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File: 86e7be2eb898e83⋯.jpg (86.41 KB, 1000x607, 1000:607, pedo hunters thumbnail.jpg)


A man was found dead in his home in Cannock just two days after he was confronted by a vigilante group called Soul Survivors. The group targets who they believe to be pedophiles and seeks to expose them which is apparently what happened to 47-year-old Nigel Sherratt. The pedophile hunters pretended to be a 14-year-old girl in chats on Facebook with Sherratt prior to revealing their true identities.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/33451-UK-Man-Found-Dead-Two-Days-After-Pedophile-Hunter-Confrontation


>14 year old


Shitheads can't even get their terms right.



t. soon to be dead pedo



Sill a pedo and you're going to get what you deserve scum.




What is wrong with calling it hebephillia?

It is the accurate term.



It's just mental gymnastics. You're into children, which is alright if it's an attraction, but illegal if you act upon it. So by law the only definition that counts is the mark between child and adult (18 or 21). Furthermore law enforcement and the antis don't give a shit about age specification when it comes to hunting you down…so why would you care about what the mob is calling you?


funny how they only go after white people



Hey don't be rude…six year old Aisha getting her holes fitted by the entire male clan in a bloody gangbang, while the mother is beaten and raped next door is called culture.


File: 30a5e1406249161⋯.jpg (79.65 KB, 720x707, 720:707, a.jpg)

>tfw i'm such a creepy fuck i constantly get pms from "12 yr old" "kids" trying to get me v&

>so ugly not even the hot babes in my area will send me links to their cams, it's all pedo bait




Yet another term that has no meaning when it comes to you not getting your ass kicked in by the ones hunting you. How about you drop the act, be honest to yourself, realize that everyone under the pedophilia moniker is oppressed in the same way and start from there?



Make screen-caps, collect evidence, get a lawyer and file a lawsuit against the platform for discriminating against you. Also if you can't even socialize without getting harassed by undercover law enforcement it's time to make your voice be heard in your local counsel meetings. The cops are way over the line in terms of entrapment here and need to be called out about it.


good work everyone



Well, see you on the other side, kid…make every bullet count!



Shouldn't have binned that knife, brother. This is what happens to those who choose to disarm themselves; they fall victim to the wrath of the unthinking mob.



Yeah lets see them go after the mud grooming gangs. Oh wait that would be racist and their asses would be in jail together faster than they could clutch their collective pearls.



Terms don't matter, under 18 is considered pedophillia under the eyes of the law, Even if it weren't pedophillia it's still an under aged girl which is illegal.


Too bad that guy didn't go to nearly any of the countries surrounding him or he would have been able to legally fuck 14 year olds and not be murdered by moralfags because of it.



You're incredibly wrong, this is why allowing people to throw the term "paedophile" around without any regard has become as dangerous as allowing people to do the same with "rape", it loses its meaning and leads to stupid knee jerk reactions and misinformed mob mentality shit because people can then define it however they wish.

1. In Britain, (which is where this took place) the AoC is 16. There are two laws that deal with sex with a minor, one for sex with someone below 13, and another for sex with someone above 13 but below 16.

2. The US has the same. If the person is 12 or below, the charge is paedophilia. If they are over 12 but below the AoC of their state, (barring all of the loophole laws concerning AoC every state has) it's statutory rape. So no, the law does not view it all the same.

>inb4 hurt die paedo

fuck paedophiles and fuck you, stop being retards like SJW's are with rape. It's these stupid mentalities that get 18 year olds put on sex offender registries because they were dating their 17 year old highschool sweetheart, and other bullshit.



Don't act like you're any better when you still conflate "pedophile" with "rapist".



>you still conflate "pedophile" with "rapist".

>Making shit up

I did not such thing, I said stop using the word "paedophile" like other idiots do with words like "rape" and "Nazi", where they've virtually lost or are losing their actual meanings, being redefined on a whim by anyone, and used against people in dangerous ways. Words have meanings and they have power, our fucking society is structured by them in the form of laws and contracts, stop being SJW-tier with words is all I'm saying.







