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File: f8d0d890fb16b6c⋯.png (754.49 KB, 855x513, 5:3, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to announce a ban on the sale of flavored e-cigarettes in convenience stores and gas stations across the country as soon as next week, the Washington Post reported on Thursday.

The FDA will also impose rules such as age-verification requirements for online sales, the paper reported wapo.st/2Dvb7x9, citing senior agency officials.



This is all set up from the higher ups to make it harder for everyone & have people back on cigarettes.


This is b.s. not only is this Tobacco it is also big pharm that's losing money on ineffective patches and gum and pills. Not only have I gone off of cigarettes for 6 years I think the fruity and dessert flavors helped me loss 130 lbs.


Its the same argument with alcohol..so are they going to try banning flavored alcohol too? It's a bunch of scared millionaires worried they are losing 💰! The only thing I agree with is the labeling and IP issue. Companies using their childish labels piss me off as much as the FDA and their cronies!!! I commented and did the survey.


I was smoking a pack or more of cigs a day and thanks to vaping it'll be a year and a half in July with no cigs!! This ban would hurt alot of people..


They can ban flavored cigars while they're at it.

There's exactly one point of view where this ban makes sense, and unfortunately it's a good one: e-cigarettes were supposed to make it easier to quit smoking, but far too many youths are using them as a gateway into it


Alcohol and cigarettes are shit compared to cannabis anyway.


If you smoke cigarettes and willingly would like a new addiction then switch to a mango Juul.

It delivers a way bigger hit of nicotine buzz and is just nicotine and vg pg. It's honestly horrendous on your wallet as a pod goes for 5 bucks and one pod will last maybe 4 days at best.

I understand its another needless addiction


File: 441724daeb29007⋯.jpg (7.83 KB, 391x512, 391:512, 1410744432136.jpg)



>…in convenience stores and gas stations

It's fucking nothing.


File: 6eca01c6ec62ca3⋯.jpg (98.97 KB, 600x600, 1:1, large_47c73957-b5fc-4deb-b….jpg)


>All these flavors and the FDA chose to be salty.

Vaping is for fags anyway. Kids were getting hooked on delicious flavors of nicotine. Vaping doesn't help BIG TOBACCO. Kids need to switch to green apple flavored dip. :^)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

smoke my siggies


smoke my cigarettes and get cancer



Good. Would like to see degenerate weaklings and stupid kids suffer.

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