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File: 1d7e1e3a7a386f2⋯.png (429.94 KB, 538x354, 269:177, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at ….png)


Earth may only be decades away from a climatic tipping point that triggers runaway global warming and threatens the future of humanity, scientists have warned. The threshold will be reached when average global temperatures are only around 2C higher than they were in pre-industrial times, new research suggests. They are already 1C higher and rising.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/06/earth-decades-away-from-tipping-point-which-triggers-runaway-climate-change-apocalypse-7805451/?ito=cbshare

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/



pls gib moar support to cap and trade scams pls



Good goy, protect our shekels and genocide yourselves!



Ask yourself one question. Why are the people who are for "protecting the environment" the same people who stand against nuclear power and the progression of technology that could get us off this point-failure source we call "Earth"?


I don’t feel like finding the article and posting the link, but I remember a large study done recently that found the Earth was warmer during Medieval times than it is now. We’re technically at the end of the “Little Ice Age” and warming up back to normal, if I recall correctly.


don't they mean 5 years away?


File: ef9a16513c8da97⋯.png (185.95 KB, 800x601, 800:601, IMG_2852.PNG)


Your post has some truth to it but is wrong.


Well eliminating the chance that the kikes are fearmongering they are this will halt their plans of world domination and the browning of America jk America is fucked already if you look at non white hispanics it's less than 47% daily reminder to GTFO of America if you're european and let the barbarians sack it


File: a4a4bbab4bb44c4⋯.gif (15.15 KB, 419x307, 419:307, Hockey stick graph.gif)


oh look they integrated the discredited hockey stick graph.



That's some national geographic tier real kind of bullshit.



EXACTLY. They want the majority of the world population to crash and burn.


File: 4cd8c6e3443fb23⋯.jpg (506.41 KB, 786x786, 1:1, happeningfinally.jpg)


I can't wait for "decades," OP. I need it sometime in the next few years.


Hang on, didn't Al Gore promise us the tipping point was a decade away?

That this was the conclusion based on Science™ and there was no longer room for debate?

And he said this in his movie over 10 years ago?

With the backing of the UN, BBC, NASA and 97% of climate scientists?

Before buying beachfront property and flying his private jet all over the world?



a single volcanic eruption left more of a carbon footprint than all of humanity in the last century. But you have a point



agreed. optimism is usually great, sometimes blackpills are just reality


File: 7966dbd47fba915⋯.jpg (138.8 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_2764.JPG)


Okay, could you provide a source for that picture. Cause it seems that the "hockey stick" graph has been replicated and shown to be factually correct.

"More than two dozen reconstructions, using various statistical methods and combinations of proxy records, have supported the broad consensus shown in the original 1998 hockey-stick graph, with variations in how flat the pre-20th century "shaft" appears.[1] The 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report cited 14 reconstructions, 10 of which covered 1,000 years or longer, to support its strengthened conclusion that it was likely that Northern Hemisphere temperatures during the 20th century were the highest in at least the past 1,300 years.[16]" My source is Wikipedia if you want to read more.


File: 4882549cd074767⋯.gif (3.26 MB, 640x266, 320:133, 1466275634540.gif)

>decades away

Several decades later

>The Earth is actually a bit more decades away from catastrophe

Several decades later

>The Earth is actually a bit more decades away from catastrophe

Several decades later

>The Earth is actually a bit more decades away from catastrophe

Rinse and repeat forever…


Decades can't come soon enough.



>My source is Wikipedia if you want to read more.



Geological timescale does not work in decades. More news at eleven, with an update on the more decades we're expecting.


>already have and force companies to implement clean technologies

>basically doing what we can


Fuck off and tell nuke India already.


File: 445ee58b5edf8f9⋯.png (605.45 KB, 2504x1587, 2504:1587, c3e9621542abd949796f10c778….png)


Literally just wiping out india would save the world. And feel pretty good.