>fuck paedophiles

That was you. You said that. You said that because you are still stuck in the mindset of "they're all bad people". Or you just said it in order to try to legitimize your mostly-correct point among the normalfags reading it, which is scummy and disingenuous in itself.



> six year old Aisha getting her holes fitted

Oh, you must be new. They only rape little white girls. Exclusively. And never -NEVER- do the rape gangs go after muslim girls.



>You said that

Uh huh, I said "fuck paedophiles". Now, show me where I "conflate(ed) 'pedophile' with 'rapist'", because that statement does no such thing.



47-14. You just want to hurt kids.



"Normal fags" you don't cover yourself with all the rest of us by saying "normal fags" you piece of shit. You want to fuck kids. You're probably gonna hurt kids in the future. Just hope their father kills you so the rest of the world doesn't have to suffer you you phony piece of shit.



Shhh, the moralfags aren't done larping.



He only had to wait two years, 16 year olds are easy legal pickings. Dumb cunt.



Even though it wasn't a real girl, what's wrong with 16 year olds? Risked his whole life for pussy two years younger than the legal age. Retard deserves death, a cripple too.



Muslim girls are more slutty than you think and love white boys here (London), it's cool that they wear hijabs, so they don't usually get too much compliments and gain the hubris that most modern women gain from the constant white knighting, there a lot of insecure 10/10 girls under those wizard cloaks.


pedohysteria in full effect.

the murdered an innocent white man because muslims are rampaging across their country. gj.



If there's grass on the field…




These two posts right here see the real problem.

This is why I hate any discussion about this shit, very few people even try to actually look at the details and use their heads, they just foam at the mouth and fall back on their blind emotions and social conditioning.

On one end you have paedophiles and paedophile-apologists either trying to legitimise their affliction or soapbox for paedophile rights/acceptance, (I have no overall problem with non-offenders except for the fact that I cannot ever be 100% sure they won't offend, mostly because I cannot really trust any stranger that deeply. But yes, I get it, you haven't offended and that means you're just as free as any other law-abiding citizen, but I'm still very, very leery of you because of your preferences) and on the other side there's the moral fags who verbally jerk off to murdering paedos and who rabidly fling the word "paedophile" around as much as SJWs fling around the words "racist" and "rape, which has lead to theirs and others misguided beliefs that anything even a year or two under 18/21 is pure paedo territory, (which has resulted in cases of people not far apart in age being the subject of serious trials and lives being ruined, especially those of very young men). In my experience, both sides are generally stocked with over-emotional and under-thinking retards.

But sure, be proud that this guy is worm food, while governments in Europe turned a blind eye to, and even covered up, immigrant sex rings involving minors, (as well as arresting people, who stood against them or even just protested them, for shit like 'racism', another word just like "paedophile" that had lost its meaning in today's climate and is now being redefined to fit agendas at a moment's notice, and punish and silence people).

Be glad that this guy is worn food, while Western nations turned a blind eye to their allies in Iraq & Afghanistan practicing Bacha Bazi and them having Chai Boys, which all resulted in the trafficking and daily abuse of many young children right under our military's and government's noses.

But sure, you got this one!… You fucking retards…



Easier to go after the rare lone weirdo then it is to go after the hoards of violent muslim gangs.




>Paedophile: sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object; specifically : a psychiatric disorder in which an adult has sexual fantasies about or engages in sexual acts with a prepubescent child

>Prepubescent child

>14 year old female

My point about the word becoming meaningless, demonstrated right here. Again,

>inb4 hurr die paedo scum

Can we please not turn this word into another meaningless, emotionally-charged word like society has allowed to happen with "racist", "rape", "Nazi", etc.? Do you not see how governments in Europe have weaponised the word "racism" to jail people, like the ones who protested the Rotherham rape gangs, or how university campuses have allowed people to implement stupid policies concerning "rape"? You're doing the same with this word. Stop it, for fucks sake.


File: 9166a2040c407e4⋯.jpg (611.02 KB, 988x2000, 247:500, 0f60b26cc36e9db606b838553e….jpg)

I feel sorry for the white innocent men hope the SJW cucks gets what coming to them life in prison or gas chamber



16 is age of consent in most states in the USA.



