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File: 9a19d6fd7cc5a45⋯.png (449.43 KB, 675x441, 75:49, Credit - Censored Today.png)


Speculation is rife as to what is going on at the Sunspot observatory in New Mexico after the FBI closed down the site earlier this week (arriving in a helicopter) and closed off roads towards it. Authorities remain tight-lipped as to why the site was closed.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/37039-Alien-Alarm-FBI-Closes-Observatory-At-Sunspot-New-Mexico


File: 8c5a2f9afd2fe88⋯.jpg (307.23 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 8c5a2f9afd2fe8829dd00fb04f….jpg)



4th thread? Damn this topic is a sliding




a week late to the party as usual


How long before Jim realizes that the goldwater girls naked would quadruple his views? He's not making it as a standard format news source, there's nothing to differentiate the Goldwater right now from the 10 million other sources of news


>Use observatory to spy on satellites

>retards think you're looking for aliens


possible infiltration from foreign agents


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

the feds are just throwing a intergalactic party with the aliens.



They're no aliens; they're extra-Dimensional beings.


The lizard thing is not an actual Lizard Person It's A Spirit Type Of Thing Crossing Over Into Us.


File: 53193a5883bfdcd⋯.png (547.32 KB, 626x758, 313:379, Believe in God you will kn….png)


There's Nordic Statues of It Holding people with their arms down.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

But there's always misinformation and that extra-Dimensional demon thing is just a guess.




What's it sliding? What super important life changing information is this pointless tj read sliding? Fuck you you complete faggot


this topic keeps getting the shoah on cuckchan

something is happening


File: 0da081538c6a573⋯.jpg (477.97 KB, 2036x1018, 2:1, planet X!.jpg)


Nubiru is here!?

Poor puppers

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