"Pollution" is a broad term that doesn't necessarily refer to Greenhouse gases. Most pollution from India is likely the shit in the streets



Ebola is still around. It only needs to get a lift over to India from central Africa.


Even if you don't care about climate change, a mass extinction event is happening right now. Humans are still fine, but only so long as their food sources are secure. Give us a few billion more people and it'll be unsustainable. Which lines right up with the few more decades prediction.



Humans are versatile aa fuck when it comes to food source though. Contrary to what some have you believe going vegetarian and keeping your protein restricted to eggs and cheese isn't going to fucking kill you once the necessity arises to find more sustainable diets.



Considering the population numbers, people in starvation areas are more likely to turn to cannibalism than vegetarian diet.



India has over a billion people and they are largely vegetarian


File: a70494edea733ca⋯.jpg (27.5 KB, 480x480, 1:1, a70494edea.jpg)


Here we go again



Fancy indian for dinner?



Vegans are food.


File: 6335cb2147db6c5⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 891x488, 891:488, a52ce40806a37cd05b40570d91….jpg)



You want even more third world migrants heading your way? If this is real, we need to stop this slow armageddeon



The fire rises though amirite?



>My source is my ass but I'll deflect attention away from that because hurr wikipedia durr


We are just at an interglacial peak, it's known for decades before climate hysteria started to be the norm. It's just convenient crap for globalists. We must wait like 500 years to know where we exactly are in the cycle. And that if the cycle repeat (statistically) with no anomaly.

Any anon should know that already. Not spoonfeeding you newfags about it.



>interglacial peak

You really didn't need to spell it out so obviously that you're full of shit.


Kikes have been saying we're "decades" away from the repercussions of man-made global warming for literal decades.


>If that happened, swathes of the planet around the equator will become uninhabitable, with sea levels up to 60 metres (197ft) higher than they are today, threatening coastal cities.

This is why the leftist kikes are so bootyblasted about this, their hives are going to be underwater soon.



>You want even more third world migrants heading your way?

Moishe, you can't use a problem you've created to try and solve a different problem you've created


"Any one of these days now!"

-increasingly nervouse kike "scientist"



They don't care about people or solutions. They just want funding for their own shit and political influence to make everybody buy their niche shit of "clean" technologies.



>You want even more third world migrants heading your way?

ya, machine gun pits ready


File: 7f9c42abafa146f⋯.jpg (6.03 KB, 275x183, 275:183, POO ON IT.jpg)



Pooing on India won't do shit. They're used to it!



The apocalypse will happen because God is angry at us for allowing kikes and pedophiles in positions of authority instead of the ovens where they belong.


So full of shit. Things were way hotter during the permian-triassic exinction yet that never happened. These faggot pseudoscientists are just fear mongers.


didnt they say it already passed it?

how many times are they going to delay the deadline?



We were already passed the tipping point.



The whole thing is a fucking scam. The rest of the world sends all of their garbage to Africa, India, and China. Those countries would do the world a favor by refusing our garbage. 1st world cunts are all hypocrites. They don't recycle shit.



Nah, it always gives me the shits.



>only solution is to leave the planet

<not tossing every shitskin, retard and jew into a volcano





Also, where is the picsart schizo? Nigga sure is late.


File: 195663133469063⋯.png (2.59 KB, 324x451, 324:451, AAAAaa.png)


>saudis, china and india are the ones who pollute the most.

<Im not even surprised

You know the funny thing is that the earth will first become uninhabitable along the equator line, therefore those countries will be the first to be shat on, you could say what goes around comes around in this case.



You don't get it. If Earth dies, humanity dies with it. It doesn't matter how said death may come about, what matters is getting the fuck off of Earth and colonizing space so that humanity as a species is not locked to one small, vulnerable little rock floating through the cosmos.

This is not about politics. It's about survival.