>Can we please not turn this word into another meaningless, emotionally-charged word like society has allowed to happen with "racist", "rape", "Nazi", etc.?

You're about thirty to forty years too late for that one.



This is interesting. You'd think pedophile hunters would be doing the right thing and by praised by people but its the complete opposite. Now the pedo hunters are being heavily criticized for getting the pedo killed. Talk about irony.

Pedophile hunters are usually immature anyway.



Sounds like "jew lover".



You'll never hear about niggers or sandniggers killing themselves out of guilt or shame.




What is the decided age that makes someone a pedophile? In some states the legal age is 16 so is it okay? Other places like Japan the consent age is 14 and in Mexico its 12 but those are animal cultures. So under 16 is bad news?



>So under 16 is bad news?

Weirdly, actual real life experience will teach you that under 25 is bad news!

>inb4 it's all bad news


File: 998babd7e5581fb⋯.png (119.15 KB, 500x418, 250:209, P33uBHC.png)



The real pedophiles are always state actors.



Rapists. The real rapists are always state actors. Those who advocate for basic shit like the right for children to be armed and have some say in who they choose to sleep with are the ones the state actors are there to turn you against.



How the fuck did the UK even get to this point.

It's completely absurd, the level of mental gymnastics required to justify the shit going on there.



If they show up to meet then they are bad people.



Circular logic at it's finest.



Hey couldn't get a girl and knew he never woul until one online threw themselves at him. To him it was his 9ne and only chance to be intimate with a human female and maybe even find love. It's not like a real 16-90 year old wold want to be with him. The pedo hunters were probably the first female attention he got in his entire life.



You can't "charge" someone with Pedophilia you retard. Check your shit before you start sperging against someone over terminology.



This is why the supposed pedo hunters are such a shady bunch of pricks. They prey upon the most dispossessed of men - offering them things beyond their imagination - from girls a couple of years under the age of consent. These are unpleasant psychopaths making black and white judgments out of a deliberately contrived grey area - all so they can get off on humiliating pathetic individuals publicly. I'd say that they deserve the rope just as much as the men they catch.

Sometimes they even pretend to be 15. If a hypothetical girl was one day away from being 16, the men in question would still be regarded (and publicised) as being monsters. That is fucking retarded tbh. Destroying someone's (already shitty) life this way is so obviously a disingenuous act of moral self regard.

When you see/listen to these supposed vigilantes, what always comes across is that they are obvious reprobates and delinquents who have chanced upon a scheme to behave in a horrible manner, whilst being shielded from judgment by the presumed virtue of their crusade.

>inb4 someone calls me a nonce apologist



A 14-year-old-girl isn't a child any more, idiot.



The vast majority of them are losers from places like /pol/, angry virgins in their 20's who adopt soccer mom style outrage about someone fucking a 15 year old girl and pretend its pedophilia because they are extremely jealous and butthurt it's not them, coincidentally enough the only other group of people who does this is ugly landwhale feminists who are likely virgins that no one has ever touched, its the exact same place of impotent outrage and it's hilarious to see how many young incels are exactly like the feminists they hate.



If by the Quran you mean basic biological science, then yes. I don't get why you tards always call people hajis when it's the whole fucking world that thinks you're retarded. You could at least call people spics or niggers sometimes for variety.



>basic biological science

>that means I should be allowed to fuck any teenage girl I see on the street is I so wish

So you ARE a shitskin. If not, you might be a false flagger



>if I so wish*



Do you believe everything government tells you to?



>still falseflagging and failing at it



>14 year old

Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed




>everyone that points out my desire for cock is falseflagging



Oh look, another towelhead who can't keep his pants on because the Qur'an says he doesn't need to


>not being a shitskin is gay

Only a shitskin would say that



Name your ideal AOC then and explain your reasoning.



30 because kiss my ass, Abdul. Goodbye



thats what the indian sub-continent monkeys do.



30 is overused expired goods.



You are trying to convince Russians to stop doing what they are being paid to do. It's an attack on our core. They are trying to blur the lines intentionally as an element of destabilization


File: 860e21e67d72af9⋯.jpg (13.96 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 1500674227592.jpg)

Look at all these nervous, sweaty towelheads posting.



