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File: 358f8863e56283a⋯.jpg (29.54 KB, 660x400, 33:20, i9y1wl4meiuqok9bvpfk-660x4….jpg)


Andy Rubin’s beleaguered phone startup Essential is rumored to be working on a phone that is anything but your standard flagship. Think of it as an AI-powered device with a tiny screen that is supposed to reply to your text messages as it was you and make calls on your behalf.

The Essential Phone PH-1 was a beautiful disaster that nobody wanted to buy and even less people knew about. Now, its creator and inventor of Android is reportedly on a mission to destroy Android phones as we know them to eliminate our screen addition.

Apparently, Rubin’s new phone will not be much of a phone. Instead, Bloomberg’s report says, it will be an AI-powered device that will provide the functions of Google Duplex mixed with a bit of Alexa.

People familiar with the device, which may be teased at CES 2019, say that it has a tiny screen and it will capable of answering your text and emails on its own, as well as making calls and appointments like Google Duplex does.

more here:



100% NSA approved piece of crap



>reply to your text messages as it was you and make calls on your behalf

That's batshit insane.


File: 27a1491d6795c3c⋯.jpg (59.01 KB, 379x214, 379:214, ronpaulimokaywiththis.jpg)


>the normalfag internet is going to be just bots replying to bots

Best news I've heard in years.


Are they finally going to make a smartphone that isn't a piece of shit?


Nope! Sorry. I'll be using my flip phone and/or landline!

Kikes BTFO!



Does that let you avoid the NSA somehow? Seems like an inconvenient and ineffective strategy.


If they make a phone that gasses the kikes and disbands Jewgle, Alphabet, and by extension the CIA I'd buy that phone.



>there are NO downsides to the streamlining of technology, its not going to end up with complete loss of control

my dad is a programmer/sperglord and he says things like this. he's not even a boomer, he's gen x

other things he strongly believes:

>there is no difference between 720p and 1080p

>the human eye can't see more than 24fps

>the only benefit of 64-bit is using more than 4GB of memory

>there is absolutely no relationship between framerate and refresh rate. 60fps and 60Hz have nothing to do with each other

>if you disable the page file, your computer will die. microsoft knows best


Good. Eliminating humans from the equation is something every AI will come to realize as its most efficient strategy.



NSA recruits aren't trained to tap landlines anymore. Also if you use XP, all the CIAniggers that knew how to exploit its backdoors are retired by now



As long as you have a good supply of gold, bottled water, beans and ammo, you'll be entirely safe from the reach of the man.




>dial-up defeats zog

Who'da thunk it?



as the normies become more fat and stupid, so does zog. eventually law enforcement won't be able to solve crimes at all if the criminal wasn't livestreaming their crime on social media



He's gotta be trolling you. Or he needs glasses.



>NSA recruits aren't trained to tap landlines anymore

Because they don't have to. Ever since the patriot act they've had full and unrestricted access to phone lines from the telco companies.



A literal bot net…..



nice point

switching back to dos based BBS tech would work better

you realise how easy it is to phone your friend up through a modem and have a direct encrypted connection.



>bottled water

More like canned or jugged water pal, plastic water bottles are full of chemicals which leach into the water inside. Plus, the nitrogen keeping the bottles sealed leaks out within a couple of years.



>he needs glasses

he already wears glasses, and he is going blind in one eye



all water sits in plastic eventually. the pvc pipes in your house, or pipes at the water treatment plant, or plastic in your filter



>Because they don't have to

right, this was kind of my whole point. the feds have everyone's data spoonfed to them. if you put even a little effort into staying private/anonymous, they don't know what to do anymore


File: cc181e228e4a053⋯.jpg (195.39 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Me-tan.full.809274.jpg)


>use XP

>not using best girl


File: a0c280bd2438065⋯.png (503.78 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, d47454b125930e9f057a2b1ac2….png)


>Not using icebirb os



I wonder if these will gain sentience at some point and start spouting undesired truths all over the normienet.



Dubs of truth. Shit's fucked.

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