Keep moving those goal posts climate changeists. Each of your dire predictions over the past 30 years has never materialized. The lie grows harder to believe each year.



hilarious: watching you claim others are 'pseudoscientists' from your stinky little computer chair in your lonely little room



there's nothing 'pseudoscientific' about the best formula removing the stench of sebum out of that stinky little computer chair of yours.

fire… burn it…

And occasionally you should try a product called soap. The world's best scientists claim that soap can be used in combination with water, but you have to pull yourself away from your little obsolete computer before attempting this exciting new process called 'taking a bath'.


I took a few courses on climatology in school. Long story short, we're fucked, and no amount of regulation is going to change the current rate of atmospheric warming.

Enjoy Antarctica while it lasts because a third of the fucking continent is going to melt within a couple hundred years



Actually they've been underestimating for decades. There's not going to be a single apocalypse moment though. Just a slow burn.



>Slower and milder climate change than was originally predicted

>"Actually underestimated"



Temperature rises have been underestimated. But again there's not going to be an apocalypse moment. That shouldn't be hard to understand. It's just going to be more difficult to live on earth with the other billions of people on it.



A misanthropic human is a lion who feels bad for the zebra. Begin the extinction of the human race with yourself if you feel so strongly. But no, YOU'RE one of the few smart ones, I'm sure.



Is it 1993 again? Because that was said every fucking day since the early 90s.



>Hang on, didn't Al Gore promise us the tipping point was a decade away?

He was right. Thats the thing, this shit took time to build up strength and momentum. It isnt just burning oil, its burning fossil fuels AND massive deforestation, AND massive over fishing fucking everything up AND expansion of steel concrete heat factory cities without gredning the towers AND globalized shipping burning up oil. Its all of it combined.

Thing is, if we stopped in 1998, I mean a hard stop and didnt dig up or pump up or frack ansingle ounce of fossil fuels afterwards and didnt deforest any further….we would still be where we are right now.

His argument, was that continuing as we were, with ALL OF THAT SHIT, all of it COMBINED, for another ten years and it was all fucked. Near irreversible. Too much momentum built up. What we need to do everywhere is reforest every square inch of land that isnt being farmes, readjust certain farming areas back into grazing areas, and green up the cities. Reforests, true real reforesting, needs to be done on a massive scale. For America, the Great Plains needs to be reopened up for for ranging and let the cattle go. Stop growing corn. Period.

Green all cities everywhere, turn every skyscraper into hanging gardens of Babylon.. Retree and rebush every acre of land not farmed or grazed. Eliminate as much international shipping as possible. And lots of other stuff. Like eliminating all fossil fuel powerplants for Molten salt plants that use Thorium ignited cycles to burn up nuke waste or concentrated solar thermal. And use fossil fuels exclusively as feed stock. Hell, use Thorium ignited nuke waste nuke plants for what few international cargo vessels still need to sail. Augment with actual sails.

And ban corn. Corn is complete garbage.



Actually it's both.



Good luck going against the vegans. Their greed for 'vegan foods' for the normalfags to feel good about themselves will be the end of mankind.



They are a selfcorrecting problem. Corn is still fucking useless.


File: b4d09bcd14d7bb9⋯.jpg (212.41 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 1378681008830.jpg)



Good, let it all end. Humanity and the earth had a good run but it would be for the better if everything died. Life is intrinsically terrible, it is filled with suffering, fear and only the briefest periods of pleasure that serve only to provide a contrast to pain and make it hurt all the much more.


File: 21c3b65a8e0f744⋯.jpg (82.77 KB, 636x477, 4:3, 126472103771.jpg)


You know it's kind of sad when Johnny is the voice of reason in a thread. Tell me Johnny, does it every get lonely being the only adult in the room.



So I'm like a successful, more creative version of yourself - minus unironically believing the TV news and the "taxes to save da climate" meme.



Nuclear power is not sustainable. It uses more fresh water resources than coal plants, and leaves indesposable radioactive waste.

