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File: 692564dec43bac4⋯.png (291.96 KB, 603x394, 603:394, Credit - Screenshot Ruptly….png)


Now well into the second year of his presidency, the once very popular president Macron is seeing the youngsters in France turning against him.

more here:https://thegoldwater.com/news/39087-France-Blood-And-Violence-At-Major-Anti-Macron-Rallies-In-Paris-Video


>paternity tests banned—if the cunt says it's yours you have to raise it or we jail you to get raped by Tyrones and Mohammads.

>flirting with women is a crime and the women decide if your flirting is a crime or not

>bought into all the feminist lies, propaganda and bullshit

Geee I wonder why young men don't like Macron administration. He could have overturn all the anti-male laws and stop new ones from being made but he didn't.


the backlash against feminism hasn't even begun.


Get the popcorn ready


File: 4dfb17380ec8d7b⋯.jpg (59.95 KB, 968x725, 968:725, MANU_BLACKED.jpg)

Is he gonna make it?



So is this uprising an organic and spontaneous demonstration of diversity and tolerance or is it ebil nahtzees?

We'll know Macron is still protected when France 24 describes the protestors as """far right"""

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