Some men like you really love roasties fresh off the CC. Other men like their women new and unused.



They don't though, a lot of the time they get retarded pajeets, it just doesn't get reported in the mainstream media.



meant to reply to



You mean Russians


>muh Russians

>muh towelheads

>muh faggots

>muh leftists

This is why /pol/ is retarded. The battle in question has never been one of religion, nor one of sexuality, nor even of politics because they're just as authoritarian as those they claim to oppose. It has always and forever been a battle between liberty and authority. When one side can present no arguments without building a strawman, when their only recourse is to use authority to censor all that which could prove the lie to their rhetoric and propaganda, they prove that they do not oppose the lying authoritarianism of the rabid left; they simply want to replace it with their own brand of lying authoritarianism.



They rape white girls and boys, and sometimes they also rape other sandnigglets. The reason they rape way less of their kind in our countries is because white children are way cuter than desert coonlets.

Same goes for adult women. They do rape sandnigger women in their countries. It happens a lot. They don't do it in our countries because our women look better than theirs.



>that means I should be allowed to fuck any teenage girl I see on the street is I so wish

Uh, yeah, actually it does. Sorry you're a jealous roastie cunt who has to call the entire world Muslim because you can't think of anything more original. Cry moar faggot.


>outright admitting to being a roastie


Look at all these terrified McWomen frantically trying to stop people from getting redpilled about the real reason they made these cancerous age of consent laws. But no matter how much you bellyache about how mad you are that guys want fresh pussy and not used-up slimeholes, it'll never make you more attractive.



Could be kikes. They like 'em young too.



they rape boys too faggot


File: acf8b572e78f029⋯.gif (170.34 KB, 960x686, 480:343, hurrr.gif)

Uh oh, I find 17-year-olds sexy! I'm a pedo! Should I kill myself u guise????



They rape white women more because they dress like sluts and because white countries give them very low punishments compared to what they would get in their homeland.




It triggers the jews. Also, they're afraid people will catch on that the word isn't a coincidence.



and white women invite them in, because they think it's being nice (but really white women are garbage betraying their entire civilization for gibs and violent non white dick).



Kek I would bet every penny I have that not a single pedo hunter has ever browsed a chan. Or are you talking about the people who cheer them on? Even if you are, it would be a negligibly small proportion of their viewership.

I'd say I was right when I said that the people who get involved in this stuff are all extremely scummy people who want to behave inhumanly, but under the umbrella of virtue (for once). I mean how fucking weird/creepy do you have to be to go out of your way to entrap the most pathetic of men by pretending to be a 14/15 year old and promising them things beyond their imagination? There's not a snowball's chance in hell that this is actually having any positive effect on the numbers of active nonces. It's simply allowing arseholes to wave their pitchforks.



You're both right tbh. White women are hugely slaggy and generally more attractive than non-white women. They also hate/envy white men, so get off on taking what is ours (and are wholly aware of the consternation the notion of them being 'ours' causes amongst post-feminist ziopuppet white women: pakis, arabs etc know that they are beyond our control).



>never change 8chan you pit of human degeneracy



Anon, no one has spoken more sense than you. I have a little more faith in the chans now.



There's also a financial incentive for them too as they often sell merchandise on their website. One hunter group even offered to have a company's logo tattooed on one of their members:


"Other incentives come in the forms of a Skype question and answer session and if the backer pledges £1,000 or more Stinson will have their company name tattooed on his lower leg."



I've seen multiple anons posting their cringey "pedo hunting" videos they take with their phones on cuckchan /pol/, sounds like you're doing damage control


cops won't set up a meet without getting something explcit in chat first cause they need evidence. "pedo hunters" will set up meet without evidence so it's easy to tell the diff. what you do is get the meet set up and then beat the living fuck out of the lawless vigilinate faggots and bury them alive in a box in the desert





YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>The cops are way over the line in terms of entrapment here and need to be called out about it.

Found the pedo.

Sue them anyway though.



>damage control

literally for what?



jacking off to anime kids also earns you a place in the gas chamber

>Not that they actually exist you fucking perverted shill



I always thought it would be easy and funny to get vigilantes to attack each other.