Solar power, despite its costs, returns investments very quickly and can be deployed basically anywhere. It requires no fuel other than the nuclear reactor in the sky and maintainance.



Yep. And once we figure out better batteries, it will hardly even matter that you can only harvest sun effectively in certain areas.


File: 727d48e92c0208a⋯.jpg (452.31 KB, 2048x1644, 512:411, Qcpepe.jpg)


Hydroelectricity is pretty cool too, so is aeroelectricity, us frogs have the cheapest electricity in all of north america from hydro electric plants alone, we got 61 dam centrals and sell the extra power to the americans :^)


While you scoff may I briefly assert? Do we complain about ancestorial blunder or pride? How shall our children?



Have you ever fucking heard of a thorium reactor?



>Solar power, despite its costs, returns investments very quickly

No it doesn't.



Refer to >>193099

My life is shit, too, but even shit is better than oblivion. If you disagree, you have the option to check out any time you please.



Al Gore said is was going to happen in like what, 2012?

Why do they keep changing the date




t. Mad niggerbrained pseudoscientist samefag kike puppet.


We will all be dead or too old to care in "decades". Drill baby drill!


File: 3271f76aeda78a4⋯.jpg (79.8 KB, 845x1024, 845:1024, 3271f76aeda78a4270e4cf642d….jpg)


It doesn't matter what I think because no matter what I do I will eventually die anyway. Shit can only be considered better than oblivion when shit is there in the first place. If there never was shit, then oblivion is objectively better.


Tha't's an awfully convoluted way to say "kill yourself". Feel free to perpetuate existence as long as you can. No matter how many people come next they will each be destined to die and one day when all of the energy in the known universe is used up the last bit of life left in the world will die with it.



>Tha't's an awfully convoluted way to say "kill yourself".

Then allow me to consolidate my point. Commit sudoku. If you believe humanity in general is a bad thing, and you are a human living and existing, telling people that a living human species is a bad thing, you are a gigantic fucking hypocrite.


File: 75ecacd8faf04a6⋯.jpg (49.23 KB, 899x509, 899:509, smileshalltear.jpg)


You must be quite euphoric with your intelligence and maturity to have perfectly researched every issue on your own and to have immunity to imitated opinions.Well, guess what, retard. This is just one of many issues in the world, there are many others, that require different fields of knowlege, that no man on this planet could learn them all.

"I'll just be neutral then," you might tell yourself, but many of those issues have no neutral ground, consider:

1.) The status quo must be changed.

2.) The status quo should leave the change.

By saying that you do not know enough of a topic to support one side, or even more, trying to convince people that they don't know enough to support one side, you are actually supporting the side that is trying to keep the status quo.

Yeah, and the guy you quote sure is an adult for chosing the things he believes "instinctually", instead of what experts simplify for him. What a load of shit, and by the way, scientists in practice do make shit up to supports their conclusions too.



it seems like you would eventually stand up for yourself, and tell Diana to fuck herself.

Then, tell Jim that if he doesn't let YOU run the Goldwater, you'll go find a real job.

Last night, Jim admitted that The Goldwater isn't making any money. He said you guys were thinking that selling coffee cups that said 'Murica' it would save you from bankruptcy.

It's a sinking ship, loser



>Anime image

Opinion discarded


>Physics is Jewish bullshit

>doesn't offer an alternative explanation

I like the part of your post where you refuted his statement using evidence based reasoning. Unfortunately I'm going to have to report you to my CIA contacts now because we can't have the public let alone all those physicists learning that it's all made up to further the shapeshifting Jewish reptilians plans for world domination.



Beckers (bequers?) aren't true frogs.


File: 6bc39139aa66719⋯.png (475.48 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, Picardia french.png)

File: 2e8cb5ee0f91139⋯.png (349.12 KB, 1546x1048, 773:524, squareheads.png)


>effectively speak old monarchist french.

