starting a male concentric movement and complaining about how dildos are sexual degrading towards males and how anything that vibrates shouldn't be sold to females since it can outperform the male libido?



Exactly. It is also no different from the idea that playing Grand Theft Auto videogames will make you steal cars and kill people.


Men usually don't worry about women with vibrators because vibrators can't give them the beta bucks that real men might provide.

Did you know that people are building male sexdolls for women?


They only want less government if they feel that they will lose the men who marry, have 2.5 children, and work long hours to pay 30 year mortgage on a McMansion.

These dolls might affect the birth rate, however, family court is the #1 reason for men refusing to get women pregnant. Too bad no group of politicians has the courage to change that.



>Men usually don't worry about women with vibrators because vibrators can't give them the beta bucks that real men might provide.

>Did you know that people are building male sexdolls for women?

I took a shot at the hypocrisy of feminism and you answer with common sense…what side are you on?



I was arguing from the viewpoint that feminism is dumb and full of double standards. Maybe I sided with you by making that response. I'm not entirely sure.



Hey man don't take about Operation: Space Homes Interment Tunnels out in the open. You really wanna risk open exposure of such a large and painful to do operation to the public? Just think of the mess that would make in the end if it got out!

Pizza Gate was just as real as that operation though.



How about I be a little less vague next time and you calibrate your sensors to pick up irony a little faster? Friends?


I like conspiracies as much as the next guy, but don't you think you guys are overdoing it lately with infiltrating each and every board? How about instead you agree on one target and then attack it from different sides? Otherwise it's getting boring.



Please man Space Homes Interment Tunnels are real. Not a conspiracy at all.



Anyone knows too much, or even accidentally stumbles upon the evidence gets Seth Rich'd. You call it utter nonsense - and are naive enough to believe the abusers are stupid enough to do the deed in their own estates and video it like some sort of attention-whore eceleb.

Stay in your comfort bubble if you must. This is reality.


The fact ends is that it's just silicone. and a work of art. The only 'age' a sex doll can have is the day it was constructed. This slippery slide will go on until the letter b is considered 'underage' and writing it makes you a 'degenerate pedophile'. And much like the net neutrality case, there'll be shills pushing for the banning of sex dolls because they profit from the sale and abuse of actual children.



>Stay in your comfort bubble if you must. This is reality.

Yes just like Space Homes Interment Tunnels are



Pfft, who needs child sex dolls apart from pathetic people.

I just bought a child sex slave instead. Imported without problems. If you want a local one you just adopt them, making a donation to the orphanage keeps questions to a minimum.

I'm on my third one so far, they don't last long but they are worth it.



>stupid enough to do the deed in their own estates and video it

Yet they stumble and fall for greed all throughout history….

We have a pretty consistent trail of documented sexual child abuse material since the 60s, yet in over 50 years not one picture of a wealthy pedophile party found it's way out? Totally believable…meanwhile the worlds biggest spying agency had fucking whistle blowers. Yet somehow I should believe that rich, horny fucks cracked the code on secrecy.


it is good to ban child sex dolls

but i do want a child sex doll, but then my bloodline may end

so maybe it is good to have child sex dolls?

let's ban then and watch what happens to japan. we might get a free island.


File: 970d6dd6ce48a9d⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 415x259, 415:259, 9313786d0e8e303ab06bf4d22f….jpg)

If you're going to use the argument:

>what about violent video games? Just because I kill people in GTA doesn't mean I'm going to turn into a psycho murderer!

then I feel it's only fair that you make the argument that violent video games have prevented violent crimes since it's basically the same kind of "outlet" for latent killers that a child sex doll would be for latent child-molesters.


File: 6026cd50fc8b662⋯.jpg (207.21 KB, 865x717, 865:717, typical pedo mating ritual.jpg)


true, anime makes people gay, i have seen countless kids falling into the kawai ugguu japanese trap trap before.



> Can you have a crime without a victim

>illegally buys drugs/guns/vegetablised slaves?



Not pedo, but let me state the obvious.

Pedo with child sex doll:

>urges sated

>can contain their lust to doll

>obsesses over doll, not real children

>children kept safe, pedo keeps urges in check

Pedo w/out child sex doll:

>urges not sated

>will resort to real child pornography

>cannot contain lust to mere pornography

>needs something "real"

>obsesses over random child

>eventually snaps and does the unthinkable

>gets fucked by Tyrone in prison





>gets a sex doll

>temporaily contain his lust to the doll

>obsesses over the fact that the doll looks like a child

>grows bored from the dull imitation

>urges not sated

>resorts to CP after consuming vast amounts of anime and manga

>cannot contain lust to mere pornography

>needs something real

>grows more mentally unstable

>snaps and does the expected from a dirty pedo faggot

>kills himself and the child or kills the child and goes to prison

>gets fucked by tyrone.

A pedo is the same as a drug user seeking new experiences and ways to indulge in degeneracy.



Fuck off


File: 68825504a663c86⋯.jpg (120.01 KB, 1540x800, 77:40, Regulators-Grab-Legislativ….jpg)

File: b21ecf1d8843b93⋯.jpg (79.03 KB, 500x369, 500:369, comic.jpg)

>>185444 checked

does this include male child dolls, or is it only female body styles only getting banned? i'm sure gay and female pedos enjoy that stuff too.

they tried this same moral panic stuff in the 80's in a bid to get rid of porn mags, videos and games. (think of the simulated children!) i'm sure this will go through as most men still don't relly want sex dolls/sex bots and this will be a first step to banning those things and more. honestly though, does anybody really need anything more then your hand or a flesh light? I know these things can and are used for more then just sex (companionship, soft touch, feeling like you're not alone in bed, etc) and it sucks for people like that, but getting the sex chemicals to release in your brain is super easy for most dudes. even without a woman (secret pro tip: sex with a woman isn't really any better then masturbation, unless you want to reproduce)

anyway, this is a huge waste of time, energy, and money on both sides of the issue. this won't make children any safer from rapists, and this won't make life any easier on pedos.


File: ea687d20967bff0⋯.jpg (71.16 KB, 615x412, 615:412, 33.jpg)

File: 24d5656a61dd807⋯.jpg (23.31 KB, 256x282, 128:141, 22.jpg)

File: 28c5cff276eee5e⋯.jpg (24.36 KB, 236x314, 118:157, 77.jpg)

File: fa5590dc5af6ecc⋯.jpg (170.01 KB, 1140x798, 10:7, 85.jpg)


do you have anything scientific to backup those assertions? sounds like the same unproven shit radfems say about porn in general. (and the media says about guns and video games)



>women unironically normalizing rape when they attempt to demonize healthy and normal male sexuality

good. fuck 3d pigs. metaphorically of course.



That's the undisputed truth you worthless pedo nigger.



Here's another alternative:

>Pedo gets tired of being shit on for something they were born with and haven't acted on

>Pedo goes on a shooting spree

>Cops who would have otherwise taken pedo to jail to get fucked by Tyrone get shot and killed instead

>Pedo is eventually shot dead after taking out many police officers and becomes a martyr to other pedos who do the same exact shit

>People eventually back the fuck off and stop passing these faggot laws because they understand that there will be consequences for this shit



They've been starving for ages anyway banning this shit does nothing.



I would never buy this shit

BUT I rather have sick fucks rape a robot than a real person

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