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File: 1b6d8fcf624d669⋯.png (1.82 MB, 1295x818, 1295:818, Credit - TRT World.png)


Just before the Russian military would start its biggest ‘War Games’ since 1981 in Siberia (together with several detachments of the Chinese army), head of the Kremlin Mr. Vladimir Putin hosted the Eastern Economic Forum in Wladiwostok, to which also Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping was invited.

The two leaders clearly hit it off, taking time to make some pancakes together under the watchful eye of trained chefs, eat red and black caviar and toast with a glass of vodka.



File: e3748d676a45b4c⋯.jpg (117.85 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 5b97bcf3fc7e93535d8b463d.jpg)

File: 4ab9ab1aa124dfe⋯.jpg (62.07 KB, 650x434, 325:217, 41d5490458f71d977937.jpg)

File: 466cbf2fb5d98bb⋯.jpeg (69.25 KB, 615x400, 123:80, 13130141.659225.1708.jpeg)

File: 14859e8b2843214⋯.jpg (93.19 KB, 1000x541, 1000:541, 1065265640.jpg)

File: 2fa8419b845e449⋯.jpg (37.44 KB, 749x499, 749:499, BN-IJ318_cworld_P_20150512….jpg)


File: b67c9b383ff674e⋯.jpg (108.56 KB, 1080x1158, 180:193, Dj49vluVsAADckB.jpg)

Is this the geopolitical equivalent of the Special Olympics?


>taking time to make some pancakes together under the watchful eye of trained chefs

Can't blame them, making pankikes is hard.


File: 307c8bf8a0863af⋯.jpg (17.92 KB, 400x400, 1:1, tactical dale.jpg)

im betting the americans were thinking the russians would be on bread lines by now. now they hold cooking parties with the other communist super power while they both flaunt off their hyper sonic nukes. the americans may want to re-think how they handle the russians, syria, and ukraine as well as their future.



americans have stopped worrying about their future and instead let jews do it for them, this has been happening for more than 50 years.



it sucks when the jews running isreal ask you to volunteer to kill their enemies but won't hire you for pay. then to top it all off they blow up a infancy ward in a hospital the next day.



you know they had sex after that date


File: 740c7e46aa5be24⋯.jpg (136.8 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, take this job and Shavit.jpg)


or the King David Hotel

they have nukes but shheeee Israel is our greatest ally that gets us into fights constantly.



Even the average American knows by now the Russian Federation isn't communist and China is a shithole with one of the lowest GDP per capitas on Earth


File: 34bbb8df803074d⋯.jpg (33.75 KB, 500x299, 500:299, dale sad.jpg)


yeah i know its a shitty problem for americans to deal with. plus they pay taxes to a system to lie to them. they literally pay to be lied to by their government.


your thinking to highly of the average american.



Uh didn't Israel sell the Chicoms those ballistic missile secrets under the Clintons and Gore?



Fuck me evangelicals are are really stupid fucking people. So are "Irish Americans". I've gotten to the point with "the Irish" where I have about as much regard for their intelligence and morals as I do for a nigger or a Golden Retreiver.



This. Average Americans are as dumb as rocks

t. American


File: efb60160e077cf2⋯.jpg (52.3 KB, 519x700, 519:700, wait just a heretic killin….jpg)



This chink straight up does look like Winnie the Pooh.



>This. Average Americans are as dumb as rocks

Their government put fluorine in their drinking water.

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