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File: e00f9e70d38c5c0⋯.png (846.87 KB, 865x516, 865:516, Credit - Screenshots The E….png)


The German press is still reeling from the latest poll humiliation for Ms. Merkel’s party. If the Bavarian voters materialize on their intention this Sunday and send her CSU (the Christian party which is in alliance with her CDU) well below 50% for the first time (polls expect them to fall back to as little as 33%), it would be nothing short of a humiliation.

more here: https://thegoldwater.com/news/39078-Germany-Election-CSU-Fears-Poll-Humiliation-Saying-Merkel-Made-A-Big-Mistake


Every election cycle they talk about how big of a mistake they have made and they will change. Then after they are voted in they import 2 million more Nigerians.



yes, she will save us all with her 60th year of communist dictatorship.

the first 59 years were a mistake, but this one is different


>Be Christian democrat party

>invite in loads of muslims

>They dont vote Christian democrat

Who would have guessed?



>Then after they are voted in they import 2 million more Nigerians.

Well I hear a lot of those guys are rich princes.


File: 79c74cd5751bd6b⋯.jpg (185.02 KB, 800x640, 5:4, Third World Shithole Germa….jpg)

Third World Shithole Germany: Father Arrested For Defending His Daughter From Migrant Rape

Police in Munich, Germany have filed bodily injury charges against a 42-year-old father after he punched an African migrant who sexually assaulted his 21-year-old daughter during Oktoberfest.

The sexual assault occurred at the Hackerbrücke train station and involved a drunk migrant from Eritrea putting both his hands up the skirt of a 21-year-old young woman and fondling her buttocks.

After becoming aware of the sex attack, the young woman’s father punched the migrant in the face, according to German news outlet Merkur.

While Munich police have filed sexual harassment charges against the Eritrean migrant, they have also filed charges of bodily injury against the 42-year-old father.

Breitbart reports: https://archive.fo/sBh5f

Many online were outraged that police would bring charges against the father, with some asking why he should sit by and do nothing as the man sexually assaulted his daughter.

Munich federal police spokeswoman Petra Wiedmann said that it was up to police to investigate both “crimes.”

“It is up to the judiciary to assess the case. There is a suspicion that there were two crimes, one sexual harassment and the other a physical injury. The police are required by law to bring up both,” she said.

The attack occurred during Oktoberfest, Munich’s largest festival of the year which has seen a massive increase in security in recent years due to previous sex attacks at other festivals in Germany along with the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

In 2016, the festival saw one of its lowest attendance recorded in years — while reported sex attacks rose –a year after the height of the migrant crisis.

Only a year later in 2017, Bavarian authorities reported a 91 percent increase in the number of migrant rape attacks with migrants making up as many as one in five suspects involved in rape cases in the region.




Women should never have power, much less power over men's lives.


Mohammads calls Merkel and her feminists sisters German whores.





I'm sure the whore was wearing a short mini skirt and wearing gobs of makeup.

Women should wear long dresses and act modestly in public. If you don't, wild animals niggers will simply obey their nature.



>being this old-fashioned

Women should simply stay in the kitchen



being old fashioned is a good thing, cuck


such good news


File: d2886b790b91317⋯.jpg (74.16 KB, 800x600, 4:3, d2886b790b9131784d5a2ebff5….jpg)


>nigger spotted

<I can't control my niggerish behavior

<wymnz beauty be too much 4 me!

It's obviously their fault! Nigs cannot be blamed for being nogs!



I would love to hear the police explain what the man should have done. are the police asking citizens to stand by while they are raped? Let me guess, the police commissioner is not directly elected in Germany.

Maybe one day democracy will come to Europe.



Then you can live like it's the beginning of human history



BTW, If you can't keep a woman in the kitchen you don't deserve to pass on your genes



They have to file the charges because he punched him and it went on record. It's bureaucratic correctness. The court then has to evaluate wether the action was justified or not and then drop the charges when it was deemed an appropriate response. The fact that charges were filed says absolutely nothing about whether or not it was considered justified or if he was forbidden from doing so.

Of course the clickbait agitators will never report again on this case when the immigrant gets thrown out for being a criminal and the father getting cleaned of any wrongdoing.



That's still horseshit, though. In America the police are allowed the discretion not to arrest a self-defender. Most of the time, self-defense shooters don't even have to be booked/taken in after a home invasion altercation.

Most cops here don't know shit about the law though, so it's mostly determined by whether they like your face.



Merkel is in the CDU, not the CSU. Two different parties with literally two different demographies and agendas.


>as little as 33%

33 on its way to 14



the fact that it's bureaucratic bullshit is not a defense



Not really. The CSU is just the Bavarian version of the CDU because Bavarians always want something extra. Now, the CDU under Merkel is a different beast.

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