>genetic more akin to old french stocks.

>actively protect the french language on its territory.

Sounds pretty french to me.

<Don't actually eat frogs.

I guess you get me there, then again that also means we cherish our frogs more than the french who hurt them for food, therefore we are more deserving of the frog title in my opinion :^)

English is composed of 33% french



it was supposed to be done already

where's my 2 miles of ice above my house?



climate change debate is so last decade

let it die tbqh

kikes will be kikes

they'll pass on to something else like they gave up on the ozone layer hoax






This is biggest dick tease since the second coming. Revelation will happen before this disaster porn.


File: edbda9433e27fcf⋯.png (402.02 KB, 750x400, 15:8, e69568f0ae35f1573c6922f5a8….png)


File: 34009cf12f4be43⋯.jpg (40.35 KB, 720x480, 3:2, tumblr_inline_pd77khSAAc1v….jpg)


These kikes want all white people dead

They keep trying

They also want us to make sure the world is okay for them afterward

Fat fucking chance Heeb.


File: a16984ff24b99bc⋯.jpg (77.64 KB, 636x477, 4:3, 21c3b65a8e0f744c3afa802217….jpg)


Creationism has more openly peer reviewed science than Man-made Global Climate Change.

IPCC darkie data BTFO



Awful comic. The scientific method doesn't find "facts" it draws models which we can use to predict how the universe functions. Yes the distinction and language are important, because most cosmological theories are based on assumptions and filling the blanks with dark matter/dark energy. Its useful because it can be applied to development of new technologies and ideas, but it's not "fact". Science finds truths, not facts. Yes there is a difference. People need to stop making atheism synonymous with scientism



I doubt they'll make good nourishment. I mean, they DON'T eat meat



>You're a conservative, therefor, you have to agree with everything the gipper said. Thems the rules, bucko.


File: 0931fe8017b0d17⋯.jpg (260.53 KB, 947x592, 947:592, s1200.jpg)


Ossuary thread?



Is it as high as 33%? I figured it was around 25% or so, with another 20% coming from other romance languages (ie, Latin) but I never expected it to be that high.

Salutations de Richmond, Colombie-Britannique. Nous pouvons utiliser une loi qui protège notre langue ici. Chaque jour, je voix les signes unilingue en Chinois, et je ne sais pas pourquoi mais cela me met en colère. C'est comme s'ils ne faisaient aucun effort pour immigrer dans ce pays.



This shit again/still?


I love seeing the retards who dismiss it. I fully support skepticism and the desire to understand all motivations before choosing an opinion. The issue here is that "the Jews and commies want this so I deny all of it" isnt really a point of view with science of this scale affirming an issue. I do assume though that you live in fly over places or basements or in Jim's case islands with ladybugs- you will likely drown or draught away so at least we can live with that. On the other hand why would a rationale person look at a world that is clearly more hot and has more atmospheric events decade over decade and think it's just shut luck or Jesus?


I remember being told as a kid multiple times that the planet would be uninhabitable by now.

If things have only gotten worse, then why hasn't this piece of shit caught fire yet?



Uh oh guys, this anon called you all retards and said absolutely nothing of substance, better stop doubting, I mean you don't want this particular anon thinking you're stupid, come on now geez, stop doubting.


yeah but what does this have to do with my crippling fear of people darker than me?






We need both nuclear and solar. You either/or types don't seem to understand just how large the projected electrical demand really is. Hint: It's not getting smaller.



The point of it all is to understand there is no point.

And make one of your own.



Imagine if it did get to India. itd be an absolute shit show



Nice trips

They have decreed that you speak the truth



You are failing to understand how useless solar is for large-scale electric power generation.



Solar power is inefficient as fuck and doesn't provide nearly enough energy. Nuclear power is fine; stop being a cunt.



>muh middleground fallacy

Fuck off. Solar is for hippies. It SOUNDS good, but it's products are low and not worth the strain. It's hard as fuck to power a single house, let alone a town or city.


