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File: c598165da6c75b6⋯.jpg (65.4 KB, 980x551, 980:551, antifa thumbnail.jpg)



Those involved with Antifa have been caught on video arming members with knives and guns and organizing violent protests. Usually, Antifa shows up with their identities hidden behind masks leaving a trail of vandalism and violence in their path. If you have never seen the type of crazy people behind the masks here is an undercover report by Steven Crowder which catches Antifa members organizing a violent protest and distributing guns and knives.


I am all for unmasking these violent faggots but 15 years for a mask is fucking stupid. Make it one or two months and a fine with the failure to pay the fine resulting in an additional 6 months. This is the kind of nonsense people get outraged about when someone the law was not intended to be used against is prosecuted for it.



That is fine. Just do not forget about the minimum mandatory for hate crimes next time you doodle something "racist" in public. You might have just been charged with vandalism at one time but now with hate crime laws you will serve a mandatory sentence of 15 years for your doodle.


The issue is that they're terrorists, like ISIS. They really deserve death, not just 15 years.



Then some guy minding his own business in his own yard puts on a mask to mow his lawn causing a speeding driver to do a double take just long enough to cause a car accident now the lawnmower man is serving 15 years in jail. At least if the police ever decided to arrest some antifags some day they would serve 15 years in jail because of their mask.


>wear helmet on motorcycle

>15 years jail

>not wear helmet on motorcycle

>lose license, fine and possibly jail




>using this level of mental gymnastics just to keep pansyfa safe



Maybe he just does not want ridiculous sentences for an another easily abused law. This could easily be fixed by modifying it to an arrestable offense for refusal to remove a mask when asked. They could then piggyback it on to other crimes committed while wearing the mask. That is when your sentencing should come in but alone it should not carry 15 years.



15 years sounds a little much. No masks, though.

I think the (cops and mayors and such) should just let people fight it out in the streets (because we know all those antifa soyboys will end up getting their asses handed to them).



>thinking laws used against your enemies won't be used against you, too

>thinking government is on your side



This. Instead of 15 years have them released with a 'wanted: dead' federal bounty on their heads.



Except riding a motorcycle isn't a crime.


It's not an easily abused law, but your suggestion makes sense.


Seeing as how I don't show up dressed like a terrorist to shut down other people's rallies, I think I'll be fine fam.


it's fine, it's specifically says if u wear a mask and do violence or acts of violence on people doing their own shit, you're getting the slammer, thank god gotta remove masked retards.That is real world violence on anonymity not internet anonymous shit talk.



>It's not an easily abused law

It is the second they want to put someone away for 15 years and have another way to do it.



No it is not, you have to attack or harass someone while wearing a mask.

Give me a example of how that can be abused.



Private prison companies are going to be rich.


>15 years for wearing a mask

>tens of thousands of kids jailed on Halloween

Prisons won't have to order out for chicken any more.



not even communists allowed dissent you fucking moron



I admire countries like the US for protecting peoples rights to free speech



well yea they didn't drive car into a crowd of people or hospitalize a black guy beating him with sticks like the apes they claim to be above


File: 2ec2b6fbe9ae064⋯.jpg (92.38 KB, 570x960, 19:32, 1430084219996.jpg)


I'm hoping this will be the straw that finally pushes them to stop being little bitches and attack the "real" Nazi's Government instead of irrelevant nobodies wearing MAGA hats.



Its like people really thought antifa was what they said it was at face value. Soros funds the group, soros is right wing as fuck. He plays left wing but pushes for right wing. Antifa was a tool to make average americans associate 'liberalism' with anti free speech, anti israel (israel is right wing) anti freedom and communism. It worked. Now thanks to soros, if you protest while wearing a mask in america you get 15 years. Think about that. What has antifa actually accomplished? This was soros end goal just like blm is to promote the acceptance of a police state by average joe and jane. The faggots who protest cant see the forest for the trees and think they are changing the world when in reality they are being used as the tool to destroy what they support.



t. koch agent



I like how you left out the fact the nigger viciously attacked an old man to provoke that reaction.



Well mindless, unwitting destruction is a form of change.


File: e814c3a0978e8dd⋯.jpg (88.99 KB, 689x768, 689:768, No Idea.jpg)



They were always useful idiots getting yanked around by the very same people they claim to despise; just look at this thread, Moshe is working overtime to make your country want to eat itself, and it targets these weak-willed goyim to get the job done.

>Fight your police, goy!

>Disregard authority, goy!

>Despise your country's symbols, goy!

>Abandon your morals, goy!

>You live in the biggest totalitarian state, despite Xi and Putin making people disappear for daring to exist! Oy vey!


>an undercover report by (((Steven Crowder)))


>not cooked up and handed to him on a platter


File: da35f99667c5970⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 557x696, 557:696, comm.jpg)


>We're finally going to clamp down on Antifa, the catch is we're going to use it to clamp down on all anonymous dissent


>1984 totalitarianism is okay as long as it happens to people I disagree with

See you in twenty years when just supporting extremist viewpoints is punishable by gulag.

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