Let one of them 'entrap' you but the details they get outr of you are for another vigilante.


I'm from maple syrup land and I have the deets on a potential cult pedo ring

Just terrified on where to go and report

Usually people end up dead just fot coming across info like this

I follow Q I hope to God this is a WW cleanup as he says….

Please don't forget your northern neighbors

We NEED you here too






Let your impotent incel rage flow


>being this incapable of ascertaining whether or not users on anonymous image boards are roasties

It's starting to become meaningless like with other words cited by >>193702


File: b85fcefe20e8923⋯.jpg (67.73 KB, 920x610, 92:61, CreepyBowie.jpg)

David Bowie raped hundreds of 14 yr old girls.

Why did nobody care? D: Stupid Boomers.




All Brits are pedophiles. They fuck 16yr olds.

And they let that creep David Bowie fuck 13 yr olds.



If roastie is a meaningless term then so is incel.



I dont drink often but this is a special occasion. Im going out and getting a bottle to celebrate someone finally doing what needed to be done.



>t. incel



you cant make fun of boomers if you are one




What a fucking cuck country.

These vigilante groups are just low key criminals who use scapegoats to "righteously" kill unarmed people left and right.



Meme it



Between other kids you monkey. We have an actual clause called the Romeo and Juliet clause that lets kids who get together as kids don’t get dragged to court. If you’re over 18 and the other is under, guess what…



fuckin' lmao



>If society says no even though neither one of you said no, guess what…

Then fuck society. Society likes Honey Boo-boo, so don't you even fucking try to tell me I should listen to society.



t. disgusting roastie that no man would touch if teenage girls were legal


First of all, the way you people keep insisting that whether the two are close in age has one fucking thing to do with whether it's consensual or not and keep going is the most impressive feat of stupidity in recorded history. But you also don't know how either the age of consent laws or Romeo and Juliet laws work. The state law for age of consent is exactly what it says. If a state says people can fuck at 16, then it's 16 for everyone. The 18 limit only comes into play in cross-state relationships. Romeo and Juliet gives permission for people from over 18 and under 18 to be together as long as they're within a certain age gap, usually 2 years, which is much too small. Of course this shit is completely nonsensical anyway because consent isn't based on relative age but on understanding.


Seriously, the way these morons respond to someone who points out the obvious fact that teenagers want to fuck and cite instances of them doing so by saying "WITH SOMEONE CLOSE TO HER AGE YOU DISGUSTING PEDO" is so unbelievably goddamn retarded. You think all those teenage girls who love Justin Bieber don't want to fuck the shit out of him? You think they like him for his music? Get your heads out of your asses. God, the idiocy of some people.



this. maybe get Antifa details and feed them to pedo hunters. or marker pedo hunters as fash. maybe setup a meet with Antifa agent over evidence of police racisms and meet in a park. then get pedo hunters to think antifa agent is waiting to meet little girl. film and post here.



It's illegal anon.



What's your point? You think the law is always right?


Good. All pedophiles must rot.





fuck this place


First the roasties got AoC raised then they got paternity tests banned(in some countries) unless the roastie consent. Only cucks play by roastie rules.


The Brits really deserve the cultural enrichment they're getting. Fuck these roastie-loving cucks.



depends on country. which is wise to study the law.

In spain a surprising 13 year old is legal. It's too crazy, but it's also crazy to consider a 17.5 year old illegal.



t. butthurt roastie



>All Brits are pedophiles. They fuck 16yr olds.

16 wasn't pedo before all the roastie laws.



Made up term to shame males away from young females. Feminist controlled countries wage war on every male natural behavior and force them into prevision for their gains. Butthurt mutt roastie boot licker in 3.2.1. About time men upraise and abolish AOC hoax and the 20 century hoax.


No loss. Next.



He made catchy music of varying quality in the 70s plus the whole Ziggy Stardust thing which means he’s beyond any vilification anymore



He's taking about a hebe fucktard.

The guy in the article is still a fucking freak and molester waiting to be but get the term right.



They're happy when shitskins from the religion of peace do it.


Another day in Airstrip One

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