File: 6ef81d5ff1b4eeb⋯.jpg (64.77 KB, 673x626, 673:626, C0xpReXWEAE9UE8.jpg)

File: 0c9d683f1ad85fe⋯.jpg (34.13 KB, 574x310, 287:155, C1Sp72jVIAAW0DX.jpg)

File: eda7326ec42af12⋯.jpg (89.25 KB, 912x613, 912:613, 21272649_10213997672126195….jpg)

File: 8258573605ca89e⋯.jpg (40.06 KB, 640x474, 320:237, Climategate.jpg)

I remember the hot summer day, sitting in the car with the radio tuned to NPR, when I first heard this! Dr. Micheal Man was explaining how we'd all be dead in 20 years because of runaway global warming!

Of course, that was 30 years ago.

Right after listening, I tried to find all the source and info so I could argue for cutting CO2 Emissions.

What I found is that all the climate experts were lying, sniveling little money grubbing liars.



Funny how the graph cuts off the Roman climate optimum at the very end when it was cooling.

According to the writings of Theophrastus in the 4th and 5th century BC Date trees were able to be grown in Greece but without fruit sprouting. This is true today too and happens in a very specific climate. It means the climate back then was within 1 degree of modern temperatures.

That time period oversaw some of the greatest advancement in the ancient world and when it was over the "dark ages" began. Roving hordes migrated south because formerly fertile lands in Europe were left barren and those hordes caused rome to fall eventually.

Global foliage has increased 20% over the last few decades. The earth is getting greener



>That time period oversaw some of the greatest advancement in the ancient world and when it was over the "dark ages" began.

Multiple catalysts cause events, you uneducated twat. I agree with what you're saying in the rest of the post, but I really fucking hate hearing historically-illiterate bullshit like that. "Dark ages" happen all the time (relatively speaking), and everywhere.



Yup. In the 70's they said we would be in a global ice age by the 2000's. *looks around* No polar bears here.



>back in the 80's it was "we're all going to drown in the 00's"

>back in the 90's it was "we're all going to drown in the 10's"

etc, etc, etc

and still noone ever ever address that fleeting ice that melt (even supposing it would melt) would not raise water level due to archimedes principle, but hey, science be rayciss.


File: 19134f2cfb87d3b⋯.gif (1.77 MB, 540x540, 1:1, Earth.gif)

The planet is getting ready to gas the jews.



Underrated post


File: b2e1c36a1233a57⋯.jpg (48 KB, 373x500, 373:500, big fan.jpg)


"The temperature is rising; better raise taxes"



Thank you exactly ICE TAKES UP FUCKING SPACE CLIMATE CHANGE NIGGERS! In face ice has more mass than water so if anything the oceans will actually get smaller not flood everything.


>any day now, muh global warming

>pay your carbon tax goy!



>failure source we call earth

Are you this ungrateful and spiteful towards your mother as well? Non whites are the failure. The earth gave us more than we could ever ask for.


Good! Death to humans.



>"wind power" requires a gas powered motor to even work


File: 09e785fbd5262e4⋯.jpg (84.38 KB, 803x803, 1:1, YbsGSE6P.jpg)


Keep burning fossil fuels anon-kun

Global warming makes me really hot









t. hysteric MSM/Globalist puppet


>muh Equator

It won't. The most warm it is, the most it rains over there. Ignore the effeminate alarmist hysterics. India, saudis and China are far away from the Equator, you're confusing everything, trying to unify two different issues.


Trees are useful for making things warmer and wetter at ground level. Trees and forests actually warm the Earth for their lower albedo. Trees and forests are useful when dealing with daytime heat, because you get a more stable micro-climate, it gets more comfortable and healthy for humans. They are very useful, but have no global positive impact for that made-up problem of AGW.


Nice bait/sarcasm.

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