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File: c76cafec0e45cea⋯.jpg (79.86 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


The one year anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson’s suicide is coming up in about a week. I guess that’s part of the reason why his quote about Hollywood and the TV business’ potential for ugliness came to mind when writing this story about a couple of recent deaths related to Hollywood, the TV industry and most specifically the Magic Castle.

“The TV business is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the journalism industry, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and good men die like dogs, for no good reason.”

Dr. Thompson likely wasn’t speaking directly about S&M here, but then again, his basement was affectionately termed “the dungeon,” so who knows. Regardless of how metaphorically Hunter was speaking, a couple of recent deaths in Hollywood illustrate the potentiality of Hollywood types dying like dogs and for no good reason. Near the end of June, The Hollywood Reporter featured an article about the death of Doran George in the home dungeon of Skip Chasey, better known in certain circles as “Master Skip.”

Master Skip, keynote Master/slave conference:

In this case, the death for no good reason was of a UCLA professor, dancer and performance artist, but the man responsible, before his tenure at William Morris Endeavour, was an employee of Imagine Television (owned by Ron Howard). Skip Chasey helped negotiate the deals that landed 24, Arrested Development and Parenthood on television there. In addition to his work at William Morris Endeavour (one of the top talent agencies in Hollywood and the US for that matter), Master Skip led a sort of open double-life.

Chasey/Master Skip made no attempt to hide his second life. He was a keynote speaker at various conferences related to the BDSM lifestyle and co-founder of People of Leather Among You (PLAY). He was known for his motto: Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.” Chasey had been involved with the gay scene for over a quarter century leaving New York for San Francisco and finally SF for Los Angeles in 1992, where he fully immersed himself in the gay bondage scene. Chasey was known for his motto that “Blood may be thicker than water, but leather is thicker than blood.”

LA has long been a hotbed of deep kink. Dominion first opened its doors in 1980 making it the oldest BDSM club in the nation.

Master Skip’s personally outfitted dungeon at his residence in Los Feliz. Los Feliz, of course, was the site of the Black Dahlia murder which some suspect was related to Dr. George Hodel, a powerful personage in Hollywood and a friend of several key members of the Surrealist art movement.

The case went unreported until a few weeks earlier in June when journalist Mark Ebner, long time Scientology critic who was the first to blow the whistle on Bill Cosby mentioned it on his podcast. Oddly enough, multiple sources refer to Ebner as a “celebrity crime muckraker” when noting this. Ebner literally pulled this file from the morgue. Personally, I’m glad he salvaged it from the good old LA County coroner records, where news gets buried sometimes and stories are left to die.

Gilbert Doran George’s death was officially listed as “sudden death during recreational bondage." It is also interesting to note how multiple sources, rather than calling it a sex act refer to it as a sex ritual. George was a professor, dancer, choreographer and performance artist originally born in Britain. No foul play at all is suspected despite the fact that club drug and occasional date rape drug Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB) was in the decedent's system. While we’re on the topic of recurring themes in coverage, it’s mentioned time and again that this type of “recreational mummification” as well as the use of GHB is both fairly common in the BDSM scene.



Hollywood degenerates die the way they lived

i see nothing wrong with this


2018 and BDSM is still riling people up? You guys should've seen how Insex made an entrance into the internet age. That was torture for entertainment with fucking class.



>Master Skip

Man alive, that's a sad fucking dom name. That's up there with "Seymour the Hun" and "Bobby the Impaler"



Not to take away from your point… but I'm pretty sure Hunter Thompson killed himself over a decade ago.


File: a81776542c4bbee⋯.jpg (28.7 KB, 550x554, 275:277, 01405479c8ec1f5129d1sda243….jpg)


>Another godawful clickbait pile of shit written by a bot that's so retarded it can't even filter repetition or put the crowdsourced information in the right order

Oh boy, the goldwater. "Quality" Jewnalism.

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